TUMBT : Chapter 57

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: tend0u

Proofreader: KainGuru , Zeraphiel25

After Mu Xueshi had been unconscious for a day, he woke up, and after waking up, he found out that there were three more people at his bedside — three women who were as delicate as a flower and as refined as a precious jade.

Mu Xueshi blinked, and, like a carp, he leaped up. He walked around the three women quite a few times, reached out and patted one of the women on her shoulder, then he asked: “Where are you from?”

That woman kept an amiable smile on her face, but no matter how much Mu Xueshi asked, that woman never uttered a word. Mu Xueshi was suprised seeing how the number of people inside the room suddenly increased by three, and even suspected that these three were high-quality imitation statues. Even their expressions were unchanging.

While he was still in a daze as he pondered over it, the door was pushed open, then the Third Prince’s figure reflected on Mu Xueshi’s eyes. This suddenly startled Mu Xueshi.

Mu Xueshi could now recall the unfavorable situation that took place before. His eyes opened wide, and then, just like a whirlwind, he scurried to the bronze mirror behind the screen, only to see his face that was reflected on the mirror was normal. There was no bloody mouth that was opened wide, just like a sacrificial bowl, for him to worry about. Mu Xueshi patted his chest hard and heaved a big sigh of relief.

However, he did not seem to be as good-looking as he was before. Mu Xueshi always felt like his face would change every time he gets the chance seeing it, so this made him feel uncertain about what he actually looked like. But he had no time to care about these right now, and as he had expected, the Third Prince really frightened him.

Mu Xueshi came out from behind the screen with a grateful look on his face. He went to the Third Prince then plopped as he knelt down before the Third Prince’s leg. With great regret, he said: “This worthless commoner did something bad before. Third Prince, please don’t hold a grudge and forgive this worthless commoner. This worthless commoner… this worthless commoner… really can’t thank you enough!!”

“From now on, you won’t be a worthless commoner anymore.” The Third Prince answered.

Mu Xueshi, with his slender fingers, grabbed a lock of his hair, and with a puzzled look, he asked: “Then what am I? A subject?”

The Third Prince chuckled, drew his lips close to Mu Xueshi’s ear, and then said: “During the eight-day festival, you’re Mu Xueshi. After the eight-day festival, you’re Mu Xueshi.”

In a short while, Mu Xueshi’s lips twitched. He looked at the Third Prince, and with a nervous look, he asked: “This worthless commoner would be so bold as to ask the Third Prince, but is there any difference?”

“You will know it later.”

Although the Third Prince still looked like he was indifferent, Mu Xueshi could obviously feel that the Third Prince already changed his attitude toward himself. Perhaps, the Third Prince was touched by those words he spoke of before he fainted, so that he began taking care of himself. Come to think of it, since he only had this month to punish Mu Xueshi for his crime, it was not necessary for the Third Prince to keep up with his cold visage this time.

After thinking about it, Mu Xueshi secretly laughed a few times. His glistening and translucent big eyes narrowed into a good-looking crescent moon, like the bright moon in the night sky. Seeing this made those three maidservants quite moved in their hearts. After he finished laughing, he also drew his lips close to the Third Prince’s ear, then he chuckled as he said: “If you wanted to be good to me, don’t hide it. I understand that you’re afraid that people will talk about it, but you can rest assured that I definitely won’t go talking about it.”

The Third Prince could not help but smirk when he heard Mu Xueshi’s words and when he saw that proud look on his face.

Immediately afterwards, Mu Xueshi faced the Third Prince again and very earnestly said: “You’re really a good person.”

After hearing this sentence, his heart just stopped. Once again, he looked at Mu Xueshi, whose face was without a bit of half-heartedness and currying favor.

When Mu Xueshi noticed that the Third Prince was pleased, his lips curved up, and without wasting time, he struck while the iron was hot. With his hands, he held on to the left and right cheeks of the Third Prince, drew back his lips until they curved up, and then he giggled as he said: “It was too serious. Once in a while, you need to smile. Try smiling a little. It can help you exercise more than two hundred of your muscles. If I can help you pull it up like this, it’s equivalent to helping you clear the blood on your face.”

This kind of intimacy undoubtedly made the Third Prince embarrassed for a while. He cast an admonishing and cold look at Mu Xueshi, but it was overlooked by Mu Xueshi.

Mu Xueshi noticed that the Third Prince’s mood was pretty good. He looked very adorable with his smiling visage and cheeks that were blushing. Then he nervously rubbed it with his hands. After looking around, he drew close to the Third Prince, and very cautiously asked: “Third Prince, can you now introduce me to the three women beside me?”

Usagi notes: Damn, made me face-palm here. Mu Xueshi, when will you ever learn? Hahaha



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