TUMBT : Chapter 54

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien , Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru , Zeraphiel25

Usagi notes: Please try reading my friend iamabanana_tl‘s new short project. It nice you would like it. (^○^)

“For what reason?” Mu Xueshi waited a while before he asked.

The Third Prince frowned, “You really dare to ask?”

Mu Xueshi did not panic nor did he look nervous as the Third Prince had expected, but instead, he was awfully calm. His appearance had some traces of the previous Mu Xueshi. The Third Prince realized that ever since Mu Xueshi had woken up, he made people ponder more and more to figure him out. Sometimes, he was simply adorable. Sometimes, he was too hateful.

However, the next sentence that Mu Xueshi spoke was a question with a weak and helpless tone: “Why do you want to scare me?”

There was another burst of annoyance as the Third Prince faced Mu Xueshi’s incoherent question.

Mu Xueshi’s words and language had changed a lot. It was unimaginable. The Third Prince did not know whether he was deliberately making him confused or not. However, there was one thing that the Third Prince was sure of, these actions that Mu Xueshi had conducted made the Third Prince feel frustrated for the first time.

This frustration also inspired an abusive desire in the Third Prince’s heart. He took two pellets in his hand and stuffed it into Mu Xueshi’s mouth, then he pulled the thread until the length was long enough. Standing on the other end of the line, the Third Prince looked at Mu Xueshi with an angry smile on his face. As a matter of fact, the pellets were not quite lethal. At the most, it would only make the mouth hurt for a few days, and would not cause a real disfigurement. The greatest pleasure of this punishment for the punisher was seeing the silk thread burning shorter, as well as bringing a tremendous psychological panic to the one being punished.

Mu Xueshi kept at the moment the pellets inside his mouth. His crystal-clear eyes squeezed up a few drops of teardrops, just like children who were saddened because they did not get the toys that their parents had promised them.

“You’re probably trying to scare me, I know you don’t have the heart to blow me up like this…” Mu Xueshi murmured.

The Third Prince did not even pay attention to Mu Xueshi babbling nonsense. Instead, he grabbed a torch from the doorway. The distance of the torch from the silk thread was getting smaller and smaller. More or less, if only the Third Prince was not careful, it would have touched that silk thread.

“What is your real purpose for escaping from my courtyard to the Second Prince’s residential courtyard?” The Third Prince took a step back and did not do the punishment immediately. The Third Prince did not know why he wanted to ask this insignificant question, but he was never willing to admit that he was moved by Mu Xueshi’s words just now.

Mu Xueshi had a face of despair as he said: “It’s to save Su Ying, but now I regret it. I realized that in this place, there’s no so-called humanity at all. Everything that I have done is just a foolish act in your eyes.”

The Third Prince was furious to Mu Xueshi’s stubborn and unyielding resistance. He never believed that Mu Xueshi would dedicate himself to a small child whom he had met only once.

The silk thread was ignited. Mu Xueshi raised his eyes and opened it wide, he looked at the Third Prince and asked: “You really want to blow me up?”

The Third Prince did not speak, but also ignited another silk thread.

The distance of the small sparks on the silk thread was getting closer and closer to Mu Xueshi. That calm Mu Xueshi from a moment ago now no longer existed. He always thought that the Third Prince was only scaring him. Although the Third Prince was ruthless, people still had differences, otherwise, Mu Xueshi would not let himself respond to this silly illusion.

Seeing Mu Xueshi’s unbelievable facial expression, the Third Prince kindly explained: “You didn’t tell the truth, so you should be punished.”

With a gloomy face, Mu Xueshi loudly wailed: “How can I not say the truth? If I was really planning on aligning myself with the Second Prince, why should I come back? I really shouldn’t have come back. If I had known earlier that you’d treat me this way, I absolutely won’t come back … huhuhu…”

Everything that Mu Xueshi said at the moment was true, although he knew that the Third Prince was cruel and ruthless, and he also wanted to escape from this place and at least live a free life. But in this place where he did not know anyone, no one would believe him. He did not know who he could rely on to except for the Third Prince…



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