BHMS : Chapter 9.1 – Yan Sui, I like it when you cuddle me

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: windam2611 , NancyChen3

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

Here’s an updated family tree for this story:


“Dad, is the arrangement reliable?”

It was only reasonable for Meng Yigui to question. Because in the past the marriage agreement have changed its course without any notice, even after the Yan family and the Su family have already came to a certain agreement about the wedding.

“I have already spoken to Yan Sui over the phone.”

Previously, no one had ever heard Yan Sui personally contacted any of the members from the Su family. It had always been He Wan who would premeditating and liaising with the family from the beginning to now.

Naturally, no one thought he would personally speak on the phone for Meng Ting. In their minds, he merely spoke on the phone because he was annoyed and wanted to be in peace. Knowing He Wan, she might change her mind again, so making this phone call was only to ensure his fiancé was not replaced again. No matter what the reason was in the end, compared to He Wan’s deeds and promises, Yan Sui’s recognition was definitely more trustworthy to others.

The marriage with the Yan family was undoubtedly a good choice, even the family members from Li Yifei’s side could not find any reasons of discontent. Meng Yigui pondered once again, “We must seize this opportunity.”

Being able to become in-laws with the Master of the Yan family was a tremendous advantage. The Meng family will definitely benefit through this marriage. For that reason, they hoped nothing else would happen that might make He Wan change her mind again, given the wedding was only less than half a month away.

A woman’s mind is indeed way too difficult to understand. Especially the mind of Madame He from the Yan family. Her mind is fixated on the hope for her own son to suffer, she would only be happy then.

Once this thought sailed across Meng Yigui’s mind, he quickly decided not to think about it anymore. Right now, the most important thing was to ensure no further changes occur or disruptions that would prevent the wedding.

Old Master Meng’s gaze swept across the family members that stood in the dining room before pausing his gaze on Meng Ting, “Meng Ting, do you have any objections?”

Meng Ting was called to speak. Right now, not only Old Master Meng was looking at him, everyone else have also moved their gazes toward him.

Meng Xiao and Meng Qin could not hide their enviousness and jealous expression. They had returned to the Meng’s family for quite long now and yet they have not had any great marriage arrangement news. Unlike Meng Ting who had only been back for a few days and already received a marriage arrangement and that person was Yan Sui, the Master of the Yan family!

Meng Qi, Meng Jiang and Meng Bo—the three legitimate sons—also viewed Meng Ting differently as they scrutinized him in their own minds. However, one thing that was clear to them was that; at the very least, under the Meng’s roof, Meng Ting can not be bullied. On the contrary, they have to try their hardest to treat him well, like a Master.

“I don’t have any objections.” Meng Ting gently shook his head and responded rather quickly to Old Master Meng’s question.

One only needed to use their feet to think that Meng Ting would have never rejected a marriage arrangement like that. But after hearing him voicing he didn’t have any objections triggered all kinds of complicated emotions to well up in their heart.

“Okay.” Old Master Meng did not speak to Meng Ting again after he responded. Thereafter, only the elders continued with the conversation and the topic remained as Meng Ting’s and Yan Sui’s wedding.

The discussion went on until almost nine o’clock, since this was the usual time when Old Master Meng went to sleep and he had no intention to disrupt his routine, even though his son were still in the midst of a delightful discussion. “Let’s stop here for today. We will discuss the details tomorrow.”

Anger secretly emerged in Meng Xiao’s and Meng Qin’s eyes. The more they listened to the discussion, the more they understood the superior existence of the Yan family. They also understood how damn lucky Meng Ting was.

Meng Ting’s biological grandmother, Li Yifei, did not utter a word during the entire night, she merely smiled as she listened and observed everyone.

Naturally, she observed Feng Zejiao’s self-complacence while Meng Yihang claiming every credit. By now it was clear, who had initiated for this arranged marriage.

She slowly got up and held Old Master Meng’s hand to support him. Her unchanging gentle smile sounded in her voice as she spoke, as a result, everyone’s footsteps halted uncontrollably.

“Brother Jia [1], don’t you think Ting’er is too young? I think Xiao’er’s and Qin’er’s age is more suitable.” 3

([1] 贾哥 Lit translation: Older brother Jia. This is Old Master Meng. Li Yifei calls him this out of respect. This is common way of calling someone older in China. Like in Korea, girls call the older boys Oppa.)

With Yan Sui’s status and power, not to mention the marriage opportunity was given to an illegitimate child who was only acknowledged for a couple of years, even the legitimate children from the Meng family’s would have been an acceptable match. Just like Meng Ting, when faced with this type of marriage arrangement, Meng Xiao and Meng Qin would not have any objections either.

Li Yifei voiced her opinion mainly because Meng Ting had returned home not too long ago and he wasn’t close to her side. While she has been absent minded in the last few days, Feng Zejiao indeed took the opportunity. Meng Ting was probably roped in to their side. For this reason, she thought rather giving this marriage to Meng Ting, it would be better to give it to Meng Xiao or Meng Qin instead.

With his eyes wide open, the heart that had never felt any sense of existence started to throb loudly—Pound Pound Pound—from anxiousness. He had always known that there was no room for resistance in the Meng family. And right at this moment, he was more frightened than ever.



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  1. onefallenleaf

    Is it Meng Ting’s heart that was beating hard?
    Then again I didn’t expect it to be this long and complicated before marriage 😓

    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. I finally saw that relationship chart and all my question was answered 😅 Such a big family of Mengs. And don’t worry Xiao Ting’er, no one can replace the partner as they like anymore since hubby had decided on only you~

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