BHMS : Chapter 8.1 – Be good, I’ll deliver some food over in a while

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: windam2611 , NancyChen3

Proofreader: KainGuru

When Yan Sui heard these words, he slowly fell back down to his seat, while the strong killing intent that was exuding from his body vanished without a trace in mere seconds. Compared to the flowers in spring that bloomed overnight, seeing what he just saw would make a person feel even more shaken up. With eyes wide open, Secretary Wang felt he saw a miracle. He never thought that this miracle would ever happen.

Who was the person on the other side of the phone? Was it the little devilish boy that made his boss smile from not long ago? What a torture this must be. One moment, this person could make his boss enraged. Then next, this person could make his boss smile. With this in mind, Secretary Wang finally began to ponder as he circled his eyeballs. 

Yan Sui’s gaze fell on Secretary Wang before he slightly raised his hand, but he was asked to leave instead.

Without any hesitation, Secretary Wang bowed before he withdrew from the office.

Just a moment ago, there was a split second — out of impulse — he actually wanted Secretary Wang to set up an arrangement so he could go snatch this person from the Mengs’ residence.

“Meng Ting…” In a low voice, he called out his name again. He could not fully explain what he felt in his heart when Meng Ting confessed how dearly he liked him. Perhaps, it was… he was worried about Meng Ting for being so straightforward and that he could get hurt, and Yan Sui was worried about himself where he might take Meng Ting’s deep affection for granted. And, there were also some rather faint and hidden fondness he had toward Meng Ting. Where he, himself could not ignore.

“Yeah?” Meng Ting was puzzled. He waited for Yan Sui to continue.

However, Yan Sui was unable to say ‘I like you, too.’ He felt that these words were not enough to represent his feelings and emotions [1]; to say these words over the phone was also not earnest enough. Having this in mind, he slowly let out a breath which allowed his voice to soften, “What do you want to eat tonight? I’ll get someone to deliver it to you.” 

([1] 「情感不够」It can be shortened to “the feelings and emotions were not enough”. Just depends how each individual interprets these words. The author is very vague about this.)

“You don’t need to deliver any to me tonight.” Meng Ting’s voice carried a strong sense of loss. Yan Sui thought he was disappointed because he did not hear the words he wanted to hear. As a result, Yan Sui suddenly felt he was a jerk because of Meng Ting’s disappointment.

“I’m having dinner with the Mengs tonight, I think I’ll be able to eat until I’m full?” He spoke from the depth of his heart that carried with deep concern and that would also make one feel he was pitiful yet funny. No matter what, he was still regarded as the Seventh Young Master of the Mengs. However, he had to rely on his future husband to smuggle food in, just so he could have a full meal. 

Yan Sui’s brows twitched slightly. Unlike before, this time, he directly skipped the irrelevant and useless self-criticism, “I’ll send you a midnight snack.”

By now, the food was not going to be delivered by others. Instead, it was going to be delivered by him personally.

Unfortunately, Meng Ting did not pay attention to the difference. His attention was all on ‘midnight snack.’ 

“That’s fantastic…” Meng Ting subconsciousness wanted to say thanks. However, he hesitated for a short while before changing his words, “Yan Sui, you’re so nice, I like you.” 

The redness of Yan Sui’s ears slowly spread. He could not help but let out a low cough. He felt he had lived for twenty-eight years, yet he somehow could not even resist the enthusiasm and sincerity of a seventeen-year-old. 1

“What do you want to eat?” Yan Sui asked as his voice unconsciously softened. Then unknowingly, the depth of his eyes emerged with gentleness. Every time when Meng Ting had said things like this, he felt he would fall for him a little bit more. He thought that it would not be long before the day he would completely fall for Meng Ting.  

“Mild spicy noodles…” Meng Ting lied on his bed as his eyes twinkled. He recalled the time when he was working at the laboratory. There was an assistant who cooked delicious noodles. If she was not a woman who only liked women, he would have given a shot to be with her for the sake of it.

Of course, this kind of idea only crossed his mind when he first tasted the noodles she cooked. Thereafter, that assistant announced to the whole lab that she liked women and she intended to pursue a female doctor within the lab.

That was the time when he realized that in their country, not only men and women could get married. Men and men, even women and women could get married, too. As long as they were willing to do so.

Therefore, when he decided to take the ‘good-for-nothing’ road of marriage, he was ready to marry a woman or a man. Thus, when Yan Sui told him that he was his husband, he did not hesitate at the slightest and accepted it unperturbed.

“Ok.” Yan Sui agreed. With his discernment, if Meng Ting was in front of him, he would definitely notice that Meng Ting was thinking about someone else at this moment. To be exact, it was the ‘noodles’ that was cooked by someone else that he was thinking of. However, since they were separated by the phone, naturally he was not able to see and discover that. So, he simply took note of this dish as another one of the dishes Meng Ting liked.

“If Meng Qi dares to touch you, don’t show mercy and just smash him fiercely. Remember, you’re mine. You don’t need to be afraid of him.” 

Even though he knew Meng Ting would not suffer any loss, he still could not help to be enraged when he remembered Meng Qi actually wanted to kiss him and wanted to touch him. With this in mind, the words that came out of his mouth also became serious and stern.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Not only did Meng Ting say this, his brain unconsciously interpreted Yan Sui’s words otherwise, “We’re going to get married, and I’ll be your man soon.”

Being protected by someone who appeared to have such a powerful aura like Yan Sui, he could certainly live the perfect and ideal life that he wanted, where he could sleep and eat to his content, like a rice weevil. 3

“Hmm.” Yan Sui said. Hearing those words from Meng Ting, his emotions immensely fluctuated and even he, himself had noticed it. Nonetheless, he urged again, “Give me a call if there’s any issues. Otherwise, text me if it’s inconvenient to call.”

“Hmm, I’ll keep that in mind.” Meng Ting agreed obediently. Since he was not able to think of any exquisite love words, he merely used what he thought of from before, “You have to eat well, too.”


Yan Sui waited for Meng Ting to hang up the phone before he hung up.

After Meng Ting put down his phone, he rolled back and forth on the bed straight away in happiness. He would be able to have supper tonight and he did not need to worry about not having enough to eat.

Yan Sui’s truly great. I’ll definitely repay him well when there’s an opportunity.

Meng Ting pondered for a while, yet he still could not think of any good opportunities. However, he knew he would definitely find a suitable opportunity since the future was so long.

After only a short while of pondering alone in the room, Uncle Wen came over again with a few servants to drop off the tailored made suits that was ordered before. Uncle Wen even tactfully picked out a suitable piece for Meng Ting. However, seeing Meng Ting did not catch his intent as he was still in the midst of pondering which piece to wear, Uncle Wen gave up on being tactful.

“This white one. You will definitely look good wearing this. It’s also suitable in the evening.” Uncle Wen suggested directly.

Although the suit was in western style, it was not the type that was too formal. The suit was tailored to be extremely slim-fitted. Although, Meng Ting was still underaged and his body was still growing, dressing up like this has made him look more mature and more refined.

Having someone helping him to make such a difficult decision, Meng Ting was naturally happy about it, “Thank you.” while he incessantly nodded.

Uncle Wen gently nodded and said, “Banquet will begin at six o’clock.”

“Hmm, I won’t be late.” Meng Ting stood before Uncle Wen and gave him another nod. However, he had no intention to go downstairs before six o’clock.



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