TUMBT : Chapter 58

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: tend0u

Proofreader: KainGuru

Originally, the Third Prince was already convinced that Mu Xueshi’s remarks came from his heart and mind, but Mu Xueshi’s next sentence undoubtedly did not sell out his true purpose. The Third Prince was rather speechless after looking at Mu Xueshi’s ridiculous face.

Ever since Mu Xueshi had ‘amnesia,’ it seemed that his intelligence regressed to that of a few-years-old, and having such a person beside him was very reassuring. Although the Third Prince used the carrot-and-stick approach on Mu Xueshi, ridiculed him in every possible way and deliberately made things difficult for him, Mu Xueshi could not see right through him. Because of this, the Third Prince was not able to achieve the desired outcome through these means that he employed.

The Third Prince even learned from Mu Xueshi’s speech comprehension that Mu Xueshi had entirely forgotten even Yunxi’s most basic etiquette. His language also became self-contained.

Just when the Third Prince was still lost in his thoughts, Mu Xueshi had already paid all of his attention toward the three maidservants.

The Third Prince noticed Mu Xueshi’s apparent admiration for them in his eyes. Because of this, he suddenly felt very displeased, so he said toward the door: “Guards!”

Eunuch Tai’An came in and bowed down while waiting for the Third Prince’s command.

The Third Prince seemed to have intentionally said it out loud to make Mu Xueshi hear it, and paused with every word, making them appear unusually clear.

“Take these three maidservants to the back hill. Peel their skin off and feed it to the dogs!”

In a split second, the three maidservants’ looked deathly pale, revealing a terrified look. They uniformly knelt on the ground and did not dare to speak.

Mu Xueshi was also stunned for a moment, and as soon as he recovered, he bravely turned his face toward The Third Prince, yet hesitantly asked: “Why? What did they… did they do… to provoke you?”

The Third Prince sneered, “Nothing, it was you paying too much attention to those three, thus giving me the mood to kill.”

Mu Xueshi absolutely could not think of why the Third Prince had to kill people for such a simple reason, so he loudly roared: “You’re a living Hitler!”

Eunuch Tai’An was shocked after hearing these words. He never thought that he would be able to hear such noise in the Third Prince’s small courtyard in his lifetime, and it was issued out when an outsider squarely faced the Third Prince.

The Third Prince was not clear about who this Hitler was, but he knew that this person must be really bad, otherwise Mu Xueshi would not use this indignant tone to speak out this name.

The Third Prince’s eyes began to become perilous. Mu Xueshi also looked angry and he acted as a hero as he stood in front of the three maidservants. The Third Prince never spoke, nor did he move. He just stayed still as he fixed his gaze on Mu Xueshi.

Mu Xueshi finally could not stand it. Under the peril of the Third Prince’s eyes, he slowly turned from anger to helplessness and then to cowardice. He walked slowly toward the Third Prince, held the Third Prince’s hands, and looked as if he was pleading as he said: “Don’t punish them. For the sake of my face, spare them, even if it’s not quite easy.”

The Third Prince swept his eyes to Mu Xueshi and plainly said: “It’s because of you.”

“Ah?” Mu Xueshi look suprised, “Why?”

Confronted with this question that Mu Xueshi issued out, the Third Prince hinted Eunuch Tai’An to help him explain.

Eunuch Tai’An received this order. He quickly stepped forward and carefully explained: “It’s like this, today, the Third Highness granted you, Young Master, three maidservants, two personal guards, a renowned chef, and a first-class room. Young Master, the Third Highness regards you as an insider, and hopes that Young Master will treat His Highness with equal affection. Don’t put the slightest thoughts on outsiders except for His Highness…”



4 thoughts on “TUMBT : Chapter 58

  1. Lola

    Ok then how come Tai An is still alive if everyone who sees Mu XueShi has to die..
    Also……… I’m liking less and less the seme.. :C why is he that cruel??


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