BHMS : Chapter 10.1 – I fancy him, I want to chase him

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: windam2611, Renkun27

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower , NancyChen3

Turning on the headlights, Yan Sui personally opened the food box and gave it to Meng Ting, “Go eat up then.”

Meng Ting nodded without any objections. He took the food box before he started to eat earnestly.

Meng Ting actually could not take any spicy food. Even just a little bit of spiciness—just as he requested—made his forehead and nose sweat. In between bites, wheezing sounds could be heard every time he exhaled.

“Drink some water.” Yan Sui opened a bottle of mineral water. Seeing that Meng Ting was holding the food box, he naturally fed the water to him.

“Does it taste good?”

“Yeah.” Meng Ting nodded as he continued to eat, while Yan Sui fed him another couple of sips of water. He was afraid that Meng Ting would have indigestion later in the evening, even though that bowl of noodles was of an average serving, he had eaten a lot of rice for dinner.  That would definitely be enough after he finished this bowl of noodles, too.

When Meng Ting hesitated to drink the leftover noodle soup that was spicier than the noodles, Yan Sui took the food box and closed the lid. Then, he took out a paper towel to wipe Meng Ting’s face before wiping his hand. Even though Yan Sui did it clumsily, it did not affect his seriousness and meticulousness.

Meng Ting also obediently lifted his head to let Yan Sui wipe his face. When he saw how Yan Sui was focused on his face, he could not help but hook up his lips to a smile. He thought he would not find anyone better than Yan Sui. This person was Yan Sui. He would never forget him.

After Yan Sui finished cleaning Meng Ting’s hands, he looked up to see a smile on Meng Ting’s face. He was like a satisfied kitten, waiting for someone to love and caress. He raised his hand and ruffled his soft and supple hair. Seeing him enjoying his pats, he suddenly wanted to take Meng Ting away immediately.

“It’s late. Go back to sleep early. I’ll see you again tomorrow night.”

Meng Ting nodded. He hesitated for a moment, then he hugged Yan Sui as he rubbed his face against Yan Sui’s neck. While he softly said, “You have to eat well, too.”

Yan Sui vaguely thought that Meng Ting’s words should have a special meaning. He was smart but could not understand these words of endearment. It was up to Meng Ting to sweet talk him.

In return, Yan Sui reached out and hugged Meng Ting for a long time before he let go. After opening the door, Meng Ting got out of the car. He looked back at Yan Sui’s car, walked to the iron gate and then looked back again. He could not help but look back. Yan Sui’s car was still stationery. When he returned to the third floor and walked out to the small balcony, he saw the headlights of the car retreating further and further away until it quietly disappeared in the midst of the night.

After Meng Ting stared blankly for a long while, the phone in his pocket started vibrating. It was Yan Sui. He sent him a text message.

“Sleep early, good night.”

Meng Ting immediately returned to his room. He climbed into the bed, covered himself with the quilt before he texted Yan Sui back.

“I listened to you. I’m lying in bed now and I’ll sleep right away. Good night.”

Meng Ting was about to put the phone back on the bedside table when it vibrated again. He was a little surprised. So far, only Yan Sui knew his phone number; thus, it was only him who would send him text messages.

“Be good.”

When he read these words, Meng Ting stared at them for a bit before he replied just like last time, “I’m good.”

The two text messages had no special value, but that alone made the two of them unable to hold in a smile. Fate between people was unpredictable. In just two days, Yan Sui and Meng Ting’s mutual affection had soared to the limit. One further step would turn into true fondness.

Seated in the driver’s seat of Yan Sui’s car was Secretary Wang, who was ignored for nearly an hour. He saw the whole process of the two showing affection toward each other [1]. While this had left him feeling rather sad.

([1] 糊了一脸狗粮 Lit Trans: Paste a face full of dog food. There is a Chinese phrase called单身狗 (Single Dogs), this simply refers to men and women who are single. It’s a rather self-mockery phrase. So, Wang was simply feeling that the two of them ignored his presence and showed affection in front of him while he was still single.)

His iceberg boss was head over heels and had completely become a silly man who was in love. He pulled the young man into the car. Not only did he hug him for so long, but he also gave him water and wiped his face and hands. Now, he sent him a text before going to bed with a gentle smile. Did he think all of that was not enough to impel him to sadness…?

And, he only just realized his presence was insignificant [2], because not only did Yan Sui ignore him, perhaps Meng Ting did not notice he existed from the beginning until the end. If he was not driving right now, he wanted to check himself in the mirror to see if he had turned ugly.

([2] 电灯泡的瓦力这般不足Lit Trans: Light bulb wattage was not sufficient, usually a person who is a 3rd wheel is called “Light Bulb” in Chinese. Wattage was added by the author for fun.)

He was the company’s famous golden bachelor: handsome, capable and rich. As for Yan Sui, he was the rare and precious diamond bachelor, but he soon would not be anymore.

He took over Xiao Zhao’s shift tonight and, of course, if he did not do this, he would not have gotten anything out of it. Because of that, he finally found out which little goblin had entranced his boss. To his surprise, it was the boy who was going to marry his boss in two weeks. This development was too bizarre and way too fast.

After Yan Sui smiled faintly, he regained his cold and solemn expression. He looked at his phone again before telling Secretary Wang, who was seated in the front seat: “Go back home first. I’ll drive back myself.”

“Understood.” Secretary Wang was always obedient to Yan Sui’s order. He executed every order that was given to him. This time was no exception. After Secretary Wang got out of the car, Yan Sui moved into the driver’s seat. However, the car was not going toward the Yans’ residence; rather, it was heading toward a high-end club in Haicheng instead.




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  1. With the joke of insufficient wattage of the light bulb, I find the term light bulb for 3rd wheeler is much funnier 🤣 Author had great sense of jokes too, not only great supplier of fluff 😆

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