TUMBT : Chapter 52

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien , Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

The Third Prince’s eyebrows curved up into an arc. He felt his core tighten as he looked at Mu Xueshi.

“Did you reveal your identity?”

Mu Xueshi hastily waved his hand and said: “No… I… I wouldn’t dare…!!”

The Third Prince looked at Mu Xueshi’s panic-stricken, uncertain look. He did not know why Mu Xueshi was nervous, so he put down the scroll in his hand, and with a calm expression, he asked him: “Then for what reason do you want to go out?”

After Mu Xueshi heard the Third Prince’s question, he quickly pointed at the scroll in the Third Prince’s hand and asked: “Eh? What’s this? Let me look at it, okay? I am particularly interested in…” he said with an excited look on his face.

The Third Prince handed it over to Mu Xueshi. Mu Xueshi blinked and read it as if he was interested. As a matter of fact, his mind was blank now. He could not read anything that was written on it.

“Have you see your own case?” The Third Prince seemed to be sarcastic in general.

Mu Xueshi nodded as he was keenly looking at it, then exclaimed in admiration: “It’s not bad. The handwriting’s good. This book is good!”

The Third Prince coldly groaned, then picked up the writing brush next to him, and gently stirred it for a moment. Just in time, Mu Xueshi checked on the sheet for the penalties and laws that he had violated.

Mu Xueshi was stupefied. He just realized that the Third Prince took this scroll to let him see. He hurriedly opened his big eyes wide then carefully read the few odd characters on the sheet. He repeatedly read it. There were so many words he did not know. He could only guess according to the sentence meaning and structure.
Mu Xueshi finally understood roughly that this sheet was about how one should deal with lying and cheating.

“Pull out… Tongue … Breaks open… What’s this all about? This can’t be??” Mu Xueshi stammeringly asked.

The Third Prince hinted Mu Xueshi that there was an annotation. Mu Xueshi did not understand why his ability to comprehend became stronger. Later on, he finally understood what the main paragraph meant. For anyone who would lie, their tongues would be pressed in between a torture instrument, and then would be pulled out until it breaks apart. After that torture, it mentioned that the torture instrument would be used to hook the two corners of the mouth. It would be pulled to both sides until the entirety of the mouth was pulled to the outer side of the face, and then fix it for three days and three nights.

Mu Xueshi swallowed one mouthful of spit. He even subconsciously touched his mouth. He was already afraid that his mouth would be bloody and opened wide like a sacrificial bowl. His reaction undoubtedly did not bring great pleasure to the Third Prince, but the Third Prince had to admit that his last night’s dark and gloomy mood has been swept away.

“I’ll tell you the truth. I did go out. I… I went to the Second Prince’s bedchamber. I went to… To pass on some secret information to him.” Mu Xueshi’s complexion was like paper as he knelt on the ground.

“Divulge what secret information? Tipping off what secret information?”

At this point, Mu Xueshi no longer had the heart to wait nor hope. He had no other choice but to destroy the jar that was already damaged [1]. No matter how miserable it may get, it was not his face anyway.

([1] A metaphor that refers to people who do something wrong/makes mistakes, but instead of fixing it, even though they have a chance, they just let it go even though there may be bad outcomes.)

“I want the Second Prince to be vigilant, to carefully look after Su Ying, and to not let him suffer from any mishap…”

The Third Prince’s then-risen slightly good mood had been wrecked to practically nothing left by Mu Xueshi. Though he was furious, the Third Prince still could not go so far as to urgently punish Mu Xueshi at once. With a rather grave and stern expression on his face, he asked: “How did you know that Su Ying’s the son of the Second Prince?”

“I…” Mu Xueshi had wanted to say that he had regained his memory, but he was afraid that the Third Prince would ask him with other questions, so he just confessed it from the beginning until the end.

“That day when you went out, I looked through all of the books that I can read here, just to research about this situation, but I accidentally overturned the bookshelf, and I also blamed it to the servant… Last night I didn’t fall asleep all night long. After you went out, I searched again for quite a while, and then I found out that Su Ying and the Second Prince lives in the Imperial Palace of Winding Brush…”



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