Jubo : Text 007. The Temple Should Not be Demolished

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: tend0u , SyKim5

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

The local people knew that Wang Cheng was a resident of the temple. But, what most people did not know was that the old monk had already passed the temple over to Wang Cheng before his death. This made Wang Cheng the new owner of the temple.

Zhang Yiheng and his assistant gained knowledge of this matter from Secretary Wang. Secretary Wang overheard the old monk while he was going through the formalities at that time. He advised them to go and meet with Papa Wang and Mama Wang, “Just find them and we’ll know where Wang Cheng is.”

Wang Cheng was easy to identify with that bald head of his.

Zhang Yiheng and Fang Tian thought that finding someone would take some twist and turns. They never thought that coming to the main door would give them the chance to meet with the owner of the mountain himself. These two lived in the metropolis where it was rare to see a real monk, so they were momentarily stunned seeing a bald man. Since Zhang Yiheng had more life experience in the big world, he quickly calmed down.

Zhang Yiheng took out a contract from his briefcase and handed it over to Wang Cheng. He had learned from the village committee that the owner of Mount Feng Xia was the monk that lived in Wu Yin Temple at the summit.

“Mr. Wang, can you take a look at the contract? If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll try my best to answer them for you.”

Wang Cheng touched his bald head. In fact, it was not as smooth as half a month ago. His hair has started growing and touching it felt a little prickly, but Papa Wang and Mama Wang were very happy since they have long hoped that he would disrobe and return to the mainstream society.

He only turned a few pages of the contract. The terms and conditions were the same as the one Papa Wang received, but with a few more details and naturally, a different price.

“I can give Mount Feng Xia to you, but I have one request.”

Before he had heard about the developers, he already knew that this moment would come. The old monk had written about it in his letter which advised him that he no longer needed to keep the broken-down temple. He also explained that he only accepted him as a disciple to accompany him for the remaining period of his life. Now that his life has ended, naturally, Wang Cheng did not need to stay anymore.

“What request?” Zhang Yiheng’s eyebrows twitched. The other man had saved him a lot of trouble, but he knew things would not go smoothly. After all, the other party in this negotiation was a monk. His impression of a monk was that they were usually more stubborn — most especially the older monks. He gathered information about Mount Feng Xia as early as a month ago but did not expect that the old monk would suddenly die. Because of this, the original plan created for the old monk had to be scrapped.

“Wu Yin Temple shouldn’t be demolished.” Wu Yin was the name of the temple.

Zhang Yiheng froze. In their development plan, there was no intention to preserve the temple. A temple with a hundred years of history — yet with almost no repair — but the other party made this request.

Wang Cheng has been staring at Zhang Yiheng and noticed his eyebrows were slightly twitching. It was obvious, for a fact, that he made an embarrassing request, but he was not ready to let it go. This was the only thing he could do for the old monk.


Zhang Yiheng passed Wang Cheng’s words over to the boss. He was merely the person in charge of this project and not the decision-maker but they had to ask the boss to give Wang Cheng an answer; however, he thought that there was not much chance of agreement. Although the boss was generous in the acquisition of the land, he was still a businessman. The temple was so shabby. If it was not repaired, it would ruin the scenic spot. If they were to repair it, it would certainly cost a large sum of money.

“What did he say?”

The boss was a serene man whose facial expression never shown any signs emotion. For the longest time that he has been working with him, Zhang Yiheng could never figure that man out, but if he was that easy to figure out, he would have never been able to become the boss.

“He said that anyway. His request has already been made. Let’s figure it out.” Zhang Yiheng wanted to say more but the young man firmly said this with a rough expression. Clearly, they did not agree with that request. The matter had reached this point. Mount Feng Xia must be won over, otherwise the loss would be tremendous.

A monk who grew up in a deep mountain was generally believed to be a dull and inflexible kind of a person. Zhang Yiheng knew this was not true as soon as he saw Wang Cheng.

He had eyes that were not particularly big but were very bright. They were reminiscent of black jewels to him that glowed in the night — bright and clear. They were especially attractive. Then there was his face with elegant and delicate facial features that could absolutely be considered as a handsome man. He had seen some bald monks on TV, but this was the first time that he had seen one who could manage to look so handsome.

“Your impression of him is good.” With meticulous observation of his facial expression, the man came to this conclusion. The tone of his statement hit Zhang Yiheng right in the heart.

Embarrassed, Zhang Yiheng said, “The monk named Wang Cheng is not bad.”

The man looked up at him with an inscrutable expression.

Zhang Yiheng coughed lightly. There was always this kind of boss who said that he perceives people by their appearance. It must have been an illusion. To be honest, he was also surprised by his own perception of Wang Cheng; but he was sure that he was definitely not the type of person who would judge people by their physical appearance — like the boss sitting in front of him.

Naturally imposing manner of a leader, insightful, calm and reserved temperament seen after years of accumulated experience — it was obvious that the boss was still young but such a calm and composed manner made him seem more like a 40- or 50-year-old person. If not for the casual feeling that he sometimes emitted, he would never believe that the boss was only 30 years old.



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