DB&ML : Chapter 1.2

Author: Dong Mi

Translator: Windam2611, chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

After Yan Fei’s attempt to regulate his breath underwater failed, he thought that he had to hurry back to the surface to breathe, but perhaps he was too tired and there were too many things affecting his mood today… Yan Fei could not determine which one was the main reason, anyhow, he was drowning in the swimming pool.

Ironically, he signed up for a beginner’s class and the coach was even on the sidelines, but he was still drowning.

When the swimming pool’s water and the ceiling started to distort because of the water flooding his vision, Yan Fei found that he actually had time to reflect on what happened this morning, including how he was telling the company executives that he wanted to apologize to the customer himself and left the meeting in a rage. When he tried to calm himself down in the restroom, he received a phone call from Jimmy asking if he would like to eat together later… Now he thought that maybe it would have been better if he had agreed to have dinner together.

More and more water was entering through his mouth and nose. His lungs that could not get fresh air started the final countdown. His hands, that were struggling to float, were gradually losing their strength. The last thought that came to his mind was that he forgot to remind Jacky to go buy a gift for compensation. The boss of the other company loved a very famous raw milk roll and only eats milk flavors…

A strange glimmer suddenly flashed right before his eyes. He could not confirm whether it was a real glimmer or just the reflection of light and shadow caused by the water being struck. His wrist was tightly grabbed by a hand; then he caught sight of a gradually magnified face, which was directly touching his cheek — It was a young man’s face. His wrinkled eyebrows and his eyes that were staring at him were full of worry. Even under the surface of the water, his face was so clear and refined that it did not appear to be distorted.

The young man clutched his arm and then turned to his side to buckle his other hand under his armpit. Yan Fei’s line of sight continued to follow him. Therefore, his gesture of extending his finger upwards was like a wonderful movie that played underwater, directly reflected in his pupils. He was like a child, watching a movie for the first time. In fact — okay, he truly did not have any energy left — he was forgetting all other expressions and emotions apart from admiration.

“Ke, keke — e —“ Yan Fei coughed.

“Lean against the wall…”

Yan Fei heard the young man say that to him, at the same time, felt a thrust to his body. As he felt weak all over, he just followed the thrust and the water flowing to the edge of the pool. After almost drowning, his sight was blurry, so he closed his eyes to squeeze out the water.

“Are you okay?” He heard the young man’s voice and Yan Fei instinctively wanted to say, “I’m all right” but his throat was on a yelling strike at this time. He could only gently nod and rely on time to make the discomfort caused by the drowning to slowly go away. A “hu” echoed in his ear, then the young man’s warm touch disappeared. Yan Fei suddenly could not judge whether he was trembling because he felt cold or because of the young man’s departure. “You…drowned…”


Yan Fei was surprised.

His ears had not fully recovered their function, so the conversation he heard was not clear, but he tried to listen intently after more than three times. Through an obscure line of sight, he found that the young man was no longer at his side but appeared in front of the coach. Both of them flailed both hands with excitement. They seemed to be arguing. The two girls on the side looked at the scene and snickered. Yan Fei did not even need a second confirmation to piece together what was actually happening.

It was really a noisy swimming class.

“…You’re the coach… How could you let a student drown…”

The sound of the young man’s argument came through from afar. Yan Fei covered his mouth with his hand and waited until the pain in his head lessened. After the feeling of severe nausea slightly subsided, he left the pool and went to the locker room, leaving behind a noisy disagreement.


Haiqing did not go to the shower room first. Instead, he went by himself to the vending machine outside the locker room to buy a bottle of mineral water. After he opened the bottle, he raised his head and drank. With half a bottle of water into his stomach, his emotions also slowly calmed down.

It was not the first time that he had lost his temper.

He had a quarrel with his father at home earlier and he even rushed out of the house because of this. His home was like a low-pressure area [1] but he had to be there at all the time.

([1] A low-pressure area is a place where a storm or bad weather is imminent. Naturally, no one wants to stay in that kind of place but Haiqing had to be there all the time.)

He checked on his phone. It contained the photos that he secretly took, just a moment ago. Up to now, he still did not know the name of that man. He could still feel the man’s body temperature in his palms. It made him emotionally stirred up. However, the gripping and releasing of the man’s hand became more and more profound in the back of his mind.

He flipped through the candid photos and finally looked at his Grandpa’s photos. His Grandpa was facing the TV in the afternoon, standing up from the rocking chair with his hands aloft, feeling happy for the winning team. He looked like a young child, simply enjoying the things that he valued.

Haiqing gently pressed the part that was hit by his father this afternoon. It was no longer painful.

“I’ll go back now…” he sighed and threw the empty water bottle straight into the trashcan. The janitors here seemed to be quite lazy. The trashcan was already full, but they still have not emptied it.

He pondered whether he should make a little detour or not on the way back to buy some snacks in the snack shop where his Grandpa and father liked to eat. As he entered the locker room, his line of sight casually caught a glance of the man who almost drowned a moment ago. He was in front of the mirror blow-drying his hair. Haiqing could not help but be dumbfounded for a moment.

His shirt completely served as a foil to the man’s good figure. He could see his built-up arms and broad shoulders from outside of his sleeves. One of his hands was holding the hairdryer up, while the other moved around his hair. On his chest, the small gaps in between the opened-up buttons were more alluring than being nude. Haiqing discovered that he had even begun to imagine the scene from when he was spying in him. He could not refrain from being scared so he withdrew his attention and simply headed forth the nearest shower.

The man had been staring at him in the mirror since he came in. He was silent and cautious. He was like an eagle — the hawk that had locked in its prey and was waiting for the time to act.

His eyes could burn people. Haiqing could feel the man’s eyes following him with his wild intuition. The burning sensation on his skin was so real — from his face, lips, chin, neck, chest to waist, and finally back to his eyes. When he was being watched, Su Haiqing thought he would say something to him.

──”Thank you.”

──”Hey, what’s your name?”

But the man ruined his imagination because he just silently watched him walk into the shower room. The lines that may be heard in his imagination eventually became sighs, uttered in his mouth.

“Ahh …”

He suddenly looked relaxed. Haiqing did not know whether he wanted to start a conversation or not, or why did he suddenly feel a sense of relief? He rubbed his thumb with his fingernails on his lower lip — the first one was a slow wipe, the second was a light stroke and on the third, he heard a gentle voice behind his back.


There were times when you did not need to see. Haiqing did not need to look back. He already knew who the person behind him was. When he spoke, his breath caressed Haiqing’s nape, intensely tickling him.

Suddenly, Haiqing’s shoulder was grasped with force and before he could react, he was forced to turn around. They looked straight into each other’s eyes and, for a moment, it was like there were countless currents flowing between them. It caused his body to tremble; it was too late for him to make a sound and he even had no chance to spit out a single startled sound since his mouth was blocked. His upper lip was already being nibbled on without restraint when he realized that he has been kissed.

“Ng, um …” Haiqing instinctively shrunk his shoulders. He felt the other person’s hand sliding down along his arm, to his waist and, down to his buttocks. His swimming trunks obviously did not have any barrier ability at all. The man, directly caressing half of his buttocks, made Haiqing, who has not had any intimate contact with others for a long time, almost had his legs practically become weak.

“It’s not steady if we do it like this…” The man seemed to be sure about it, revealing a satisfactory expression.

The man gently pushed Haiqing to the wall so that he could support himself a bit. Haiqing was startled by the hard touch on his lower back, but he was constantly being caressed and kissed, so his body was completely unable to act accordingly to his will. And when the water sprinkled from the shower, he realized that he had bumped into the shower faucet — Oh, my God, how old is the equipment here? — Only with one bump, it already switched on!

The water sprinkled on the man’s navy-blue shirt. The dark blue water mark gradually expanded. The shirt became plastered to his skin and revealed the man’s body contour. This made Haiqing helplessly but firmly grasp him and, this move, in the eyes of the man, was undeniably a “pleasant invitation.”

Both of their lips briefly separated, but soon, they attached again. It seemed like that they were reluctant to part from the other’s warmth, away from their own for more than a second. The man put both of his hands behind Haiqing. One of his hands continued ravaging his swimming trunks. The hips on this half must have been full of finger marks. The other hand that has tightened on Haiqing’s waist quietly turned off the shower. The irregular dark marks on the shirt complemented the steam around them. The wrinkles that appeared after scratching suddenly made the shirt’s color full of desire.

The tip of their tongues touched each other, and the bitterness of a little swimming pool water stimulated their sexual desire more intensely. At first, Haiqing only dared to grab and pull his shirt but as his tongue was being sucked, he even nibbled it and pried his front teeth open, invading and sweeping the insides of his mouth. His body senses had gradually risen above his intellect. Their hands that held tightly on to each other also expressed their desire to be able to give pleasure to each other. Therefore, when Haiqing’s fingertips could not help but to caress the other person’s ear lobe, the man uttered a low moan and made him numb down his spine — the extremely pleasurable kind.

The hands underneath his clothes seemed to have not fully expressed themselves yet. They even intended to go further. All of sudden, Haiqing could not tell how he felt about such a development. It seemed to be pleasant, but he could not bear the trembling of his body and, at the same time, he also tried hard to convey his uneasiness — he was being pinned to the wall and kissed by a stranger whose name he did not even know……

“Hahh..hah.. ah …” he trembled and gasped like a cub.

“Thank you for helping me just now.” The man buried his face in Haiqing’s neck. Both of his lips and skin were hot like fire in every kiss.

He gently shrugged his shoulders and the muffled groan beneath his tightly bitten lower lip seemed to be a hint that he craved for more.

Finally, the man seemed to have connected with the depth of his voice. Perhaps, even he, himself, also had lost his rationality, then he gently teased him by sucking his earlobe, “What’s your name? Tell me.” His hoarse voice transmitted through the air and into his ears, causing a strong turmoil. Haiqing even thought that the pronunciation of the sentence was… said in a way to make him more bashful.

“Su Haiqing… Ng…” It seemed that he was making the most out of his adolescent being, and he was overly sensitive to any hints about sex, love, and intimacy. Hai Qing raised his face, in his eyes, there was a reflection of a blushing man’s face. Because of the kiss and touch just now, it was not only one person who was alone in this heat, but this recognition made Haiqing spit out a long, relaxing sound.

“Give me your mobile phone.” The man gave him an uncompromising order and did not give up imprisoning Hai Qing between the wall and himself. Their distance was so near, so that if he wanted to, then he could kiss him anywhere he liked, as if throwing himself over to the man that he loved.

“Did you secretly take my picture earlier?” The man took the mobile phone that Haiqing handed out and he tapped it to open the gallery. There was no password to prevent him. When the standby screen disappeared, a picture occupied the entire screen, Yan Fei laughed and said, “I knew it. You’ve taken a good shot.” After the man slid a few times then he opened the address book and directly entered his own mobile phone number and his name, finally, he pressed save then passed the mobile phone back to him. It was so quick so that Haiqing could not see anything clearly.

“This is my phone number. Call me when you have time.” He sexily smiled and kissed him again in that posture. The heat that had just disappeared had once again picked up. It was not long enough to trigger anyone’s wishful thinking. The kisses never stopped until the man walked out of the shower.

Haiqing, who was just freed from a series of pleasure, was able to put his mobile phone in the side basket. He wanted to wash his thoughts away through the strong and hot water shower. Haiqing did not understand why he had such an intense and hot kiss with the man that he just met. What made him more puzzled about was… He did not hate it at all.

He gently closed his mouth and raised his head, letting the water sprinkle directly onto his face. Surrounded with steam and hot water, he continued to recall the man’s kisses, his touches, his heat, and even his infectious lust. In the confinement of his sight, the plastered navy blue became a mirage of fragmented images that lingered in his eyes.



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