Jubo : Text 008. The Handsome Second Brother

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: tend0u, SyKim5

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

Papa Wang and Mama Wang came back before the sun came down.

The Guans’ Village was not that far from the Wangs’ Village. It would only take an hour or so riding a bicycle back and forth. Even if it was fast, they were not in a hurry. Since it was Mama Wang’s side of the family, they were her family members who would help them, so they soon decided to come down to their place.

His Little Sister would get off from work in about half an hour. Mama Wang took this into consideration, so she did not talk and directly went to the kitchen to prepare for dinner. At the moment, Wang Cheng’s stir-fried fish toppings that he made during the day was left with more than half a pot and was being heated up. Although its fragrance was not as rich as it was when it was freshly made, its taste was still quite good.

When Mama Wang saw it, she was stunned.

She knew her second son could cook but their family had never tasted the cooking of their second son. At that time, their relationship was still rigid. Every time he descended from the mountain, their second son would never stay at home for too long so there was never a chance.

“What’s wrong?” Papa Wang went to kitchen since he wanted to get something. He saw that Mama Wang was standing still and thought that something happened.

Mama Wang turned around and said: “Dad, we’re eating stir-fried fish noodles for tonight.”

Papa Wang looked at the stove and saw that there was a ready-made pot of stir-fried fish toppings. He recognized the grass carp which Mama Wang had bought this morning. Mama Wang was with him all day. It was impossible to have had time to make stir-fried fish toppings. When he was thinking about who the person was at home today, he immediately understood who made the dish. He has not tasted the cooking of his second son, so he was looking forward to tasting it.

“It smells so good!” As soon as Wang Ziyu entered the door, she smelled the noodles’ rich aroma. It just so happened that she saw Mama Wang taking a large bowl of noodles out from the kitchen. She knew that this was stir-fried fish noodles. Mama Wang made a lot of it before and she could recall that the last time they had it was about half a month ago. This time, the aroma was so fragrant that she was drooling a lot.

“Little Yu, call your Second Brother out for dinner.” Mama Wang saw her pass by. She fixed her gaze at the noodles on the table and could not wait to taste it right away, so she quickly went to call him.

Wang Ziyu playfully stuck her tongue out. She was just sniffing it and did not really want to eat it. Mama Wang was really stingy. Soon, she reached the door outside her eldest brother’s room. Right now, it was her second brother who was staying there. In the end, she knocked on the door: “Second Brother, Mom told you to come out for dinner. Today’s dinner is really fragrant. It’s stir-fried fish noodles. You’ll love it.”

“You know, you really don’t have to tempt me.” Wang Cheng’s helplessness was revealed behind that door. Naturally, he knew what to eat tonight because he was the one who deliberately left that pot of stir-fried fish toppings for dinner.

Wang Ziyu was a little surprised and her cheeks suddenly blushed. She never seemed to have had a good look at her second brother. The moment her second brother’s face appeared, she suddenly realized that her second brother was not bad as compared with her eldest brother. Looking closely at him, his facial features were actually very handsome, but his bald head always attracted the attention of others, so that everyone ignored his looks.

Wang Cheng pinched her cheeks, “What’s wrong with you? Didn’t you just enter the house? Hurry up and wash your hands. If you’re slow, we won’t wait for you.”

“I know. Second Brother, don’t pinch my cheeks.” Wang Ziyu angrily glared at him. He stopped pinching her cheeks that were already red, turned around, and ran away.

After that, the entire family sat around the dining table as they had their dinner. Wang Ziyu had a few bites and praised Mama Wang since her cooking was getting much better. Because of that, Mama Wang told her that the stir-fried fish toppings were made by her second brother. She choked and blushed. As she looked at Wang Cheng’s eyes, she grew more and more fond of him. He looked cool and handsome. His cooking skills was even better than Mama Wang’s. This was a perfect man in the new era. In the future, her sister-in-law would be so blessed.

At half past eight, when Papa Wang and everyone had nothing to do, he called them into the living room. He mentioned that he and Mama Wang went to the Guans’ Village today. The house has already been decided and the next step was to move out to the new house. According to Hua Ying Real Estate, they hoped for the people in the Wangs’ Village to move out as soon as possible, so the deadline given to them was much shorter.

Mama Wang actually wanted to wait until the last three days of the deadline before moving out. The reason behind this was because his little sister was still working in the Zhangs’ steamed stuffed buns shop. If they would move to the Guans’ Village now, she would need to wake up much earlier. The entire family was afraid that it would be too hard for her. Although Wang Ziyu did not think so, this proposal passed in the end.

Wang Cheng took the opportunity to mention what happened during the day. Anyway, they would find out about it, sooner or later.

Even though they were already mentally prepared, Papa Wang and the others were still shocked by his words. It turned out that the old monk was generous enough to give Mount Feng Xia’s land deed to their second son. It was impossible to say that they were not surprised, but after hearing that Mount Feng Xia’s ownership was already transferred into their second son’s name, they were also slightly relieved. Whether there were benefits or not, it did not matter. The important thing was, as long as there was no problem, it should be all right.

Having experienced so many things, Papa Wang and Mama Wang only hoped that everyone in the family was safe and living happily together every day, perfectly content.





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  1. Nyanko sensei

    Can i request some feature to be added.. such as the dark theme so that i can read when i close the lamp..i had some problem on my eye so that why i request this but if cannot to be add thats okay… btw really love ur translation… thank you..🤗


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