BHMS : Chapter 10.2 – I fancy him, I want to chase him

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: windam2611 , NancyChen3

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

As the host, Gu Lang requested him to go to the party. In fact, he used the last time when Yan Sui asked him for assistance as an excuse to return the favor.

He knew the type of person Yan Sui was, so he did not invite any nuisance and the ones who came were people who knew each other from childhood. Although, their personalities were not necessarily good, their taste were definitely superb.

Initially, Gu Lang had no intention of inviting Yan Sui. Unfortunately, since he was no match for Yan Sui and he had lost the game, with no other choice, the promise he made was nothing but to allow Yan Sui to come to the club.

“How do you know that I was able to get Yan Sui to come?”

Gu Lang drank a bit too much, but his mind was fairly clear as he looked at Su Siyu, who smiled seductively.

Given how cold Yan Sui was, even if Gu Lang loudly announced he had a special relationship with him, not many people would believe it, let alone, he did not even publicly announce anything. However, the request that was raised by Su Siyu completely surprised him.

“It was pure luck.” Su Siyu smiled. He knew a lot of things about Yan Sui. Although they did not interact often, at least they have lived under the same roof for almost ten years. Hence, he more or less knew things that others did not know of. These things included how Gu Lang was in fact a good friend of Yan Sui.

“Why did you want him to come?” Gu Lang tucked his phone back into the pocket of his pants. His body swayed to the rhythm of the music before he continued to question closely.

That was the last time he could party before falling into an ice cave [1]. For this reason, he had to cherish this moment.

([1] He won’t be able to party hard again since he’s getting married so he needed to make the most out of it. Lol)

Su Siyu picked up the glass and took a sip before sticking his tongue out and licking his lips. When a man acts in such way, perhaps that would make people vomit.   However, only was Su Siyu young, he was also good looking. Even Gu Lang, who was certain he liked women, was stunned by that scene, not to mention the surrounding people who would go for men and women.

“I fancy him. I want to chase him.”

Once the surrounding people, who originally wanted to approach Su Siyu, heard these words, they all silently drew back. In their generation, Yan Sui truly had an infatuating effect on others. Let us not mention whether there was a possibility of Yan Sui liking him back. Even the people who had unrequited love for him could not be touched.

Su Siyu took note of all the reactions from the people around him before the corner of his lips rose to a curve that carried an inexplicable evilness. He thought, that person was Yan Sui. Even though he was not here, if his name was mentioned, there was not one person from the whole of Haicheng, even the entire ‘Xia’ [2], that would not fear him. As if Su SiYu would give up on him that easily with that in mind.

([2] 夏国 lit trans: Summer Country. But we are assuming the author was referring to Xia [Summer] dynasty. Xia Dynasty was from 2070 BC to 1600 BC and it was the first dynasty in traditional Chinese history. It was described in ancient historical chronicles such as the Bamboo Annals, the Classic of History and the Records of the Grand Historian.)

As a matter of fact, he was his husband. An ex-husband who he wanted to rekindle with.

The topic that had left a slight lingering taste ended just like that. Meanwhile, the noisy background from the rock music resonated in the room as everyone continued to drink, chatted and played games, until the entrance door that had been pushed open countless times—as per Su Siyu’s request—Yan Sui who was invited by Gu Lang finally came through the door.

Gu Lang faced the entrance the entire time. The moment he saw Yan Sui arrive, he immediately straightened his posture while his face also became serious. As the people found that it was strange for him to suddenly change his composure, they all followed his line of sight. Without exception, every one of them revealed the same expression and reaction as Gu Lang once they saw him.

“Fuck! Who moved this iceberg here?” Someone murmured softly, not wanting Yan Sui to come at all. His voice was only loud enough for himself to hear.

In less than ten seconds, the only sound that remained in the entire private room was the noise from the rock music. Gu Lang shot a glance and the person who received that glance immediately pressed the pause button. Thereafter, in a huge luxury private room, the only sound that resonated within the room was the unhurried footsteps of Yan Sui.

He glanced at Gu Lang before he picked a seat and sat down. The others still did not dare to act rashly as they hung their heads low, like they were waiting to be criticized. In fact, they would not even stay so silently and be well-behaved if they were in front of their own father.

Su Siyu did not expect that people would react so strongly toward Yan Sui’s presence. Even if they were afraid of him, their wariness should not be to that extent. Their reactions were more exaggerated than when a mouse would see a cat.

Affected by the mood, Su Siyu could not think of what he wanted to do for the time being. His original intention was to start talking to Yan Sui when the crowd was partying up because they would be too busy to notice them.

“What’s up?” Yan Sui pulled his own collar as he looked toward Gu Lang, while his brows slightly knitted together. He truly did not like these types of occasions. Also, even if he did go to these parties, no one seemed to be able to enjoy the party. Normally, he would only go if someone had caused some serious and unresolvable mess.

“I didn’t cause trouble,” Gu Lang said subconsciously and then he shook his head as he followed the person who was also shaking his head.

Gu Lang was the first person to be the master of the house in their generation. As a matter of fact, even though they grew up together, gradually, Yan Sui became someone who they could not catch up to even if they tried. They did not want their parents to know the trouble they had gotten themselves into. Yet, when none of them could settle their own problems, Yan Sui could easily solve any problems with just a couple of phone calls. That alone made them feel it was useless to be defiant. In fact, as relentless as Yan Sui was, after he tidied up their mess, he would lecture them by employing more ruthless tactics than their own parents. Regardless if they had experienced it or if they were just onlookers, their impressions were set deeply to this day.

The people that were similar in age as him had all toned down over the last few years. It was not because they did not want to fool around anymore, it was just that Yan Sui was simply too scary.

“It’s him. He asked Gu Lang to invite you.”

Very quickly, someone sold out Su Siyu. Compared to other people, Su Siyu was five or six years, or even seven or eight years younger, so there was no real opportunity to hang out with them, given they were not from the same age circle. However, he was able to get in after he intentionally looked and found Gu Lang, then he accompanied someone to the party as their date.

Ultimately, he was not a normal twenty-two-year-old. He had lived an extra life. Therefore, he had encountered more awkward occasions compared to this.

“It’s me.” Su Siyu said as he walked two steps forward. His walking posture was very alluring as he intentionally displayed his figure, while it was not overly deliberate. That, in turn, made people’s mind arouse with dirty fantasies. In short, anyone who knew of him felt he carried a pleasant allure from inside and out.

“I’m Su Siyu, I want to get to know you.”

Yan Sui lifted his eyes as his gaze skated past Su Siyu who appeared somewhat nervous at that moment before dropping his gaze on Gu Lang again. He frowned when he realized Gu Lang’s intention was to look on as a mere spectator. With this in mind, he slowly got up and walked past Su Siyu without saying a word.

“You guys continue with the partying.” Yan Sui said as he popped his hand on Gu Lang’s shoulder.

With that said, he immediately left the private room without a slight desire to stay while Su Siyu was completely ignored by him.

It was obvious, Su Siyu wanted to get to know Yan Sui, but Yan Sui did not want to get to know him.



17 thoughts on “BHMS : Chapter 10.2 – I fancy him, I want to chase him

    1. onefallenleaf

      Originally I was confused, but it seems that Su Siyu really was a reborn person like our adorable MC.

      If so, then it’s all clicked.
      Why did Su Siyu was suddenly enlightened and ‘change’ for the better…?
      Maybe in the last life while our mc quietly work hard and died, Su Siyus still become that rascal who like parties, thus made the old madam chose him.
      But he didn’t get along well with Yan Sui or something, somehow led to his death (reborn)? 🤔


  1. – a person suddenly changed for the better
    – he is refering to ML as ex-husband
    – he was said to live an extra life

    With the 3 thinhs stated above, I want to ask one thing, another reincarnator/reborn?


  2. maripants

    “In fact, they would not even stay so silently and be well-behaved if they were in front of their own father.” Lmao why is this so funny 🤣

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  3. Sopicky

    It’s pretty obvious that he’s also reborn. Then he states it himself, that he lived two lifetimes. Guess he was married to Yan Sui in the previous life. Makes sense since mc was stuck in a lab then.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Blaze

      Soo .. that’s why he suddenly change for the better, because he’s also definitely a reborn, In the last life he difinitely didn’t change that’s why he was chosen to married him.

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    2. Yeah, I was so shocked too.. at first I thought, eh ten years of living under the same roof? Then ex-husband? Is it a typo that it should be ex-fiance? But then I was like ohh no, he is reborn too?? Lol The roller coaster ride in this chapter made me miss the sweetness of Meng Ting 😆 No wonder Siyu is so sure Yan Sui will divorce Meng Ting before. He had experienced it in last life lol Must be in that ten years, Yan Sui’s grandfathers both died so he sorted out his own mother, his husband and life. Wow.


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