TUMBT : Chapter 61

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: KrisLo89

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower, Zeraphiel25

Mu Xueshi thought that the Third Prince would come back the very next day. And yet, for the next three days, not even the Third Prince’s shadow could be seen. Mu Xueshi couldn’t help but to try asking Eunuch Tai’An.

Eunuch Tai’An replied with a calm face: “Third Highness’s mother just passed away. His Highness has to mourn his mother for seven days. During those seven days, he must kneel in front of the Imperial Concubine’s spirit tablet to mourn. He must not leave even for half a step. His meal and clothing will all be sent by dedicated people.”

When Mu Xueshi heard that the Imperial Concubine passed away, he was really saddened by it. At this moment, watching the lively scenery in the house was not exciting. The Third Prince’s mother died, if it was his own mother… It would be absolutely unbearable. It was a sad thing for a very close relative to die.

Mu Xueshi did not bother complaining that Eunuch Tai’An did not tell him this news in advance and allowed himself to decorate the house so radiantly. After all, he did not inquire first. He just became crazed and it all turned out like this. Now, he was afraid that it would be difficult to revert it back to the way it was. He might as well as let it be. He would await for the Third Prince to come back. Perhaps, his mood would become better once he gets a glimpse of this.

Mu Xueshi first cheered himself up. At the moment, he did not fear anything. He changed into an orthodox outfit and planned to visit the Third Prince. Eunuch Tai’An quickly stopped Mu Xueshi and said that he could not be disturbed during the mourning period. If he was discovered, he might be beheaded.

Mu Xueshi stopped when he heard this. It was indeed a bit serious to be beheaded. It was not worth such a big risk just to see the Third Prince.

Mu Xueshi retreated back. He was in a daze as he sat in front of the writing desk. All of a sudden, the mud paste inside the brocade box attracted Mu Xueshi’s attention. Mu Xueshi was struck by a brainwave — he could apply the mud paste on his face and go look for the Third Prince! In this way, no one would know who he was. As long as he had the token, would anyone hold him back?

Mu Xueshi considered the Third Prince’s status as same as an emperor and thought that there was no one who could not be punished by the Third Prince. Thus, Mu Xueshi hurriedly smeared the mud paste on his face, making it look extremely embarrassing and funny, but he still felt fine. It was probably because he had shown this face before for too long, so that he was already used and numb to it.

The Third Prince had an indifferent look as he knelt in front of Concubine Mu’s spirit tablet, and there was no trace of grief. After Lin Yue’s death, she did not even have an intact skeleton: yet this woman was so wicked, why was she able to die so decently? If one day he would sit on the throne, the first thing that he would do would be to remove this woman’s spirit tablet and let her be without a burial place.

While he was still recounting Concubine Mu’s crime in his heart, the Third Prince heard the sound of footsteps. He thought the attendant came to send him food. He did not bother looking back, but waited for the attendant to close the door after they delivered the meal.

In the end, the footsteps were getting closer and closer, and they were not walking toward the desk where the meal was placed. Instead, they were walking toward himself. The Third Prince’s vigilance immediately strengthened. As a result, after listening to those footsteps that completely lack rhythm, there was a familiar feeling.

All of a sudden, there was a dusky little face that appeared in front of his own, and that little face even had a mischievous smile. The Third Prince was quite surprised. He did not wonder how Mu Xueshi came in. He was just surprised why Mu Xueshi would come and look for himself.

Mu Xueshi saw that the Third Prince looked puzzled in his eyes so he quickly explained: “Don’t be afraid. I sneaked in from a small door. I shouted at the maidservant who brought the meal. She handed the food over to me. Awesome, right?”

In the Third Prince’s heart, he could not help but want to laugh. As a matter of fact, that maidservant must have seen the token on Mu Xueshi’s chest. Looking at his face, it was indeed frightening; yet, Mu Xueshi still had that contented look on his face.



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