DB&ML: Prologue

Author: Dong Mi

Translator: Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Su Haiqing did not quite understand how things turned out to be right now.

He was now being dragged into the shower room by a strange man, directly from the locker room and was pinned against the wall, wearing only swimming trunks. His hard-to-dry skin was wet once again. He could feel his waist pressing against the cold and hot water valves. As a result, the shower nozzle began sprinkling water and the two men’s shoulders were drenched by this.

The man reached out for Haiqing’s lower back. He instinctively contracted but found out that the other person just wanted to turn the water off.

The man’s face drew near his. Practically, as long as the other party desired it, then under his gaze the other party also would not be opposed to being kissed. His pupils were very dark and quite deep. Haiqing instinctively wanted to avoid them. His instincts told him that if he would keep on staring at these eyes… Perhaps he would be so enchanted by them.

“You…” Haiqing narrowed his eyes and tried asking what the man’s intentions were, but it was hard to breathe in the face of the other’s extremely aggressive bearing and because of the hot and humid environment. He felt a strange sense of oppression in his chest, even forcing him to speak out a single word as he trembled in this extremely tight situation.

The man looked at him and then laughed. It was not clear whether he was laughing at his embarrassing performance, or… If he thought he was ridiculous.

There was no way for Haiqing to think about it anymore. So, what the answer was, he never knew. Instead, he knew that the man’s lips were unexpectedly soft and tasted like honey, exploring and teasing his tongue as if it had a mind of their own, so that he could not help but to slightly open his own lips in response to the other’s.

“Thank you for helping me. What’s your name?” The man licked his lips, and at the same time, he continued kissing Haiqing, as if he was amusing himself.

Haiqing hummed with a low tone. This was the first time that he found it hard saying his own name. When his eyes drifted, his line of sight touched a dark blue, huge and calming, rendering force, allowing him to raise his eyes and stare at each other again. As a result, his ability to speak returned to normal, even though his tremulous nervousness was still hidden.

“Su Haiqing…” He bit his lower lip and his long eyelashes fanned, making him look beautiful like an illusion.



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