HIHEZL : Chapter 26. The Stronghold Given to Us

(Title – 据点与我 – Ju Dian Yu Wo Men – The Stronghold Given to Us)

Author: Angelina

Translator: chiangyushien , Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

The strangest thing was that the campus’s website did not have Su Youyan and Gong Zhu’s pictures. There was only pictures of the Taekwondo Club and a blood-red banner headline. What was even more surprising was that those people who previously sought for Zhou Xinhe, Gong Zhu and Chu Haoyu all came to apologize with bloody noses and swollen faces, when there were only four people that participated in the fight last night. The man who falsely accused Ke Bu also came to find the director of teaching affairs to apologize. It seemed that everything was going smoothly.

Ke Bu was ushered into an empty school building on the school campus. At the entrance, the plate (sign) for the Taekwondo Club was teetering. The others were already cleaning inside, where it was full of sunshine. The location was very good, and the view out of the window was beautiful.

“What are you guys doing here?”

“This room is for our club,” said Chu Haoyu.

“What club? When did we become a club?” It seemed that this was really a group of people who became very popular.

“Fast Shooting Club.”

“Don’t just choose some random name. Isn’t this being used by the Taekwondo Club?”

“From what Youyan said, before she and Zhi Li Daren went to the library yesterday, they took a long detour first before coming here to check on the circumstances and the people from the Taekwondo Club. Both sides had a friendly conversation, and in order to promote the harmony between the freshmen and sophomores, this room was left to us and they changed places,” said Gong Zhu seriously.

“You actually listen to this kind of crap!! Both of them engaged in this kind of conversation?” Ke Bu straightened out the truth in his mind.

“We can’t?” Zhi Li asked a question in response.

“Don’t use that look on me. You certainly can’t.”

“I think I’m very kind-hearted.”

“Your concept of kind-heartedness is too vague!”


“By the way, how did the campus’s website come out like that?”

“Zhang Luo resolved it. I forgot to say that Zhang Luo’s a computer expert.”

“Who’s Zhang Luo?”

“An insignificant person.”

“Don’t casually talk like that!”

At that particular moment, Zhang Luo, who was being casually talked about, came in with an internet cable. He casually surveyed the schoolroom to look for suitable place where he could set the internet cable.

Unbeknownst to him, when Zhang Luo caught sight of Ke Bu, he slightly nodded at him with a smile plastered on his face, which made Ke Bu think that there was a very profound meaning.

“And you are?”

“I’ve been given a lot of names: Zhi Li’s roommate, the eighth member of the group, and the invincible hacker. You can call me Zhang Luo and this is my wife, Li Jiaojiao.” Zhang Luo took his laptop, put it on top the table and switched it on. A person who could marry a computer and name it was absolutely not a normal person!

“You can just call him by his real name.”

Ke Bu was more concerned about Zhang Luo’s first name (“Zhi Li’s roommate”) than his real name.

At this time, Chu Haoyu interrupted Ke Bu’s train of thought: “Yo, Zhang Luo.” He raised his eyebrows.

“You already know each other?”

“Of course. I often copy porn movies from him.”

Ke Bu ignored Chu Haoyu’s words and continued to think deeply. Zhi Li’s roommate — so in other words… Ke Bu took a step forward and closed the laptop: “Did you see what happened that night?”

Zhang Luo quickly glanced at Zhi Li and then he stared blankly at Ke Bu: “See what? The front part of the CCTV was broken before and I have no time to repair it.” Ke Bu was relieved. “I didn’t see it,” Zhang Luo added.

“Zhi Li, what do you think about this man’s ability to fight?” Ke Bu asked. After Su Youyan’s incident, he began to re-evaluate his ranking in this group.

“He’s a good-for-nothing person.”

“Just as I suspected.” Both of them were having a very impolite conversation in front of Zhang Luo.

This time Ying Xiujie interrupted: “Ke Bu, don’t think pretending to talk to your lover can let you off from work. Quick, go and remove the Taekwondo Club’s plate.” Ke Bu pursed his lips when he was suddenly called a lover, then he went outside and began to remove the plate. After the Taekwondo Club’s plate was removed, he found that there was still another plate behind it — it was the Music Club’s plate. It turned out that this schoolroom was taken over by Taekwondo Club. After the Music Club’s plate was taken down, the Badminton Club’s plate was there too! What an evil place this school was.

Chu Haoyu clapped his hands: “We’ll just go and purchase some materials. Ke Bu, guard the entrance. Zhi Li, look after Ke Bu.” Although Ke Bu was a lazy person, in a certain way, listening to Chu Haoyu’s words made him feel awkward.

There were only two people left here. Ke Bu put the plates down and piled them up behind the door. Zhi Li sat in front of the window as he drew. He raised his legs on the stool and kept swaying his wrist. Zhi Li’s clear and bright figure filled the background. He has been watching Zhi Li draw like this for so many years: from the time when he was still a handsome teenager, until now that he became his own lover — never did he break away from his gaze. Zhi Li tilted his head and threw the pencil to Ke Bu: “Go! ~~~”

“No matter how many times you do it, I’m not going to retrieve it for you because I’m not a dog.” Ke Bu stooped to pick the pen up and went over to hand it to Zhi Li. He stood behind Zhi Li and looked at the drawing book: “Sometimes, I really doubt whether you will draw or not. This is the level of kindergarten classes.”

“Don’t attack other people’s hobbies as you please.”

“But the expression on your face doesn’t look like you’ve been attacked.”

“Looks like you have time standing idly here and you’re still not guarding the entrance.”

Ke Bu wrinkled his nose at Zhi Li. He wanted to move the table at the door to the window. The table was solid wood and it was heavy. Ke Bu could only lift one side of it and drag it with difficulty. Zhi Li put down his drawing book first and then walked behind Ke Bu to lift the other side.

“Where to?”

“Over there by the window.”

After the table was set up, Ke Bu rubbed his waist just like an old man, then sat on the table facing Zhi Li. The height was just right for him to look at Zhi Li squarely.

“I’m actually counting how many times I owed you: once during our military training and another when you helped me post those word boards. Although you said there’s no need counting that one, I’m the type of person who won’t owe people even with just a single cent. This one’s not counted so there’s only twice in total.”

After Zhi Li listened to Ke Bu’s speech, he put both of his hands on the table and encircled Ke Bu in it. “You’re talking about these things like we’re strangers. It’s three times. The fight yesterday also counts.”

“Don’t you think your first sentence contradicts your last one? Didn’t you say that talking about this makes it sound like we’re strangers?! Three times is three times.”

“You will slowly return it.” Zhi Li’s slyness flashed past in his eyes.

“Wait a minute, what kind of expression was that just now?”

“You’ve misinterpreted what you’re seeing.”

“Did I?” Ke Bu just realized that he was positioned really close to Zhi Li. Ke Bu nonchalantly turned his head to the side, his eyes were glistening. He shyly blushed, pursed his lips and was a little bit aroused.

“Is this expression intended to make me take advantage of you?”

Ke Bu reached out to cover Zhi Li’s eyes and whispered softly: “Wrong, this is intended to make you kiss me.” Ke Bu’s lips drew close to Zhi Li’s, nibbling his slightly upturned lips. Ke Bu has never expressed his love for Zhi Li through the use of nauseating words, but Ke Bu really liked it. He believed that Zhi Li must have seen this eagerness that he could not conceal. How did we end up kissing? Ke Bu was in a daze as he looked at Zhi Li, then he pushed him away: “We should get to work.” Talk about dating — he was not good about this matter, even for just a bit. What do others say? How do they do it? He must not ask about this kind of thing of Zhi Li. The last time he asked him, he was raped.

However, it seemed that Ke Bu was the only person who was worried about it. Zhi Li sat back in his seat. He just picked up his pencil and prepared to draw. Later on, he found that the tip of the pencil was broken. With a voice that was not too loud nor too soft, he said: “Youyan, sharpener.”

“What do you take Youyan for? And she also spoiled you too much. Wait a minute, Youyan’s here?”

Su Youyan, who was holding a book in the most obstructed corner of the place, stood up and approached them. She took out a pencil sharpener from her bag. Ke Bu simply could not describe the relationship between these two. They were definitely not like lovers nor they were like friends. But this was not the time to think about it. Ke Bu was quite embarrassed: “You, you, did you hear anything?”

“Hear what?” Su Youyan asked.

“Never mind. It’s good that you didn’t hear it. Can’t you make a sound if you’re there?” Ke Bu breathed a sigh of relief, and the stone in his heart was finally laid down, but the next scene made him want to return to a cave to live alone.

Su Youyan stared at Zhi Li: “Is this expression intended to make me sharpen it into a round end?” This question seemed to be similar to the one that was heard a moment ago. [Note: Is this expression intended to make me take advantage of you?].

Zhi Li matched the answer: “Wrong, this is intended to make you sharpen it into a square end.” This answer seemed to be similar to the one that was heard a moment ago. [Note: Wrong, this is intended to make you kiss me.]

“Are you trying to kill me?” Ke Bu lost his mind and bumped his head against the table; however, he did not bump against the hard desk, instead, he bumped against the back of Zhi Li’s hand that was stretched over it.



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