TUMBT : Chapter 51

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

When the Third Prince returned to the bedchamber, the sky was already bright, but both of the muslin canopies that were rolled up on his bedside were now laid down. The Third Prince walked lightly to the bedside, opened the muslin canopy, and found that there was not a soul inside. The Third Prince’s eyes immediately become perilous. Suddenly, everything went dark right before the Third Prince’s eyes. With someone’s soft touch upon his eyes, the Third Prince could not help but be dumbfounded.

“Guess who I am?” Mu Xueshi intentionally pretended to make his voice very hoarse.

The Third Prince had never played such a game, but he could quickly discern that it was Mu Xueshi from the feeling on his body. The Third Prince did not understand why Mu Xueshi wanted to be this intimate with him, so close that this behavior obviously offended him, and also, what was his reason for wanting him to guess who he was?

Mu Xueshi’s purpose was quite simple: it was to divert the Third Prince’s attention. Actually, he wanted to sneak off and return before the Third Prince returned. Unexpectedly, he just so happened to bump into him. Seeing that the Third Prince had just opened the muslin canopy, Mu Xueshi initially wanted to jump out from the side and suddenly shout, but he got scared by looking at the Third Prince’s stern expression, and did not have the courage to do so. He thought carefully and was forced to use this very naive little trick, hoping that the Third Prince’s IQ in this aspect was not very high.

The Third Prince slowly raised his hand in midair, then Mu Xueshi’s hands suddenly swished back as he pulled them away. Mu Xueshi was afraid that if he would let them stay on the other’s face, his hands would be broken.

The Third Prince turned around, Mu Xueshi’s face had already changed its appearance. It was no longer as beautiful as it was before, in such a way that it could take away one’s breath, but those two ingeniously big eyes simply could not conceal their luster.

“Where have you been?” The Third Prince indifferently asked.

Mu Xueshi was asked this one question. His ears immediately became red, and his whole person looked uncomfortable, but he still deliberately pretended to be indifferent. He waved his hands toward the Third Prince and said: “I didn’t go anywhere. I was behind you all along. I was waiting for you to come back so that I can scare you.”

After he finished talking, Mu Xueshi held on to his eyes, stuck his tongue out, and then put out a very wacky face so that he could frighten the Third Prince.

It went beyond Mu Xueshi’s expectations. Not only did the Third Prince stop questioning him, but he also looked as if he was not interested and turned around to go to the study room.

Naturally, Mu Xueshi should had been really relieved, but he saw that the Third Prince’s expression seemed very unhappy. He could not help but to follow the Third Prince from behind. He wanted to ask what happened. Mu Xueshi thought that even though the Third Prince was a bit ruthless in handling matters, the man was still pretty good. He was worthy to make friends with. If he would find the silver coin later, he could always come back to find him and play with him.

The Third Prince did not expect Mu Xueshi would follow him from behind. He went to the study room, purely with the intention of letting Mu Xueshi find a scroll. The scroll contained the Third Prince’s notes that he wrote down about penalties and rules.

The Third Prince stopped walking in the middle of the room. Mu Xueshi, who was not far from him, also stopped walking. When the Third Prince took two more steps, Mu Xueshi also followed his and took two more steps. When the Third Prince stopped again, Mu Xueshi also unconsciously stopped.

Mu Xueshi’s eyes rigidly stared at the Third Prince’s feet. Finally, just in the blink of an eye, the Third Prince walked in front of Mu Xueshi’s body. Mu Xueshi did not see his feet moving at all.

Mu Xueshi’s eyes opened wide and were as round as a ball. In his heart, he endlessly admired the Third Prince. Even if he wanted to go back, he had to remember to learn a little bit of martial arts from the Third Prince. When the moment came, he could occasionally put forth his refined Chinese boxing skills at school. That would be a very cool thing.

“Why are you following me?” asked the Third Prince.

Mu Xueshi heard the Third Prince’s question. He turned his train of thoughts back, looked at the Third Prince, and carefully said: “This worthless commoner saw that the Third Prince is really not happy. I was thinking, was it because I went out so that the Third Prince felt troubled? After all, the Third Prince locked up a prisoner inside a bedchamber with delicious foods and drinks. Saying it is not good to hear…”



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