TUMBT : Chapter 56

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: tend0u

Proofreader: KainGuru , Zeraphiel25

The door creaked, making Su Ruhan look toward the door. The Third Prince’s figure appeared quite elegant and refined under the moonlight. He put both of his hands on the door bar, but did not intend to come in.

Acting as if he was not injured, Su Ruhan struggled to get out of his bed, and still weakly knelt on the ground. With a respectful look, he gave the Third Prince a salute: “Greetings, Third Highness!”

The Third Prince heard him say these words, then entered Su Ruhan’s room. Ever since Su Ruhan got demoted, he was transferred from one of the finest rooms to a lowly mud room. The once daring and energetic youth had now become dull and haggard, the only part of him that resembled his youth was his eyes.

The Third Prince went in front of Su Ruhan’s bed and gently supported him back to his bed. This unusual act coming from the Third Prince made Su Ruhan quite surprised. The Third Prince’s facial lines had never been so gentle. Su Ruhan sometimes could not even fathom whether he was happy or sad based on his expressions.

“Why did you let Ning Yue go?” The Third Prince indifferently asked.

Su Ru Han raised his lips to form a smile. He previously thought that the Third Prince would never come here to show concern for him. This act of kindness coming from the Third Prince was a cock-and-bull story [1]. Sure enough, he just came here to criticize him violently.

([1] Fantasy story)

Su Ruhan replied with a calm face: “Ning Yue’s not guilty and should be let go.”

“Based on what you’ve said, which man whom you’ve killed with your own hands was guilty?” The Third Prince asked a question in reply.

Indeed, there were countless people who died under Su Ruhan’s sword. Some of them just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and were still killed violently with his sword. Ning Yue offended the Third Prince by secretly entering the Courtyard of Exuding Harmony. No matter what, he should die a thousand times.

It just so happened that Su Ruhan did not expect that the Third Prince would actually have so much interest in his reason like this. He originally thought that the Third Prince would stop after he spoke of his reason, directly stretch out his devil’s talons and banish him into the abyss of suffering. After that, he would be tormented until his very end.

Seeing that the Third Prince had a serious look on his face, Su Ruhan was forced to speak strictly by the facts: “Ning Yue is a servant from the Mu’s manor. If there would be one more death from the Mu’s manor, there would be one less clue to the death of Imperial Tutor Mu.”

“What makes you certain that it was not Mu Xueshi who killed Imperial Tutor Mu?”

Su Ruhan could not help but laugh, and boldly said: “If not because of the Third Prince, how else would this lowly servant know.”

The Third Prince, with a smile yet not a smile, looked at Su Ruhan and even placed his hand on top of Su Ruhan’s hair, making a very intimate gesture.

“Is he [2] beautiful?” The Third Prince asked.

([2] Mu Linxi used 他 here which is used for either sex.)

Su Ruhan knew who the person was that the Third Prince asked about, so he honestly replied: “There is no one in the land under heaven who could match him.”

“Oh?” The Third Prince seemed to be in the mood to talk about Mu Xueshi so he continued asking: “So you’re risking your own life just to absolve him from accusation?”

Su Ruhan nodded, with an indifferent face as he looked at the Third Prince.

The expression on the Third Prince’s face became more and more serious, and the ambient air temperature plummeted. The muscles of his face from a relaxed state, slowly became tense. Regardless of who, they would most likely break into a cold shiver.

Su Ruhan was waiting for the next violent wind and rainstorm to come, but as a result, the Third Prince did not show his expression and turned away. He also tossed a small bottle to Su Ruhan. Inside the small bottle was a medication for bone injuries. Although he knew that Su Ruhan lost his martial arts capabilities, the Third Prince still did not completely give up on him.

Looking at the bottle in his hand, Su Ruhan did not know how he felt. Previous experiences has made him accustomed to thinking about the true intentions of the Third Prince, although he had never used his most intuitive thinking to understand these behaviors.



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  1. Marito

    Hi..the chapter 55 and 56 is the same translation…anyway tq for the translation..luv all ur work as always..


  2. Lola

    So Mu LinXi is the third prince… so he and Mu XueShi are related.. I’m sooo confused (still) but I guess it’ll get better..


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