TUMBT : Chapter 60

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: KrisLo89, Windam2611

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower, Zeraphiel25

Mu Xueshi always thought that the Third Prince’s life was too depressing. Since he and the Third Prince became “friends,” he began to really pay attention and tried to understand the Third Prince’s life. Every day, besides reading and painting, with occasional martial arts practice, the Third Prince almost had no other “after-school life.” Although Mu Xueshi liked clinging to the Third Prince, he did not want to spend dull days with the Third Prince.

Mu Xueshi thought that since the Third Prince considered him as a friend, he had the obligation to do something for the Third Prince. He should at least help the Third Prince to learn something that could bring happiness in his life and to not spend his days living indifferently. If there was something that could make the Third Prince smile, Mu Xueshi would give his best effort to make that come true for the Third Prince.

Mu Xueshi was determined. Since the Third Prince rarely went out of his bedchamber, Mu Xueshi decided to renovate the entire bedchamber while he was out for the day. Sometimes, the environment could also affect a person’s mood, let alone the Third Prince. In this cold and luxurious room, there was the least bit of desire and hope to chat for Mu Xueshi.

Without any delay, Mu Xueshi immediately ran out of the courtyard. All of the eunuchs and imperial bodyguards were called before him. He asked them to prepare paint, colored ribbons, garlands and the like. Mu Xueshi noticed that those imperial bodyguards seemed to be unable to make sense of what they were hearing so he called out for his three maidservants. When he talked to the maidservants, Mu Xueshi’s attitude changed and took a different approach and his whole face had a polite look.

Out of these three maidservants, Mu Xueshi favored Qing Yun the most because only Qing Yun had a smile on her face. He felt that she was more approachable. Mu Xueshi and Qing Yun were giving orders for most of the day. Qing Yun more or less understood what Mu Xueshi wanted to do. Anything that the imperial palace did not have, they had to rely on their own to start with their plan.

Qing Yun and the other two maidservants went to the embroidery room. On one side, they explained to the embroidery workers what Mu Xueshi had in mind, while on the other, they looked for some beautiful ribbons based on his instructions. Here, the tailors and embroidery workers were all clever and deft. In addition to making clothes, they also made a lot of small ornaments which all looked exquisitely beautiful.

Mu Xueshi took the paint and mixed it himself. The Third Prince’s bedchamber originally had dark red walls. After Mu Xueshi painted the wall orange, the whole room had become brighter, similar to Mu Xueshi, who was also covered with orange paint. The three maidservants on the side were covering their mouths to hide their laughters, even then, Mu Xueshi still felt quite proud.

After decorating, Mu Xueshi immediately went to take a bath. During that time, he kept on throwing and making eyes at the maidservants who were waiting upon him for his court dress. The servants that the Third Prince got were all very efficient and capable, so as a result, no matter how much Mu Xueshi hinted at them, they would not response. In the end, Mu Xueshi had an embarrassed look on his face.

After taking a bath, Mu Xueshi changed into his bright and beautiful new clothes. He sat on the stool, and impatiently waited for the Third Prince’s return. He was excited to see the Third Prince’s expression when he saw the changes that he made. A little bit of change in the Third Prince would give Mu Xueshi the greatest encouragement.

However, after waiting until the sky became dark, the Third Prince still did not return. Mu Xueshi could not help but to feel disappointed. While resting on the soft couch, he was bored while eating a fruit.

After a few hours had passed by, Mu Xueshi finally could not hold on. He fell asleep on the soft couch. However, his vigilance was still very high. When there was movement in the courtyard, he would immediately scurry out of the room. Only to find, there was not even a hint of the Third Prince’s shadow in the courtyard.



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