HIHEZL : Chapter 25. His Excellency Zhi Li Arrived (II)

(Title – 支理大人驾到(下)– Zhi Li Daren Jiadao (Xia) – His Excellency Zhi Li Arrived II)

Author: Angelina

Translator: chiangyushien , tend0u , Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Usagi notes: Behold, a new translator by the name of tend0u has invaded this Usagi’s kingdom! Lol Sorry for the late post. We hope you will enjoy this chapter. (^○^)

“Just because I’m willing to be bullied by others, it doesn’t mean I should fight back. Whatever you think of me, and how you treat me, it has nothing to do with me. But Zhi Li’s out of the question. Who dares to touch Zhi Li? That just won’t do. From the moment he asked me to follow him, he’s the only thing that I wanted to protect.” Su Youyan took off her glasses, and tied up her hair, revealing the scar on her face. Ke Bu was stunned. He felt even more distressed. He came to an awful realization of Youyan’s feelings for Zhi Li. Zhi Li’s emergence turned into Su Youyan’s beautiful epitome of survival in this world. Sometimes, Ke Bu thought Youyan was very simple, stubbornly guarding her own share of warmth.

Zhi Li measured Su Youyan’s face with his eyes: “Youyan, you’re getting prettier today.” Ke Bu rolled his eyes. This guy’s mouth was sometimes surprisingly sweet. In a way, he did not expect this actor’s lines. It was really an unwise move. For next month’s examination, he also hoped Youyan could steal some answer keys for himself! Ke Bu’s real nature was exposed.

Su Youyan smiled, and this was the first time Ke Bu saw Su Youyan smile. It was beautiful and splendid. Ke Bu suddenly realized that the pair of glasses in his hands had no lenses. “Youyan, you’re not near-sighted?”

“Zhi Li said that wearing glasses is a must for a secretary.”

“Why are you cooperating with his silliness?!”

Qiu Shui was a little bored. She covered her mouth with her hand as she yawned: “You talk about suddenly changing so much. It’s really annoying. What I hate the most are annoying women.”

After she finished talking, she kicked her over with her high-heeled shoe. Su Youyan retreated back. The fine-pointed heel almost scratched her face: “What a coincidence, I do, too.”

Su Youyan suddenly turned around making the ponytail behind her head swing toward Qiu Shui. The ponytail brushed Qiu Shui’s eyes causing her to instinctively cover them. Su Youyan then slapped Qiu Shui down producing a crisp sound: “This slap’s for you to remember what happens if you touch my hair.”

“Damn it, bitch.” Qiu Shui had a loose tongue. Qiu Shui kicked at Su Youyan once again, but this time Su Youyan dodged it. Qiu Shui turned to kick her once more. It seemed that Qiu Shui was adept in using her legs. Qiu Shui’s last kick slightly grazed Su Youyan’s clothes, making the latter, look down at her own clothes. Qiu Shui also seemed to enjoy this exchange. She took off her high-heeled shoes and aimed her kick straight for Su Youyan’s legs. Su Youyan split her legs making Qui Shui’s foot go through in between Su Youyan’s legs.

Su Youyan put her legs together and clamped Qiu Shui’s foot in between her legs. Using one hand, she grabbed Qiu Shui’s wrist, while with the other hand, she gave Qiu Shui another slap: “This slap will remind you not to swear.”

Qiu Shui used her hands to support herself on the ground and kicked Su Youyan with the other leg that was not clamped. Su Youyan let go of Qiu Shui foot and moved back.

Ke Bu, who was on the side, had his mouth agape. He felt a chill run down his back. He suddenly remembered when he pressed against Su Youyan’s back outside the gymnasium door. He was threatening to stab her until she died on the spot. He swallowed hard: “You already knew that Su Youyan was very fierce?”

“She’s responsible for training Haoyu and Xiujie,” Zhi Li answered, a little bored.

“What?! You should have told me that!! I, I almost…” Ke Bu did not dare say it, but at first, he was thinking if Youyan would not help him steal the answer keys, he would pack her up! He was lucky. He was suddenly thankful for Qiu Shui. Her injury happened to save him. Ke Bu was definitely not the good type. His heart was actually so dark.

Qiu Shui’s hair was soaked in sweat. She stared at Su Youyan in disbelief. That Su Youyan, who she previously bullied very miserably, unexpectedly moved around Qiu Shui’s back. With one hand, she strangled her, while the other hand, covered Qiu Shui’s face. She bent her fingers and her nails lightly touched Qiu Shui’s face: “This is in return.”

Qiu Shui shouted: “Don’t, don’t ~ ~ I was wrong, I beg you, please, don’t,” she acted without the slightest regard for her own appearance. Su Youyan let go of Qiu Shui. Qiu Shui freed herself as she weakly fell to the ground.

Bi Fang gave Qiu Shui a look of reproach and Qiu Shui bowed her head. Bi Fang moved toward Zhi Li. He dashed toward Zhi Li as he reached out his hand but Zhi Li deflected it: “I don’t shake hands.” Ke Bu opened his big eyes wide. Just now, Zhi Li put forth his strength to block Bi Fang’s hand. To his surprise, it was easily deflected by Zhi Li. Bi Fang was also surprised. His hands changed shape, just like a tiger’s claws to catch Zhi Li. Zhi Li moved to the left. In the end, Bi Fang’s hands only scratched the table and there was an obvious mark on the table. Zhi Li took a glance at the table. Bi Fang’s eyes revealed a cold burst. He reached out but Zhi Li grabbed him by his wrist. Bi Fang went as far as struggling with all his might to free himself from Zhi Li. He kicked Zhi Li, but Zhi Li raised his leg up to kick Bi Fang back. He blocked this to defend himself and also grabbed his face with a swift claw. Zhi Li blocked the claw with his arm, took a step back, and swung his hand. Bi Fang did not give him the chance to fight back. Zhi Li grabbed Bi Fang’s collar and leaned back. He leveraged his power, and threw Bi Fang to the rear, knocking a bookshelf down.

Everything happened so fast so that Ke Bu’s eyes could not follow. Just now, Zhi Li’s hand was seized by Bi Fang. Overall, it felt somewhat strange. Just a few strokes should not consume too much physical strength. What did you do before you came here? No wonder Zhi Li was somewhat tired. He was forcibly summoned to hear the headmaster’s long-winded sermon for a few hours, then went to the Taekwondo Club’s territory.

Bi Fang kicked to the side. Zhi Li turned his body to dodge Bi Fang’s leg over his head and swept away Bi Fang’s other leg. Bi Fang lost his balance. He quickly got back on his feet with his hands when he toppled over, stretched his neck from left to right, then rubbed his shoulders. He looked like he was ready again to give it a go: “Indeed, you have real skills.”

Ke Bu was a bit worried about Zhi Li. Looking at the time, a minute and a second has passed by already. Although Zhi Li had the upper hand, it was too late to be dragging on with this leisurely play. They could not keep up with the dormitory’s lights-out time!! Ke Bu’s brain moved fast. He had to quickly think of a way. Why Zhi Li could transform into his dark form — it was because the weather was so hot and irritable. But it was not because the weather was hot so that he transformed — it was the irritation that caused him to get into his dark transformation, in that case…

Ke Bu focused his voice and cried out loud: “Zhi Li, just now, I lied to you, in fact…” Ke Bu choked in sobs. There seemed to be no other way but to continue saying this: “I was raped by that beast, Bi Fang, wo wo wo…” He added a few more ‘wo’ words to emphasize his sadness.

“What are you talking about?” Bi Fang roared toward Ke Bu.

“Now you want to deny it?”

Zhi Li stood still, and Ke Bu continued: “He used his hands to roughly touch me. He roughly took me with his mouth, and with his hips, he roughly rubbed it against me, also, he also forced me to see his thing.”

“Shut your mouth.” Bi Fang, at the end of his patience, completely did not pay attention to Zhi Li who was right behind him. His surroundings seemed like being splashed with black ink. Su YouYan and Ke Bu retreated. Qiu Shui, who just realized it, gaped in silence, as she pointed at Bi Fang’s back.

Just when Bi Fang was about to turn around, a punch landed on the left side of his face. Bi Fang’s hand was suddenly grabbed by Zhi Li: “This is that hand, I presume.” Zhi Li, with strength, bent his finger backwards. Bi Fang tightened his eyebrows as he was holding in the pain. Zhi Li went to his back and kicked his leg. Bi Fang dropped to one knee: “It’s this leg, I presume.”

Zhi Li flung Bi Fang to the ground. Just when he wanted to prop up his body, Zhi Li put forth his own strength stepping on his family jewels. Zhi Li then bent down pinching Bi Fang’s lips: “It’s this mouth, right, Youyan?” Bi Fang opened his big eyes wide. He, himself, was suppressed and unable to move. This has never happened before. The strength of this not-so-stout man, wherever did it come from? Su Youyan threw a hard-bound book over. Zhi Li stuffed the corner of the book in Bi Fang’s mouth, ferociously pressing it down.

He Dashan, who was tied up a moment ago, came running up with a few people and saw this scene. Ying Xiujie looked all around: “Where’s the president? Let’s deal with him.”

“It’s that one who’s being fed with a book.”

Everyone looked at Zhi Li in horror: “Who did it?”

“Ke Bu.” Su YouYan sold him out. Everyone one after another, criticized him: “Don’t tell us you don’t know that after he transforms into his dark form, he can’t differentiate who’s his enemy or friend?!?”

Ke Bu’s remorse suddenly dawned on him: “Oh, crap!! I forgot about that. If only I knew this earlier, I’d let him fight slowly.” In fact, Ke Bu originally just wanted to settle the problem as soon as possible, so that he could let Zhi Li quickly go back to the dormitory to rest early.

Zhi Li grabbed Bi Fang by the hair and made him stand as he dragged him in front of Chu Haoyu: “You bastard, you forced him to see your thing? Then I’ll make you take a good look at one.” After he finished speaking, he pulled Chu Haoyu’s pants down, and dragged Bi Fang’s face close to the former’s. Bi Fang and Chu Haoyu wanted to run away: “You two, try moving again.”

Chu HaoYu looked at Ke Bu with a very sorrowful look: “Do you understand now? This is precisely why I hate you.”

After tormenting them, several people tossed the Taekwondo Club out of the library, then prepared to throw them in the garbage dump, and took pictures of them from every angle using their phone. Zhi Li moved toward Ke Bu, while Ke Bu repeatedly took a few steps back: “Listen to me, I just lied to you. Who would have known that your possessiveness was so strong, ah ha ha! I didn’t expect it. I really didn’t expect it.”

“I know,” Zhi Li coldly responded.

“You know, yet…”

Zhi Li pinched Ke Bu’s chin: “Even if I knew about it, I still mind it. I’m going to make you remember that well. If you dare to use this method again, and dare saying that again, I’ll use my hands to roughly touch you, I’ll use my mouth to roughly have you, and I’ll use my hips to roughly rub it against you until you die. Do you understand?”

“I, I understand.”

“I am clearly a man of rewards and punishments.”

“You suddenly blurted this out, so how am I supposed to react to it, Zhi Li Daren?”

“This one’s your reward for what you said before.” After Zhi Li finished talking, he reached out for Ke Bu’s collar and pulled him closer, then kissed him up. Ke Bu opened his big eyes wide. Reward for before? Did he hear what I said to Bi Fang? He heard it?

Zhi Li’s kiss, with the smell of milk, entranced Ke Bu. Indeed, it had a mild hint of sweetness.



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