HIHEZL : Chapter 29. The Year-End Challenge for Everyone [III]

(Title – 年末大家来挑[] – Nian Mo Da Jia Lai Tiao Zhan [Xia] – The Year-End Challenge for Everyone [III])

Author: Angelina

Translator: chiangyushien , Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Challenge NO. 4. Chu Haoyu: In the canteen, everyone fixed their gaze at Chu Haoyu with expectation. Zhou Xinhe pushed her lunch box toward Zhi Li: “This is my new dish. Can you try and see if it suits your taste?”

Zhi Li picked up the chopsticks and looked at Chu Haoyu: “Wait until I finish eating.”

Ke Bu looked at Zhi Li and he was somewhat unable to hold back: “What’s with Su Youyan’s notebook?!”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about?” No matter how good Zhi Li’s expression was and no matter how clear it was, Ke Bu would not be fooled.

“Don’t think that you can hide the truth from me. We all saw it, that black and red notebook, right?” Ke Bu asked Ying Xiujie. Ying Xiujie, who had a red swollen face, stared blankly at Ke Bu: “What notebook? Is there such a thing?”

Ke Bu asked Chu Haoyu and Chu Haoyu also stared blankly at Ke Bu: “Why the heck are you asking me? I wasn’t with you today.”

He asked Gong Zhu, who turned out to be another blockhead. Just like the others, he also stared at Ke Bu: “Maybe, we didn’t see the same thing, and then you were having hallucinations.”

Well then, let us ask Zhou Xinhe. She was the one who was least likely to lie. Zhou Xinhe really did not lie but she directly ignored Ke Bu: “How’s it taste?” She asked Zhi Li. 

Ke Bu smacked the table: “How can you do this to me? I’m your…” Ke Bu, who stole Zhi Li’s notebook to doodle on it, seemed to be in no position to say this.

Zhi Li looked at Ke Bu: “What are you to me?” Oh no, he set himself up.

“You’re my classmate.” What did he just say in front of so many people?


“You’re my friend.”


“You’re my favorite boyfriend…” Ke Bu pressed his luck. 


So, he was still not satisfied!! Ke Bu amended it: “You’re my most favorite boyfriend.” Ke Bu could imagine how red his face was. Zhi Li still had that face, which made Ke Bu somewhat awkward. He even said it like this. Surely, he should be happy about this. Could it be that these were not enough to touch him? Or was it too unappealing?

Zhi Li looked at Su Youyan, who was right in front of him: “Youyan, cross his point out [1].”

([1] To make it clear, a point is a penalty in Zhi Li’s ‘scoring system.’ Lol)

Su Youyan took out her notebook and crossed out Ke Bu’s point. It seemed that Ke Bu’s sweet talk made Zhi Li quite satisfied.

Chu Haoyu saw that the emperor looked greatly pleased so he also said: “Zhi Li, you’re my most favorite friend.” 

“Youyan, add a point for him.” Su Youyan added one point to Chu Haoyu.

“Is this not that notebook?!” Ke Bu pointed to the notebook. No, why on earth did he just insist on talking about it? He definitely should not have talked about it.

After the commotion, Chu Haoyu began his own challenge. One could clearly see the beads of sweat on his forehead. He shuddered as he took out the ready-to-use tampon and it had been dripping with a lot of red ink. He looked around and made sure no one saw it. Ying Xiujie held a ladle and beat a stainless-steel bowl: “Everyone, look here quickly. Please look to this side. We won’t ask for money and you won’t have to exert yourself. Come~~~” The noise that Ying Xiujie produced from crying his wares flooded the whole canteen and caught everyone’s attention. Chu Haoyu fixed his gaze at Ying Xiujie with hatred. Right before everyone’s eyes, he placed the tampon in his nose.

“Sniff on it. That’s not enough.”

Chu Haoyu sniffed it hard. His group waved their hands to remind him what he must do so Chu Haoyu revealed his intoxicated look. He closed his relaxed and carefree eyes, then he loudly shouted: “Ah~~ What is this? Is it the legendary tampon? Ah ~~ It smells good. How fragrant is it?” Chu Haoyu, who could not clearly remember his lines, had added some lines in his panic. The students in the canteen, including the cafeteria aunties, stared at Chu Haoyu as if he was a pervert. (T/N: Well, he is a big pervert. ( ^∀^)) 

“We better stay away from Yu Tai for a little bit, or soon we’ll become the same as him.”

Challenge NO. 5. Su Youyan: The fifth challenge for Su Youyan was a hard-to-come-by scene that was going to emerge. Ah, that Su Youyan — everyone was harboring vengeance in their hearts for her as they crouched outside the classroom door. They were all holding their cellphones up to make a video recording of what she was about to do. Today, these people had already taken a lot of classes. At noon, Su Youyan went back to the dormitory to change into a lovely dress — and it was even pink. The beautiful would always be beautiful but it was too unfit for her!! The devil should not wear pink! The class was very quiet. Only the professor’s lectures and his writing’s rustles could be heard. Su Youyan suddenly stood up and glanced at the people who were outside of the classroom. They could clearly make out her murderous gaze.

“Student Su Youyan, what’s the matter?” The professor asked. Right in the middle of everybody’s watchful eyes, Su Youyan started dancing. She was even swinging her hair to and fro as she circled around the classroom. The group outside the classroom were laughing and holding their bellies: “Ha ha ha, did you see that, she looks like a lunatic.”

Ying Xiujie pressed the play button in his cellphone, then held it from outside of the window, into the classroom. Finally, the music started playing inside the classroom: “Who’s bad? I was born kind and cute! Who’s bad? You always think I love mischief! I’m the sweetest! Love, concentrate and disperse quickly! You’re bad! Anger will make it worse! Who’s bad? I was born kind and cute! Who’s bad? Don’t tell me you didn’t make trouble when you were young? I’m the sweetest! Don’t make me fall in love! Who’s bad? Didn’t you say you want to give me love? But you don’t want to give me love! Bad, bad, run fast! It’s him, it’s him! Hey yo, hey yo! Bad, bad, run fast! It’s him, it’s him! Hey yo, hey yo!” (T/N: Please refer to the attached video for the song itself. The title of the song is “Who’s Bad?” by Yuki Hsu)

Chu Haoyu and Ke Bu also pinched their noses to change their voices and said: “Raise your ass a little and be adorable for a bit.”

“Youyan, I know you’re the sweetest, hey yo, hey yo.” 

When the music stopped, Su Youyan’s face was expressionless as she returned to her seat as if nothing happened just now. The professor recovered from his shock and swallowed hard: “Are you, are you finished dancing? Yes, do you want us to clap our hands?”

Who did not know that Su Youyan was the headmaster’s daughter? Although the professor could not comprehend what just happened, he was forced by this reality. Thanks to the professor’s drive, the students also followed and clapped their hands. Several people outside the classroom were unable to stand up: “Su Youyan, now, you surely want to die, right? Ha ha ha.”

Challenge NO. 6. Ke Bu: It would be a lie if he said that he did not feel nervous. Lifting the teacher’s skirt — If he would do this kind of bad thing, he would most likely get a demerit. Although it was winter, nowadays there were more and more girls who wore skirts in winter. Today, the professor wore a very flimsy skirt with thick pantyhose. Should he pretend to accidentally touch her skirt? When his classmate Chu Haoyu was consulting their homeroom teacher outside the classroom door, Ke Bu went out and gently grabbed the homeroom teacher’s skirt. The sensitive homeroom teacher turned her head and stared at Ke Bu’s hand: “Is there something wrong? Ke Bu.”

“Oh, what a beautiful skirt, where did you buy it?” Ke Bu hurriedly laid down her skirt. The homeroom teacher looked at Ke Bu with a weird gaze: “Why, do you want to buy and wear it? It’s cheap.”

“Ah ha ha, what are you saying? Then I won’t bother you anymore.” Ke Bu ran off in panic. He ran off to buy a stretchable wool hat, then cut two holes for his eyes, and put it on his head. This time he would never be noticed, right? But he only attracted more attention by walking like a robber on campus. The others were crouching behind. Ke Bu rubbed his hands and watched the homeroom teacher as she went back to her office. He rushed over and — with all his might — in a split second — while he closed his eyes — he lifted the skirt.

He was thrilled and unable to think. Was it done? Was it lifted? Then he ran. He had not run far yet when he bumped into someone: “What do you have in your hand, Ke Bu?” This person was not someone else, it was Zhi Li!

“You can recognize me!!” He obviously wore a head mask. It seemed that he could not commit a crime in the future. As soon as Zhi Li found him, he could identify him even if he turned into ash. No, the most important thing right now was not this. Zhi Li, he called out his name? What did he have in his hand? Ke Bu looked at his own hand and, suddenly, his legs became weak. The professor’s skirt was in his hand, so conspicuously drifting in the wind in his own hands. Ke bu trembled and turned his head, took off the head mask, calmly looked at the homeroom teacher behind him and handed the skirt over: “Professor, you mustn’t buy such a cheap skirt anymore. I just ran over and the wind blew it off!!” The homeroom teacher stared at Ke Bu: “I better do that.” It seemed she was so embarrassed that the homeroom teacher did not intend to pursue the matter and instructed Ke Bu to go back. It did not affect Ke Bu’s mood and now, there was something that could affect him. Next, the one that he had been looking forward to. 

Zhi Li’s BOSS Challenge: Several, abnormally high-spirited people were hiding in the dim corners as they pulled out their money.

“You guys said he wouldn’t get cold feet.”

“When did you ever see him run away? Besides we all did the challenge. If he, alone, suddenly won’t participate, we, as a team, can look down upon him for his incompetence.”

“Can we do this?”

“We may not be able to beat him alone and I still don’t believe that we can win against him as a group. Xiujie’s also strong but he was still unable to defeat him. Now, we shouldn’t allow him to get into his dark transformation.” 

Chu Haoyu himself said that he was not emboldened, and, in the end, he forced a smile: “He will definitely not flinch under everyone’s expectations. We just need to wait for him to be overwhelmed by the headmaster.”

On this side, Zhi Li and Su Youyan stayed together. Su Youyan already changed her clothes back.

“Youyan, go for the next step.”

“Understood.” Su Youyan first went to Headmaster Su Hao’s office.

The headmaster was sitting inside. He was a solemn middle-aged man with a handsome and dignified appearance. He was indeed an extremely harsh man based on the rumors — but there was also an exception to this — his daughter that he raised all by himself. Because his wife died young, he loved his daughter a lot. He even had a daughter complex. In his eyes, Su Youyan was still his little princess that had not grown up yet. The headmaster saw Su Youyan came in and stopped revising the document: “Little Yan, what’s the matter?”

“Moving forward, can you please stop looking for Zhi Li?”

“Why? Daddy feels he isn’t suitable to be your friend. Daddy’s like this for your own good.”

Su Youyan wryly smiled: “There’s no need for you to say it again, Dad. I’ve heard you say this a lot of times before. This time, it’s not okay. I won’t let go of Zhi Li. No matter what he says and what he wants to do, I’ll listen to it. Dad, you just don’t understand.” 

“You! Don’t tell me that you’ve fallen in love with him?” Su Hao was not ready for his daughter to like other men. She was still his own little daughter. Had she already reached this age? Su Youyan bowed down. Although she did not admit it, her expression betrayed her.

“Daddy, please don’t interfere in my private affairs anymore, okay? I’m going to go back to class first.” Su Youyan left the shocked Su Hao. She went out and closed the door, then she sent a text message: “Done foreshadowing.” Zhi Li looked at his cellphone and looked up to the ceiling. Su Youyan knew that he understood her very well. Zhi Li was only doing this to give her courage. Although she only lied about liking him, Zhi Li had given her this opportunity and courage to find Su Hao to clarify things. For so many years, she did not dare to resist this matter. Unexpectedly, she took advantage of this joke-like challenge to speak her mind out.

Ying Xiujie and Chu Haoyu urged on Zhi Li: “Now, it’s your turn. If you’ll back out now, I won’t ridicule and mock you. I won’t look down on you.”

Zhi Li stood up and put his hands in his pockets: “Prepare your money.” 

Ke Bu walked by Zhi Li’s side: “Don’t be stubborn. You can call me to save you and you should repay me once.”

“Are you worried about me?”

“Not really, I want to see your nice trick.” Ke Bu suddenly bumped his head to Zhi Li’s back: “Well, a little bit. Just a bit. After all, you’re my… my favorite. Now off you go.”

“Did you bet that I’ll lose?” Zhi Li’s reckless words put a stop to this scene. 

“Ah ha ha ha ~ ~ What are you talking about, bet, what bet?” Worry was one thing and gambling was another.

Zhi Li went to the headmaster’s office. The group heckled from behind and did not beat the drums and gong [2]:

“Fighting! Zhi Li! Charge! Fighting!” At long last, we, the serfs [3] could finally take on our revenge. The former hatred came clearly into view.

([2] They we’re celebrating.)

([3] They depicted themselves as serfs, who were obediently following the land owner — Zhi Li. Since the land owner was despicable, they were rejoicing, thinking that Zhi Li won’t make it.)

Zhi Li knocked on the door and the headmaster came out. With a wooden expression, Zhi Li said: “Headmaster, kiss the back of my hand.”

The headmaster’s eyebrows lightly rose, and he was furious: “What are you talking about?”

Suddenly, Zhi Li whispered something to the headmaster. That made the headmaster’s complexion turn to green and then white. He was angry at first but then hesitated. In the end, he actually kissed the back of Zhi Li’s hand. How could it be!! What did he say?! The group could not believe their eyes. What happened to this world? This unrealistic thing actually happened!

When they had returned to the classroom, Ke Bu could not wait to ask: “What did you say to the headmaster?”

“I just asked one question?”

“What kind of question?”

Zhi Li shrugged and indifferently said: “Do you care about your daughter’s virginity?” 

The group gasped. This was the worst threat to a father!! This person was definitely a devil! Absolutely!! The bell rang at 12 o’clock midnight. This group finally lived up to be the most perverted team. They betrayed their comrades, tricked their classmates, harassed a teacher, deceived their parent, and threatened the Headmaster. This was how evil this team was.



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