HIHEZL : Chapter 28. The Year-End Challenge for Everyone [II]

(Title – 年末大家来挑[] – Nian Mo Da Jia Lai Tiao Zhan [Zhōng] – The Year-End Challenge for Everyone [II])

Author: Angelina

Translator: Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Challenge NO. 1. Zhou Xinhe: The football field was just located behind the gymnasium. There was about a dozen of boys playing football there. Ke Bu could clearly sense that Zhou Xinhe’s body was trembling. Ke Bu could not stand it so he said: “How about approaching just one boy, that should be okay.”

Chu Haoyu said with ill intentions: “Oh ~ ~ It turns out Ke Bu fancies Zhou Xinhe. Fortunately, Zhi Li and his trusted aide aren’t around, or else, you’d certainly be dead.”

“Please don’t joke about this dangerous matter. Don’t forget, if I’ll die, I’ll die with you.”

Gong Zhu spoke: “One person is already quite difficult.” In the end, everyone had a kind-hearted discussion to deal with just one person. If you were really kind-hearted, why not immediately waive Zhou Xinhe’s challenge!?

Zhou Xinhe took a deep breath and went to the football field to grab the attention of one boy. The boy oddly stared at the beautiful little girl in front of him: “Is there something wrong?”

“Excuse me, do you think, think, I, I…” Zhou Xinhe’s face was on fire, and she quickly clasped her left hand’s fingers with her right hand’s. She was cheering herself up in her heart. They were also trying to help her get rid of her timid character. Now was the time for her to make an extra effort. Up until now, she was still so naive.

Compared to the pure and innocent Zhou Xinhe, a couple of her friends were in the course of pulling out their own money to make a bet: “Alright place your bets here people, place your bets here. 10 yuan, will she dare say it or will she keep it to herself?”

“This bet is so little?”

“I’ve lost a lot lately and I’m going to have to take my last chance on Zhi Li. No matter how good he is, it’s impossible for the headmaster to kiss his hand. Even if Youyan’s there, would it be possible for her to ask her own father to go kiss Zhi Li? Granted that she asks him, will the headmaster listen to her? The headmaster’s famous for being stern and harsh in this school.”

“Do you think, I, I,” Zhou Xinhe, on the other hand, was still repeating the beginning of her statement.

Although it was a good thing to be stopped by a cute girl, she was stammering and not talking so the boy also got anxious: “What’s the matter? I don’t know you.” When the boy spoke, Zhou Xinhe became more nervous and suddenly collapsed to the ground. Not far away, a group of people were frightened and could not run to them. It was improbable for her to be stunned to a certain degree. In the end, she was overly timid but could entirely look straight at Zhi Li — were there other more terrible things in this world? The group went in front of Zhou Xinhe and pushed the boy, who was at a loss, out of the way. They measured Zhou Xinhe up with their eyes. Although her eyes were closed, they could clearly see that her eyelashes and eyeballs underneath her eyelids were moving. They sighed with relief.

Ying Xiujie held her in his hands: “Don’t feign. Don’t tell me you want to run away for the rest of your life? Are you still a woman?”

“Don’t apply your manly principles to her. You’re very blunt.” Ke Bu said. The exposed Zhou Xinhe opened her eyes and got up from the ground.

Chu Haoyu and Ying Xiujie pushed the boy in front of Zhou Xinhe: “Quickly, say it. Break through the opportunities of life and make tomorrow better.”

Zhou Xinhe’s blush and the pale boy opposite her formed an inverse proportion. He was surrounded by a group of people. Could it be a protection squadron’s public announcement? Zhou Xinhe tightly closed her eyes and with the use of her whole body’s strength, she roared: “What do you think about my boobs? I think my boobs are a bit small.” The boy was stunned. He slowly recovered his composure and was about to reply when Zhou Xinhe covered her chest: “I did it. I actually did it and it was great.” After she finished talking, she dashed off to leave.

After she left, Chu Haoyu and Ying Xiujie did a high-five: “Dude, that’s awesome. Someone earned 10 yuan.” Everyone, one after another, left, leaving the baffled boy.

Challenge NO. 2. Gong Zhu: Making Gong Zhu seduce a woman, who was not interested in him, was also an awkward matter for him. When he put on Zhou Xinhe’s clothes, Gong Zhu turned into a beautiful woman. Ke Bu was mentally prepared, but it never occurred to him that a man would actually become like a woman. Anyhow, he was also too thin. His arms and legs were as thin as a woman’s. Their goal was set on a girl with short hair wearing a unisex outfit. He heard that the chances for this to be successful would be much higher, so a classical scene ensued. Gong Zhu was wearing a little white dress, holding a book in his embrace as he bumped against their target, and then he stumbled and sat on the ground: “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t see the way.” Gong Zhu’s voice was gentle.

“It’s okay. Are you all right?” The girl pulled off her earplugs and squatted down to help him pick up the book. The two people’s fingers touched. Gong Zhu drew back his outstretched hand and placed the fingers she touched on his chest. He bit his lower lip and all of a sudden, big beads of tears fell from his eyes. The girl panicked: “What happened? Did you get hurt when we bumped into each other?”

Gong Zhu turned his head to the side and covered his face with his hands: “I’m sorry, it has got nothing to do with you. It’s me… It’s really odd. I’m telling you, you don’t have to worry about me.”

The group hiding in the corner gaped: “He’s been reading too many shoujo mangas, I presume.”

“It’s a pity he’s not acting in a play.”

The girl helped Gong Zhu pick up the book and looked at Gong Zhu’s tearful little face: “Is it because we bumped into each other?”

“I,” Gong Zhu hesitated and did not know what to say. In the end, he made up his mind and said: “My family’s very poor. My parents borrowed money so that I can go to this school and have a better future, but in our class, my classmates always made fun of me and said that I was a nerdy and dull girl, but I wouldn’t give in. I tried my best and tried to identify with them. I obviously just want to be friends with everyone. But now, my father’s starving to death because he has nothing to eat at home. What should I do?”

The girl tightened her brows and reached out to wipe away the tears from her face: “You’re really strong. It’s going to be all right. God isn’t so cruel to the point that he will let a cute girl like you suffer from such hardship.”

“Cu-cute, do you think I’m cute?” Gong Zhu blushed and bashfully looked at the girl. The girl also blushed immediately afterwards. The atmosphere between the two was very subtle, and it was no wonder that Gong Zhu turned into such a beautiful girl.

“You’re very, very cute.”

Gong Zhu tried his best to restrain himself from smiling and picked up the book: “Well, I know you still have something to do. I, I’ll go first.” The girl waited for a while.

Ke Bu nodded in the shadows: “Avoiding with the intention to attract, that’s a clever idea!”

Just when Gong Zhu was preparing to leave, he accidentally tripped and fell on the girl. He cried out in alarm: “I’m sorry. Look at me, I’m so clumsy!” Gong Zhu was somewhat annoyed as he spoke. The sad story just jumped off to the next stage. His clumsy and cute attributes emerged.

“That’s all right. You just need to pay a little attention. What if you fall?”

“Sorry, I wasn’t wearing my glasses.” Gong Zhu took out his glasses from his bag and put them on. He smiled sweetly at the girl. Shoot, that was too fast. The glasses attribute came out again!

“It’s only now that I can clearly see you, you, you look, very…” Because he was too shy to say it, he also made the girl follow through with his shyness. This moment was a very inappropriate time and it was also a very, very inappropriate time for two people to show up.

Su Youyan was holding a pen and notebook as she followed Zhi Li from behind. All of a sudden, she sent out words that could make one’s hair stand on end: “Haoyu’s points are almost full for this month and Xiujie is also almost the same for their training. By the way, it was Ke Bu who stole your sketchbook and doodled on it last time. Do you want to give him a markdown?”

“You’re treating us like preferential cards!” Ke Bu was furious.

Ying Xiujie covered his mouth: “Hush, tone down your voice a little. If you’ll let them hear it later, then maybe you’ll get a markdown again.” It seemed that Ying Xiujie was already trained last month. He did not expect that because of a mishap, Ke Bu, himself, would witness a cruel life. What kind of a boyfriend did he find?!

The two stopped when they were about to pass through Gong Zhu. Gong Zhu stood still and bowed his head to avoid being recognized. Zhi Li fixed his gaze on ~~~, Zhi Li fixed his gaze again on ~~~~ and suddenly turned to look back: “Youyan, go and grope it.”

“Understood.” Su Youyan took a step forward, reached out and grabbed Gong Zhu’s boobs. She squeezed it hard and split open the tangerine inside, then she turned to Zhi Li and shook her head: “Fake.”

“It’s really Gong Zhu.”

“No, I’m not — Zhi Li Daren, you got the wrong person.” He was totally exposed!!

“Did I.” Zhi Li and Su Youyan left as if nothing happened. Never ever provoke these two devils. Gong Zhu was barely successful, and the blind could also see that the girl was interested in Gong Zhu.


Challenge NO. 3. Ying Xiujie: Ke Bu would have to admit that Ying Xiuje was very ardent and sometimes very clever, but sometimes, however, he could be extremely stupid. For example, today, he suddenly grabbed a girl in his class and with a righteous face, he said: “Can I go and try to undo your undergarment’s knot?”

The girl covered her chest with her hand and slapped him with the other: “Maniac.”

“Why did you hit me? It isn’t worth it being slapped because of something like this.”

“In your heart, what kind of matter is worth being hit?” Ke Bu indifferently asked. Ying Xiujue ignored him and grabbed another girl again: “Hello, my name is Ying Xiujie. I have no other meaning. I just want to undo your undergarment.” A slap came again.

Ying Xiujie was not a quitter. He suddenly grabbed another girl and bowed down 90 degrees: “I have a request. I hope I can undo your undergarment.” Another slap and Ying Xiujie covered his face. With an innocent look on his face, he said: “It doesn’t make sense.”

Zhou Xinhe blushed beside him: “Xiujie, you really don’t understand women very much, that—”

Chu Haoyu stopped Zhou Xinhe with her reminders and held Ying Xiujie’s shoulder: “Xinhe’s right. You don’t understand women. Hitting you is their way to conceal their shyness. You shouldn’t ask. They find it embarrassing. You should just immediately undo their undergarments.”

“Is that so?”

“Was there a time when I fooled you?”

Ying Xiujie nodded as a sign that he understood what he meant. He fixed his gaze at a girl who was passing by, then tailed her from behind after. He came forward, covered the girl’s mouth from behind, and pinned her against the wall: “Don’t move, or else I’ll kill you.” The girl was frightened so she continuously nodded.

“Say, how do you undo the undergarment’s knot?” The girl opened her eyes wide and she tried her best to shake her head. Chu Haoyu, from a distance, used gestures to remind Ying Xiujie. Ying Xiujie nodded again: “I’ll let go of your hands. If you dare to call on others, I’ll kill you.” The girl nodded so Ying Xiujie let go of her hands. He began to use Chu Haoyu’s technique to undo her undergarment’s knot that was underneath her clothes. He raised his fist as a sign of his victory: “Yes, it’s untied!” In the end, he took a few slaps, and then desperately apologized just to get it settled.




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