HIHEZL : Chapter 27. The Year-End Challenge for Everyone [I]

(Title – 年末大家来挑[] – Nian Mo Da Jia Lai Tiao Zhan [Shang] – The Year-End Challenge for Everyone [I])

Author: Angelina

Translator: chiangyushien , Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Today was the last day of December — in other words — the last day of the year. Early in the morning, everyone was dragged by Chu Haoyu to the intersection of several classes and said, with what one could call an imposing manner: “Comrades, today’s a very special day. In order not to waste our youth and in order to give this year a perfect summary, I declare that everyone will take up an exciting challenge together.” When Chu Haoyu finished talking, everyone did not give him a face and dispersed. Zhi Li was the only one who stood still and did not move.

Chu Haoyu hurriedly stopped everyone: “Don’t go. Don’t you guys want to improve and make yourselves better for next year? Don’t you all want to try and experience, at least once, something that would scare you witless and leave a lot of good memories behind?”

“These kinds of memories can leave as far as possible.” Ke Bu dismissed Chu Haoyu’s enthusiasm.

Zhi Li pondered over it for a moment and sluggishly said: “Not bad.” After Zhi Li approved it, everyone stood still. Ke Bu firmly believed that Zhi Li absolutely did not want to cooperate with Chu Haoyu’s enthusiasm. He was just bored and wanted to kill time.

“Since Zhi Li approved it then there’s nothing we can do about it,” everyone responded.

“You guys, what’s the meaning behind this way of dealing with different people in different ways? How big is the gap between me and Zhi Li in your heart?” Chu Haoyu was angry.

“You’re well aware of this matter. Do we really have to say it?” Su Youyan coldly said the truth.

Ke Bu shrugged: “I really don’t want to take part in this kind of boring thing. Is it possible that you’re thinking that everyone will happily accept this challenge? As a result, everyone will fly up to the sky, six-pack abs will appear on our body, and our souls will be baptized. This kind of nonsense is a waste of time so stop dreaming.”

Ke Bu just took a step, then Chu Haoyu said: “These challenges are very difficult. You’re afraid, am I right?”

Ke Bu took another step, then Chu Haoyu said: “You don’t want to lose face in front of your beloved Zhi Li, right?”

Ke Bu took one more step, then Chu Haoyu said: “Don’t you want to see Zhi Li fail in the challenge and make a fool of himself?” Ke Bu stood still. This was undoubtedly a huge temptation.

Zhi Li nodded. “I can make a fool of myself.”

“You agreed too fast!! No way, but since you’re asking, I don’t want to see Zhi Li make a fool of himself. You guys are unbelievable. What do you take my feeling for Zhi Li as?”

“You can’t even hold back your smile.”

After getting everyone’s approval, Chu Haoyu rubbed his hands and got worked up: “Let’s start with a warm-up group challenge, then an individual challenge. First of all, since everyone is participating in this, there’s no reason to back out. It’s just like a life and death situation. Of course, as the team’s secret weapon, Zhang Luo won’t participate in any activities so as not to expose the club’s real strength.”

“You talk too much.”

Chu Haoyu cleared his throat and continued: “If anyone withdraws, as a punishment, they’ll be beaten by Zhi Li.” As soon as this statement was made, everyone gasped. What a joke. There was no way out at all. They would rather commit harakiri than choosing this. It was rare that everyone had the same idea.

Ying Xiujie followed in the wake of the excitement. The ardent fighter shouted: “Witness the might of this manly man in the face of any challenge whether it be hitting a classmate or hitting a teacher,” Ying Xiujie unconsciously showed off his terrorizing side.

Gong Zhu also nodded: “I’ll try my best as long as it doesn’t violate my moral values.”

Zhou Xinhe agreed to join: “I, I also want to slightly change my timid character. Maybe this will help.”

Su Youyan did not speak. Ke Bu shrugged. It seemed that the least pressured was Zhi Li.

Ke Bu, Ying Xiujie, Chu Haoyu, Gong Zhu and a few people stood in front of the restroom. Everyone was elbowing and pushing each other to go first but no one was ready to go further. The warm-up challenge proposed by this pervert was to enter the ladies’ room together, while Su Youyan and Zhou Xinhe’s was to enter the men’s room and it had to be the time when there were many people in the second class. Ke Bu could imagine how despicable the next challenge was.

“Yu Tai, are you a primary school student? Since you were the one who proposed it, then you go in first.” Ke Bu could faintly hear the girls’ laughter inside. On the other side, Su Youyan and Zhou Xinhe were getting ready. Zhou Xinhe appeared quite nervous, and her restless kneading of the hem of her clothes was inversely proportional to Su Youyan’s bearing on the side.

The four boys pushed each other, and no one wanted to take the lead.

“If this continues, we will be caught.” Gong Zhu was anxious.

Even Ying Xiujie was a bit hesitant and he was soliloquizing as he hypnotized himself: “I’m a man, I’m a man, I’m a man. A man should not withdraw from this small matter.”

Zhi Li came out from the classroom and was ready to enter the men’s room. He saw the group of people standing outside the restroom door, so he asked, “What are you guys doing here?”

“You’re so fast to forget!!! Of course, this is for the challenge. We talked about it this morning, right? We’re entering the ladies’ room. Don’t you play dumb on me,” Ke Bu scolded and dragged Zhi Li.

“Oh.” Zhi Li circled about and walked over toward the ladies’ room’s direction. Ke Bu had almost forgotten that Zhi Li did not have basic common sense and shame that an ordinary person should have. Those few people looked tense as they watched Zhi Li go. Zhi Li entered the bustling restroom. There were people who were washing their hands and there were also those who were putting on their makeup in front of the mirror. After they saw Zhi Li, they were dumbfounded and stopped moving.

“Zhi, Your Excellency Zhi Li, why are you here?” It seemed that Zhi Li’s title had been spread throughout, at least to the all of freshmen. The girls were blushing, some were pulling their own clothes, and some were fixing their hair. That was so strange! Was this supposed to be the reaction of girls when they would see a boy enter the ladies’ room? Ke Bu furiously pricked up his ears to listen from the outside. He blamed that damn good-looking face which had enchanted every living creature.

Zhi Li was somewhat measuring all around the ladies’ room with his eyes as a matter of course and said: “Ah, nothing, I went in the wrong way.” After that, Zhi Li turned about and walked out of the ladies’ room.

“So, this is OK!! Everyone actually believed it!”

After Zhi Li walked out, the girls excitedly talked about the incident. The ladies’ room had partitions, so he did not see something that he should not see. Zhi Li’s actions gave everyone great encouragement. Chu Haoyu exhaled and patted his chest: “What, it turns out girls these days are very open. Comrades, let’s go!” Chu Haoyu took the lead. Those few people braced themselves and entered the door.

The girls looked at them and screams could be heard from all around: “Sex maniac, what are you doing? Pervert, you have no sense of shame!”

“It’s okay. We went in the wrong way, too.”

“Wrong way my ass, who’d believe that.” After saying that, all of the things in the girls’ hands were thrown at them and they even threw the toilet broom and bucket.

Ying Xiujie raised his fist: “Don’t be discouraged. The goal’s to make one look around. Brothers, let’s stand up and move.” The four quickly made one look around the ladies’ room then ran out. With all kinds of things hanging on their bodies, they appeared dejected. After seeing those dreaded girls, Ke Bu vowed to never enter the ladies’ room again. His childhood dreams had vanished into thin air.

Soon after, Chu Haoyu braced himself up, dashed in front of the two girls and pointed at them: “Now it’s your turn.”

Ke Bu was also interested. After all, boys would always be boys — they all loved to play. He even told Zhou Xinhe and Su Youyan: “Hurry up, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Ke Bu knew that there was much more worth seeing in the men’s room than there was in the ladies’ room. The ladies’ room only had partitions while in the men’s room, apart from partitions, there were also urinals. When they would go in, they would clearly see with just one glance those boys standing there while holding their own things. Ke Bu was gloating over the girls’ misfortune.

Zhou Xinhe was blushing as she pursed her lips. She was just getting ready to rush in and risk everything, but Su Youyan reached out to stop her: “Let’s wait until Zhi Li comes out. That’s when we go in,” Su Youyan sensibly reminded her. Just as she finished talking, Zhi Li came out of the restroom without even glancing at anyone and went back to the classroom while everyone else stared at him. This guy had little sense of teamwork. Su Youyan dragged Zhou Xinhe as they went inside. Zhou Xinhe closed her eyes from beginning until the end. The boys, who stood in front of the urinals, turned their heads, one after another, to look at them. They abruptly held on to their pee midway. Their mouths were agape, and they did not know how to respond. Those who were smoking in the restroom were just holding their cigarettes. Su Youyan passed through them with a wooden expression. She walked around the men’s room: “You can continue. We just came to look around.” After Su Youyan said that, she dragged Zhou Xinhe again and left the restroom. When they came out, they saw everyone’s evil expressions.

Zhou Xinhe condemned them: “You men really have bad taste.”

The warm-up challenge came to an end and the group stood outside the restrooms: “Next, we will carry out the individual challenges according to each person’s strengths. Please remember and prepare for it.”

“Yu Tai, how bored are you?”

Zhou Xinhe’s Challenge: Go to the football field and ask at least ten boys “What do you think about my boobs? I think my boobs are a bit small.”

Gong Zhu’s challenge: Change into woman’s clothing and make a girl praise you.

Ying Xiujie’s Challenge: Undo a girl’s undergarment from behind.

Su Youyan’s Challenge: Put on a lovely dress and when everyone is in class, suddenly stand up and dance, then go back to your seat as if nothing happened.

Ke Bu’s Challenge: Lift the homeroom teacher’s skirt.

Fuck, all of these challenges were in line with Chu Haoyu’s bad taste. No wonder he was so excited. These challenges were formulated according to everyone’s strengths but was actually based on everyone’s weaknesses. Very indignant, Ke Bu was the first to complain: “My challenge is too difficult. Besides, even if I’ll agree to it, Zhi Li won’t. We’re lovers. He will certainly mind it if I’ll lift the homeroom teacher’s skirt.” Ke Bu was actually trying to find an excuse.

“Then let’s ask him.”

The whole group mightily looked at Zhi Li, who was in the course of reading a book. Shortly after he was given the details, Zhi Li did not even lift his head: “I don’t mind.”

“You intentionally betrayed me!!!” Ke Bu pressed down on the book with his hand.


“Don’t pretend you don’t know.”


Once again, Su Youyan brought out her intelligence: “Haoyu, then what’s your challenge?”

“My challenge is to feel twenty women’s boobs.”

Everyone picked up the books beside them and threw those at him: “No way, since it’s you who formulated the challenges for us, then we should decide what your challenge is.”

“Okay, fine.”

Ke Bu laughed grimly: “I want you to move around and pick up a tampon with red ink in the canteen at noon, put it in your nose and desperately sniff on it. You also need to loudly shout ‘Ah, it smells good, how could it be so fragrant.'”

“You’re the most perverted one.” Chu Haoyu’s attempt to harm them ended up to harming his own self. It was unanimously agreed upon by everyone.

At that moment, Ke Bu continued to ask: “What’s Zhi Li’s challenge?”

Chu Haoyu stroked his chin and revealed a malevolent smile: “His challenge is certainly a boss-rank — to make the headmaster voluntarily kiss the back of his hand.”

After this was said, Ke Bu found a chance to strike back: “I don’t mind!” Compared to Zhi Li’s challenge, Ke Bu felt that his challenge was nothing. In the twinkling of the eye, he found a sense of balance in his heart.



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