BHMS : Chapter 8.2

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: windam2611 , NancyChen3

Proofreader: KainGuru

His decision was not wrong at all. When he came downstairs at six, there was only him and Meng Qi at the dining room. Meng Ting looked at the dinner table. It was arranged with empty dishes. He looked around and saw that there was not even any food.

Meng Qi sneered at Meng Ting, “Heh..Heh..” without looking at him in the eyes.

Meng Ting asked Uncle Wen. He sat in his own seat, and then stared at the empty table. He felt he was deceived by Uncle Wen. His gaze fell on Meng Qi. He thought that Meng Qi was the culprit. Uncle Wen was his accomplice who helped him lie. Not only did he not keep his words, but he was also very stingy, humph!

Meng Ting took out his mobile phone and texted Yan Sui. ‘They lied to me. The truth is, there’s nothing to eat. I’m so angry.” 

“Be good, I’ll deliver some food over to you in a while.” Yan Sui quickly messaged back.

Meng Ting focused on the word ‘food’ and then looked at the words “Be good.” He did not know which part was good, but he still texted back, “I’m good.” Try to be nice! 

Yan Sui was holding a meeting with the company’s senior executives. When he saw these words, his brows raised. He felt he could not resist when Meng Ting was ‘acting spoiled.’ He hesitated for a moment before texting back with “En.” then put down the phone, looked up to a suddenly-quiet crowd and coldly said, “Continue.”

Everyone paused, before they continued again.

Their president sent text messages in the middle of the meeting. It must be related to the lifeblood of the company. It must be a very important message! 

Secretary Wang, who vaguely had an idea about who texted the boss, gave Yan Sui a look. There was no obvious change in the boss’ expression, but in his heart, whoever was able to make his boss text during an important meeting, was certainly the magical ‘goblin.’ 

Uncle Wen indeed deceived Meng Ting. He let him come an hour earlier, mainly for Meng Ting’s sake. At half past six, the Meng Family’s members started coming in, one after another. The first to come was Meng Ting’s half-brothers from the same father.

The Third and Fourth Young Masters, Meng Jiang and Meng Bo, respectively, twenty-three years old and twenty-one years old. One was a university student who just graduated while the other was a sophomore.

When Uncle Wen introduced Meng Ting, they softly said “Hm.”

As soon as they sat down, they talked with each other, completely ignoring Meng Ting. Meng Ting had no opinion. He was still obediently sitting on his seat… Waiting for the food to be served.

The next one to arrive was the other two children of his biological father, Meng Yide: Fifth Young Master Meng Xiao and Sixth Young Miss Meng Qin, twenty-years old and nineteen-years old, respectively. Their ages were close to Meng Bo’s.

This showed that Meng Yide, at that time, had at least three affairs. It was not known how many more affairs he had.

Meng Xiao and Meng Qin did not hide their inquisitive look, and even showed Meng Ting some hostility, knowing that they would not see that Meng Ting’s face often. Coupled with Meng Jiang and Meng Bo, who coldly paid no heed to him, it made them think the same that Meng Ting was somewhat subtle and deep. It was hard to say when he would be in their way.

To make their point, Meng Xiao and Meng Qin kept asking so many questions. In fact, they asked too fast. When Meng Ting was still pondering over the previous question, they would ask the next one. He naturally began to ponder over the next question. When this continued, Meng Ting started to become dizzy.

Meng Qi, who sat diagonally across Meng Ting, saw his confusion and could not help the twitching on his lips and hold his laughter. His confused face was also cute, although they were both beautiful, Meng Ting and Su Siyu were two completely different people with different tempers.

Then, Meng Yide and his wife Han Xuejun finally arrived. When Meng Yide saw Meng Ting, he was stunned for a moment.

Looking at Meng Ting’s face made him think of Meng Ting’s biological mother. He reminisced for a bit, then he gained back his bearing.

Except for Meng Ting, everyone felt that he was different from his biological mother, as for how Meng Ting would turn out, nothing was conclusive. However, Meng Xiao and Meng Qin were even more on guard against Meng Ting, that was for sure.

“Father, mother.” Meng Ting greeted them politely. Han Xuejun asked about his well-being, and once Meng Ting nodded, she turned to talk to her own biological sons. She talked to them warmly and attentively. The difference in her attitude was vast.

Meng Yide and Meng Ting stared at each other. In the end, he only let out a quiet “En” sound before he went and sat at the other table. Soon, he got up to greet Meng Laoyezi and his elderly mother Li Yifei. Their attitude toward him was much more colder compared to the time when Meng Xiao and Meng Qin came home. It seemed, the shock they were in was just an illusion.

Meng Yihan and his wife Gu Ping, Meng Yigui and his wife Shen Susu, the four of them arrived almost simultaneously. Second Young Master Meng Hong and Third Young Lady Meng Xiang did not return as they both studied abroad. The youngest member, Eighth Young Lady was still in primary school. Hence, Meng Yigui and Shen Su did not bring her along since she need to sleep early. 6

Close to seven o’clock, Meng Laoyezi arrived in the dining room on time.

The people who showed up together with him was his first wife Feng Zejiao, as well as his second wife, Li Yifei who was carefully supported by Meng Yide.

“Serve the meal.”

As he took his seat, everyone else followed and took their respective seats. Meanwhile, the servants consistently brought out the dishes one after another.

The ancestors of Meng Laoyezi originated from Hunan, the cuisine from that region was extremely hot and spicy. Therefore, all of this Chinese cuisine that has been served were hot and spicy without exception. Meng Ting quite liked eating spicy food too. Unfortunately, he could only handle very mild spiciness. After taking only a couple of bites, he immediately begun to drink soup before he realized that the soup was also spicy. With no other choice, he could only lower his head and eat the plain rice from his bowl.

But, not being able to get used to the spiciness does not affect his basic instinct as a ‘Big eater’ [2]. To be able to eat more of the delicious food on the table, he had already filled up his bowl with rice three times. He has truly lived up to his reputation as a ‘Big eater.’ Out of all the relatives that have came to Meng’s family for dinner, he became a person with the biggest appetite in history.

([2]「饭桶」Literally Translation: “Rice Bucket/Barrel”. Describes a person who can eat a lot.)

“Rice bucket!” Meng Xiao mumbled in a low voice, but Meng Ting did not respond. Meng Qi on the other hand, glanced at Meng Xiao with an unknown intent. This glance alone made him swallow any of the mocking words he had directed at Meng Ting.

No one at the dining table chit chatted during dinner because it was not a habit in Meng’s family. The right time to chat was after dinner when light refreshments were served. Meng Ting had eaten too much rice so he stared helplessly at the very fragrant refreshments. Resisting all he might, since he had to leave some room in his belly for the supper that Yan Sui was going to bring for him. This was something he anticipated dearly.

“Today’s banquet is held for two main reasons which will be announced.” Meng Laoyezi said. As soon as those words were heard, all the chattering noises and whispers disappeared. Even Meng Ting looked toward Meng Laoyezi as he waited for him to continue to finish his words.

“Firstly, Meng Ting returned home.” He spoke continuously without pausing, “Secondly, it’s about the marriage between Meng’s family and Yan’s family. The wedding will be held on the 7th of next month. All of you must attend. Gu Ping and Shen Susu, remember to give Xiang-er and Hong-er a call.”

“Yes.” Gu Ping had already learned this from Meng Yihang, so at this point she was not very surprised. On the other hand, Shen SuSu stared blankly for a while before she followed with a “Yes.”

Not wanting [3] everyone to speculate too long, Meng Laoyezi directly announced, “It is Yan Sui, the master of Yan’s family with Meng Ting from our family.”

([3]「也打算」Original text: ‘also intended to’, ie. He intended to leave everyone to speculate longer. We are guessing it was an error to the original text. Sticking with current translation as it makes more sense when he ‘directly’ told everyone.)

In the past, Meng Laoyezi had never personally announced the return of an illegitimate child. And now, the first words that was spoken was of Meng Ting. But, this was not because he was special. The reason why he mentioned him was because of Yan Sui.

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