HIHEZL : Chapter 24 – His Excellency Zhi Li Arrived [I]

(Title – 支理大人驾到(上)– Zhi Li Daren Jiadao (Shang) – His Excellency Zhi Li Arrived) 

Author: Angelina

Translator: Renkun27, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

Going back a little bit in time, Su Youyan was quietly waiting for Zhi Li outside the headmaster’s office. Not before long, the office’s door opened and Zhi Li came out of it with an expression and mood that no one could tell. Su Youyan handed Zhi Li a bottle of warm milk.

“What’s up?”

“You’ll be doing a work out later,” Su Youyan said. After that, she summarized the whole matter to Zhi Li. Zhi Li drank the milk and just slightly nodded.

“Are you going to the library now?”

Zhi Li shook his head and hooked up the corners of his mouth. In Su Youyan’s eyes, that looked quite sinister: “Since the lord is out of the nest, we can take advantage of this opportunity.”

Su Youyan immediately understood what Zhi Li meant: “Aren’t you worried about Ke Bu?” 

“Don’t underestimate him.”

Su Youyan fixed her gaze on the side of Zhi Li’s face. She suddenly saw the light — There was a strong trust between Zhi Li and Ke Bu: Ke Bu, who no matter how others slandered him from beginning until the end, never wavered; and Zhi Li, who clearly understood Ke Bu’s strength, more than anyone else. The two were not protecting and being protected, nor were they tripping and being held up; rather, they were demanding and being needed. Such a Zhi Li gave Su Youyan a kind of happy and comforting feeling. Her dark, ice-cold personality and her innermost soul has warmed up a bit by Zhi Li. 

“What did my dad tell you?”

“You don’t want to know.” The two walked along as they spoke.

“Did he interrogate you to keep you away from me? Ah ~ it’s all because my mother died early. He’s always overprotective. He wants my friends to have good dispositions, good grades, good moral characters, and what? All good people. He wants to get rid of all those who affect my life. Have you seen what he did to protect me?” Su Youyan wryly smiled, and poured out her sad and dreary sentence, but she would never tell anyone what humiliation and pain she had suffered. She was always a lonely person, being pushed aside because of other’s jealousy. Zhi Li did not speak. He just walked ahead of Su Youyan. Su Youyan stopped walking: “Zhi Li, will you be like everyone else? Will you abandon me?” 

Zhi Li turned around to touch Su Youyan’s head: “You’re unusually stupid? Ke Bu also realized that looking at you was like looking at his old self: someone who won’t care for himself, obediently following me.”

“Even if you’d say these kinds of gentle words to me, you’re just a little boy in my eyes.” Su Youyan recovered her indifference.

“Of all your good points, my favorite is that you won’t like me.” Zhi Li responded to Su Youyan. The two spoke with modest irony!!

The two arrived at the Taekwondo Club’s territory. Zhi Li pushed open the door. To everyone’s surprised gaze, he walked in, measured the school building with his eyes, threw the leftover milk box in the trashcan, pulled a stool then sat down: “Now, who’s going to go first?”

“Who are you?”

“You lose, this place belongs to me.”

“You’re courageous. You dare bring a woman to play in this building. Just the two of you?”

“It’s just me. She’ll only sit and read on the side.”

“Don’t underestimate us. We’ll let you know who’s the greatest.”


“Don’t you understand me?”


“Stand up.”

Along with the Taekwondo Club’s president’s wretched voice, there was also Su Youyan’s voice at the side as she gave out directions: “You can find the one who looked for trouble with Gong Zhu on your left side, then the second one is the boyfriend of the woman who poured Xinhe’s dish on her, and that one wearing a hat, he was the one who framed Ke Bu for stealing money.” 

It all happened so quickly. The women were all spared, but their unruly boyfriends and the rest of them had been punished quite miserably. The most miserable one was that person wearing the hat. Su Youyan closed her book: “Since you lost, just beat it. I’m going to consider this matter closed.” This was the reason for Zhi Li’s long detour. 

Ke Bu stood firm and tore his clothes: “I can still hang on a little longer.”

“You’ve been thrown away.” Zhi Li spoke out the truth.

This made Ke Bu very embarrassed: “Then, you go.”

“Oh, by the way, did he rape you?” 

“You think everyone is the same as you!?!” At times like this, he had the spare time to crack a joke, but he would never consider the seriousness of the situation. 

Bi Fang smiled: “You’re Zhi Li? You came just in time.”

Qiu Shui walked toward Zhi Li: “President’s too much. He actually forgot about me. You’re Zhi Li, I presume. Looks like you really fit to my liking. If you’ll lose to me, you should be my man. What do you think?” 

“Shameless.” Ke Bu casted aside his jealousy.

“I don’t hit women.”

“Don’t talk about being a gentleman at this time.”

“Women don’t fight.”

It was just for this reason!! Actually, Ke Bu also did not fight with women, although his reason was different than Zhi Li’s: “If you won’t fight, who will?” Ke Bu glanced at Su Youyan, impossible, this was impossible! He had never seen Su Youyan raise her hand to hit anyone, and after all, Qiu Shui also practiced Taekwondo. Su Youyan should not take this risk. Zhi Li retreated away and Su Youyan took a step forward. Qiu Shui laughed until she was out of breath: “Don’t get me wrong but, you’ll let me fight with this woman? This hateful woman hasn’t been beaten enough by me. She has been bullied since her childhood.” 

“Then, try it.” Zhi Li leaned on the table. 



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