Jubo : Text 009. The Loafer Type

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: tend0u, SyKim5

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

Hua Ying Real Estate quickly replied to Wang Cheng.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Yiheng said that his boss wanted to personally talk to him, so both parties agreed on a meeting time.

As an unemployed person, Wang Cheng decided to accommodate the time and place of the meeting set by Hua Ying Real Estate’s boss. In fact, the people from Hua Ying Real Estate gave him a good impression, that was why he agreed. Except for going to school before, Wang Cheng rarely went to the city.

When the day of the appointment has arrived, Zhang Yiheng personally came to pick him up.

A black sedan parked in front of Wang Cheng’s home and the shiny body of the car attracted everyone in the vicinity. Any circumstances happening within Wang Cheng’s family, there was not a single person in the Wangs’ Village who did not know about it. When did you get in contact with the owner of a black sedan? The wind of gossip suddenly blew. In a moment, a crowd of people gathered around the limousine.

Zhang Yiheng got out of the sedan. It turned out that he was the elite-looking man whom Wang Cheng met two days ago. If you would carefully look at his stiff expression, you would know that he was not comfortable with the rural atmosphere.

Someone soon recognized Zhang Yiheng as a member of Hua Ying Real Estate, and immediately felt very astonished. When did Wang Cheng’s family had any connections with Hua Ying Real Estate?

Wang Cheng, who received a call, went out from the house and briefly greeted Zhang Yiheng and got into the sedan.

Zhang Yiheng perceived Wang Cheng’s thoughts and did not say much. He directly drove the car and left Wangs’ Village. He did not even like being surrounded and watched by people. It felt like he was a monkey in a cage to please humans.

The road in the mountains was a bit bumpy so they had no choice but to slow their speed down. If it was not for convenience, Zhang Yiheng would not want to drive through the mountains.

It rained here last night. The road was full of potholes and mud. With the car passing through it, one could not make out its originally clean appearance.

After finally getting out of this section of the road, Zhang Yiheng heaved a sigh of relief. When he caught a glimpse of the back seats in the rearview mirror, Wang Cheng has been lying on the seats with his eyes closed. He was not sure if he was asleep or not. His breathing pattern was steady and was seemingly unaffected by the road. While he was suffering, the other was enjoying.

Wang Cheng was awakened by Zhang Yiheng. The latter had a dark face. He did not expect him to be really asleep. If he was not worried about letting the boss wait for them for a long time, he would have dragged him out directly, but the young man was too calm. After this, the next thing they were going to essentially discuss was about a large sum of money. Many people had awaited for such a good opportunity.

The meeting place was not at Hua Ying Real Estate company. Instead, it was in a high-class leisure club called Totem. This was definitely a place for rich people. There were various kinds of sedans parked outside the leisure club. On the outside, the leisure club looked low-key, but it was bright and elegant inside it, and the pale colors looked very comfortable.

The attendant seemed to know Zhang Yiheng and promptly led them to a reception room.

This Totem Club was not an ordinary entertainment venue. The interior decoration was just like home and it was completely unconstrained. Just like in the living room they have just passed through, there were several guests sitting on the sofa talking in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Their voices were not loud, so it did not affect others at all.

The attendant knocked on the door. After hearing the voice of a man from the inside, only then did he open the door to let them in. Wang Cheng entered first. His eyes fell on the man sitting on the sofa, who was drinking tea, near the French window.

The bright daylight refracted through the open shutters. The man’s body seemed to be covered with a layer of brilliance. The silhouette of his side was outlined with a faint shadow. The variations of light and shadow gave off an abrupt feeling of gazing into the distant past — as if there was something indescribably soul-stirring. Looking down, Wang Cheng’s attention fell on his hand, not the hand that was holding the teapot to pour the tea, but the man’s left hand lying on top of his lap.

He remembered that the old monk once told him that the length of the index finger divided by the length of the ring finger gave a finger-length ratio, and that the length ratio of the fingers of a person with a ring finger that was longer than the index finger was less than one. This type of person was generally called the “Loafer Type,” and most of them were men.

Because of this, for a time, he once subconsciously observed other people’s fingers. Later, he found out that the ratio of the length of the ring finger and index finger of most people were in fact greater than one. Even if the ring finger was longer than the index finger, it would not be obvious. It was considered to be the same length, but what he saw today was a fact that overturned all of his previous conclusions.

The length of this man’s fingers was even longer than the average person. Even though the ring finger and index finger were separated by the middle finger, it could clearly be seen that the ring finger was longer than the index finger. When he thought of the man’s looks, Wang Cheng suddenly felt what the old monk said about that prospect might be right. As for why the old monk would know this kind of thing, he just selectively ignored it.

While Wang Cheng stared at his hand entranced, the man had already turned to look at him. His deep gaze swept over the bald head that had began to grow some black stubbles.

Sure enough, Wang Cheng’s bald head was always the most noticeable.




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