TUMBT : Chapter 53

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: @geecook

Proofreader: KainGuru , Zeraphiel25

Usagi notes: Thanks to@geecook for helping us out. (^○^)

In the atmosphere, came through the Third Prince’s cold smile. The Third Prince had never revealed such an extreme expression to others. Over and over again, he pondered over Mu Xueshi’s words, and finally, he seemed like he was guessing in general as he asked: “You want to gain favor with the Second Prince?”

Mu Xueshi did not sense the danger in the Third Prince’s tone at all. He still kept retorting: “Third Prince, please don’t think that all people can be so powerful. I went there to inform them completely out of my own conscience. Since we’re already here, this is simply an insignificant matter. Not to mention taking a child’s life, even if someone would just find him to teach him a lesson, I won’t hesitate to go there and give notice…”

The Third Prince clenched the scroll in his hand. Mu Xueshi could clearly hear the sound of the scroll being squeezed by the Third Prince. He began regretting that he spoke so hard. The Third Prince was an arrogant person. It would be better leaving him some dignity.

The Third Prince continued to stare at Mu Xueshi and did not take his eyes off him. He followed him closely, and abruptly tore off a layer of the silver film on Mu Xueshi’s face. Mu Xueshi felt that his own face was being torn off, so he subconsciously touched his face, with a painful look on his face.

“Take this face and accept all of the punishments!”

The Third Prince did not have a bit of emotion in his words. In a split second, he made Mu Xueshi’s heart be thrown into an ice cellar. Mu Xueshi was like a dog as he was dragged by the Third Prince into the torture chamber. There were countless vicious instruments of torture in here, and when Mu Xueshi thought of the usage for every instrument of torture, he could not bear but to quiver.

Mu Xueshi still did not give up. At this moment, there were only two people in here — the Third Prince and himself. He should use all of the time convincing the Third Prince to forgive him. Unexpectedly, he still had not started talking, when the Third Prince read out all of Mu Xueshi’s charges.

Lying, disobedience, stealing things, betraying the master, and revealing secret information…

The two penalties for lying and disobedience alone would be enough to make Mu Xueshi half-dead. Mu Xueshi trembled and shivered when he looked at the Third Prince’s hands that were fondling three or four balls, each with the size of an eyeball, and then he walked over toward Mu Xueshi.

“Keep it in your mouth!” The Third Prince handed over one of the small gray pellets to Mu Xueshi as he ordered him.

“Third Prince, I really didn’t have that kind of intention that you’re thinking of. I didn’t want to harm you. I just think Su Ying was pitiful. He’s just a child! If there’s someone who wanted to harm the Third Prince, I would also disregard everything and would come to inform you, Third Prince!”

At first, the Third Prince was aloof and indifferent, but when he heard the feelings behind those words, it seemed his heart was gently touched. The movement on his hand stopped, then with a look of ridicule, he looked at Mu Xueshi. He was so dismissive of the other’s strenuous effort to please himself.

Mu Xueshi saw the Third Prince’s expression, and there was actually a kind of sad feeling. He originally said he would lie to the Third Prince, but seeing the Third Prince’s reaction now, all of a sudden, he felt his own goodwill was misunderstood by the other. There was a kind of indescribable sense of loss in his heart.

With a wry smile, Mu Xueshi obediently kept the small ball that the Third Prince gave him in his mouth. The ball was tasteless, but it let out a rather astringent feeling in his mouth. Mu Xueshi felt intuitively that this ball was poisonous, so he put the ball under his tongue and did not move it; furthermore, he did not dare swallowing it. At this moment, he noticed that the ball was not only a small ball, there was also a translucent silk thread attached to it. The other end of the silk thread was held by the Third Prince. The Third Prince tugged on the string with a little more force than usual, and the small ball beneath Mu Xueshi’s tongue jumped out from his mouth.

“What’s this?” Mu Xueshi asked with his lips trembling.

The Third Prince looked at the innocently curious look that was revealed on Mu Xueshi’s beautiful little face, and suddenly, he had the impulse explaining it to him.

“This pellet’s very interesting. If I light it from this end, and wait for the silk thread to burn from one end to the other end, then the small pill in your mouth will detonate; however, it won’t kill you. It will only make your mouth more honest.”



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