BHMS : Chapter 9.2 – Yan Sui, I like it when you cuddle me

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: windam2611 , NancyChen3

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

With his eyes wide open, the heart that had never felt any sense of existence started to throb loudly—Pound Pound Pound—from anxiousness. He had always known that there was no room for resistance in the Meng family. And right at this moment, he was more frightened than ever.

“Meng Ting is suitable.” Meng Laoyezi glanced at Li Yifei and dropped the answer. He was also stating the facts. If He Wan was satisfied with Meng Xiao and Meng Qin, then Su Siyu would not have had the chance to participate.

“Laoyezi, you are right. Only Ting’er from our side is suitable.” Feng Zejiao stepped forward to support Laoyezi’s other hand. While Li Yifei was still in a daze, she had already escorted Meng Laoyezi back to the room.

Meng Yide stepped forward to help Li Yifei, without saying any words. He accompanied her—as she hung her head low while in deep thoughts—back to the room. Meng Yihang and Meng Yigui and their wives also returned to their respective rooms. In the end, only the juniors remained.

When Meng Ting saw Meng Laoyezi’s retreating back, he held his panic-stricken little heart and went back to his room. Meng Ting’s silhouette was nowhere to be seen when Meng Qi and Meng Xiao regained their composure.

Yan Sui was so great, he did not want to give him up to anyone else. Meng Ting was suddenly ascertain about this point… After hearing Li Yifei’s question toward Meng Laoyezi. He truly could not wait and anxiously wanted to get married. Meng Xiao and Meng Qin were definitely not as anxious as he was. Even if they were, he was determined that he would not barge.

He changed into his pajamas and lied in bed.

The mobile phone suddenly vibrated while he held it in his hand, Meng Ting swiftly answered it as soon as he heard it.

“Go to the front gate.”

Hearing this, Meng Ting immediately sat up and he did not even bother to get changed and merely grabbed a sports jacket before running down the stairs like a gust of wind. On his way out, he completely ignored the presence of Meng Qi, who was drinking water in the living room.

Meng Ting thought, delivering food in the evening must not be as convenient as during the day, maybe that was why he was asked to go to the front gate to pick it up. Since he did not want to trouble the person Yan Sui sent to do the delivery, he must go pick it up quickly.

The distance from the third floor to the mansion’s front gate was not close. But, it was not even two minutes after Yan Sui had put down the mobile phone, he saw a white silhouette bolting toward him in a speed of light.

As the gate was still shut when he arrived, he frenziedly jumped up and down a few times before he continued bolting out as soon as the guard opened the gate.

Seeing him fast approaching, Yan Sui opened the car door. Just as the door opened, Meng Ting’s fluffy head stuck in next to his already.

“I’m here.”

Meng Ting was out of breath. His cheeks were flushed slightly from running too fast. His eyes shot wide open in pleasant surprise when he realized this person before him was Yan Sui. “Yan Sui, Yan Sui.”

He called out his name a couple of times before grabbing Yan Sui’s sleeve with his right hand.

Yan Sui took hold of Meng Ting’s hand instead and pulled him inside the car. Meng Ting stared attentively while allowing Yan Sui to pull himself into the backseat.

Meng Ting’s hands and feet leaned forward simultaneously. It looked like as if he was throwing himself on to Yan Sui. Although, this was not his initial intention, Meng Ting did not plan to pull himself away. Instead, he leaned forward furthermore to give Yan Sui a hug before he let loose of him.

He had never hugged anyone before and at this moment, he really wanted to give Yan Sui a hug and he did just that. 

That hug was light, quick and very sudden. Yan Sui was taken aback from this and he did not even have the time to hug Meng Ting back because Meng Ting was already sitting up straight by then.

“Why are you here?”

“I came to see you.” Although he saw the person, he felt that it was not enough. He could not comprehend in what sense it was not ‘enough.’

Meng Ting’s eyes that stared attentively at Yan Sui, suddenly looked down. Seeing their hands were not parted yet, he gripped his hand even tighter before lowering his voice, “Yan Sui, this time I have to say thank you, you’re… The first person who came to visit me.”

He was enclosed for three years in high school. Other students had friends or family visited them every few weeks or every month. Only him, for three years, neither his grandmother nor the Meng family had visited him, not even once. It was the same during his university days and as well as when he was in the laboratory. It was as if he was isolated from the rest of the world.

He never felt there was anything wrong with it. Until now, since Yan Sui visited him, he realized he also longed for visitors.

“Thank you.”

Deep emotions lingered around his body when Meng Ting said these words. Yan Sui’s gaze fell rather gloomy after hearing that. For a cold-hearted person like he was, to feel emotional and compassionate for a person was rather difficult. But at this moment, he suddenly felt empathy and he even felt a little heartache for Meng Ting. 1

He held onto his hand then pulled it gently until Meng Ting was pulled into his embrace. The smell of a young man was particularly innocent, as innocent as his pair of eyes. Yan Sui never had a habit of hugging anyone, in this mere second, he felt that the feeling of embracing someone was not bad at all.

Perhaps it was Li Yifei’s words that made him emotional. Therefore, Meng Ting was exceptionally sensitive tonight. His hand slowly slipped down to Yan Sui’s waist, his forehead leaned against his chest, while moisture emerged around the rims of his eyes. For once, someone cuddled him like this.


There was nothing more that Meng Ting could have spoken. After awhile, he lifted his head before rubbing his cheek against Yan Sui’s chin, “Yan Sui, I like it when you cuddle me.”

Yan Sui’s ear burned in redness again. This time he could tell that there was no hidden meanings in Meng Ting’s words. He simply and purely liked being hugged like this. However, even though he could tell, he still did not know why he felt obscure in this split second.

Because Meng Ting liked it, Yan Sui hugged him for awhile. After about ten minutes, he let go of him and picked up the food box that was next to his feet. “Supper, eat it.”

Since it was noodles, it can get very pasty very quickly if it was left out for long. Otherwise, it would not have been a problem to cuddle a little longer.

Resting on Yan Sui gave a safe and comfortable feeling. Meng Ting was about to fall asleep, but when he heard the word ‘supper,’ the drowsiness flew far away. He had almost forgotten the reason he bolted down here, if Yan Sui had not said anything.

The author has something to say:
Did you feel the sweetness ~ ~ Purposely shooting a landmine




12 thoughts on “BHMS : Chapter 9.2 – Yan Sui, I like it when you cuddle me

  1. The more I read the more I felt Meng Ting is the victim of child neglect. His emotional side particularly stunted, denied of so many things which is so sad since he didn’t grew crooked and retained his pureness making him very pitiful and lovable at the same time. Yan Sui better not disappoint him.


    1. ree

      Yan Sui… please darling learn how to cook 😂😂😂 If not, then you better treat Meng Ting with so much care!!!!!


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