BMHS : Chapter 13.1 – I want to cuddle for a little longer

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: NancyChen3

Proofreader: KainGuru

Feeling the warm hand on top of his head, Meng Ting lifted his eyes as he looked upon him. He softly pressed his lips together before a slight smile emerged on his face.

“You’ve arrived.”

Including the time when Yan Sui brought him supper, this time was only the third time they had met; but it was impossible to tell that they had only known each for a short span of time, judging by their familiarity and closeness.

Meng Ting stared at Yan Sui’s hand while he felt all types of complex emotions deep within.

This beautiful little brother of Meng Qi — it appeared he had already captured Yan Sui’s heart even though he had not even married him yet, and he allowed Yan Sui to touch his head, while Meng Qi would get punched as soon as he touched his hand. The treatment was indeed way too different.

The people that were more dumbfounded than Meng Qi were the crowd of onlookers in the hall. When Meng Qi walked around to greet them with Meng Ting, they did not make any innuendo about Meng Ting’s identity as an illegitimate son, but they purposely, or perhaps… Unconsciously displayed a sense of alienation which, in turn, discriminated and segregated Meng Ting from the rest of them.

They wanted Meng Ting to understand that he would never be able to assimilate into their circle. Furthermore, they would never lower their style and status for him either.

When the alienation lingered, Yan Sui showed them otherwise — as if slapping their faces. A guy like him was even treating a person with such affection, what right did the rest of them have to act like snobs while alienating and drawing a demarcation line toward Meng Ting?!

Yan Sui’s pupils darkened as his gaze swept to Meng Qi who was standing beside Meng Ting. Thereafter, the hand that was on top of Meng Ting’s head moved down to hold his arms. In seconds, Yan Sui slid his hand down further before he took hold of his hand.

“Come with me. Let’s go for a walk?”

“Okay.” Meng Ting held onto his hand as well before he lightly nodded. Subsequently, he was led out of the hall by Yan Sui in front of multitudes of gazes.

After walking away from the hall for a while, Yan Sui still did not let go of his hand. When he was certain no one in the surrounding area could hear their words, he paused his footsteps, while conveniently pulling Meng Ting to a stop, too. All the while, the hand that was holding onto Meng Ting’s hand still did not let go.

Meng Ting’s face was very good-looking; however, his hand was not that great-looking. The palm of his right hand had a long and thin scar. There were also some small scars between the knuckles. Some were probably from a long time ago and some were left from not long ago.

The information he knew about Meng Ting flashed by in his mind. Initially, he felt it was very detailed, but that did not seem enough anymore. At the very least, the information when he was isolated for three years during high school was way too vague.

“Can you tell me now why you‘re not happy?”

Meng Ting did not think Yan Sui was that sharp, where he was able to see the tiniest of unhappiness that was left in him.

The lights in his eyes had sunken slightly as they moved toward their entangled hands. He eventually spoke after a long while.

“Yan Sui, I feel you‘ll regret what you’ve promised before.”

“I’m probably more stupid than what I’ve told you. No, it’s a lot more stupid.”

At first, he thought as long as he tried with utmost effort to treat Yan Sui well after he married him, then everything would be fine. However, reality showed him — that would not be remotely enough. In his mind, he was not good enough for Yan Sui. He was far from it. There was an immeasurable distance between him and being a qualified “wife.”

“There are things I might not be able to learn how to do it, ever.”

Feeling utterly dispirited, if only he was smarter, even just by a tiny bit, then him and Yan Sui would not have a gulf in between them where it was impossible to leap over. If he was smarter, at the most, he merely needed to work harder and take a bit of detour — to get there.

“Such as?” Yan Sui listened as he remained calm as usual, while the corner of his eyes emerged with traces of gentle creases from the smile. At that very moment, he was no longer cold, he was warm and gentle. Unknowingly, Meng Ting had given him warmth and gentleness.

“Such as, speaking.” When he faced occasions where he had to speak, either he would say something wrong or he would not be able to speak a single word.

“Such as, fake smile….” It was not possible for him to learn that type of smile. For him, if one was truly unhappy, why was there a need to smile at all?!

“Also, everything they understand, I don’t.” The fashion or the brand… In Meng Ting’s eyes, the difference was merely long sleeve or short sleeve and summer or winter clothes.

He thought to himself before he added another line, as if he had accepted his misfortune, “Even if you got someone to teach me, I won’t be able to get it. I’m too stupid.”

Meng Ting was still afraid to look at Yan Sui’s face, he was afraid to see regret in his expressions. Even he, himself, felt it was only rightful for Yan Sui to go back on his promise. Or perhaps, for Yan Sui, the earlier he resiled the wiser he would be; stopping, in the nick of time, the loss from occurring by not marrying such a stupid person as him.

Yan Sui used his other hand to comfort Meng Ting’s face, then he moved his hand down below his chin, raising the head that had been hanging low.

“I’ve said this before, I will not go back on my promise.” Previously, it was because of He Wan, but from now on — it was not. He looked toward Meng Ting’s eyes that had suddenly opened wider, while he attentively differentiated the color and radiance beneath those eyes, causing a faint smile to emerge, yet again.

“Who said you’re stupid?”

“A lot of people have said that…” Except for the tutor from the university. The people he had encountered, even if they did not say it, it was clear from their attitude that this was what they thought. Regardless of how well he was able to blend and harmonize perfumes, those people still looked at him pitifully.

In fact, he truly did not like that type of pitifulness.

“I don’t think you are.” Yan Sui’s thumb slowly moved upward, just as it was about to touch Meng Ting’s cherry colored lips, he pulled back. “Every one of us are good at certain things and aren’t expert on certain things. It’s just that you haven’t found something you‘re truly great at yet.”

Yan Sui let loose of his hands and held onto his shoulders instead, then he continued. “Even if you don’t find what you are great at in this lifetime, it doesn’t matter. As my wife, there‘s no need to speak to so many other people. Also, there‘s no need to understand a lot of things. All you have to do is do the things you enjoy doing.”

“I like to eat, I like to sleep, is that ok too?”



43 thoughts on “BMHS : Chapter 13.1 – I want to cuddle for a little longer

    1. Lynda

      This is the reason why we should always be kind to people. You don’t know how much hurt you can cause with Just a sentence.
      Thank you for the chapter


  1. dreamlesssite

    Meng Ting, you’re living the dream😍 A man who will like you even if you just like to eat and sleep😂😂 jk

    Thanks for the chapter, they are so cute

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  2. Pa Nana

    Them being really honest with each other helps a lot with their relationship 😊 (unlike some certain couples that keep building misunderstandings one after another 😡) Thanks for the chapter.

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  3. Debbie Knowles

    Yes, I found it I was so scared when I could not found it on wattpad. I usually re-read over and over before an update so I was shocked when it was suddenly out of my library.Thanks for update

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  4. Thanks for the chapter! For a guy like ML, an honest, open book like our adorable MC must be so soothing. No backstabbing here. Also, rather than stupid, I feel like what he lack is social IQ & I guess emotional IQ. His brain works since in the first lifetime, he was able to be really good at his job if I remember correctly. He just feels a lot like a child because of the isolation & abuse. The outside world is too big for someone who had always been kept in a cage. A lot of real life abused kids horde food & other things

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  5. Geminirose

    Don’t worry Meng Ting I also like to do does things as well so you are not alone. I will even accept you because we both like the same thing if Yan Sui won’t take you, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter and can’t wait for the next one.

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  6. nadyvina

    hahahaah this reminds me of 8TT “I just want to sleep and eat”, well they did died from overexhaustion in their past life hahahaha

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  7. FoxyJung

    The last sentence make me burst of laughing hahaha…
    But I like the way Yan Sui comforts Meng Ting, it’s simple way to say, no matter what I still will loving you (oh well more like love will come eventually between them😀)
    Thank you so much for the update 💕💕💕

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  8. Meng Ting is such a cutie pie. So cute. So glad that Yan Sui treat him well even though he’s not in love with him yet.
    I’ll be waiting eagerly for the next update. Thank you for this update 😆

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  9. trippuchi

    If being smart is being hypocritical and self-absorbed, then I don’t want it. Meng Ting has proven himself to be incredibly resilient and determined; as Yan Sui has clearly already realized, Yan Sui is lucky to have him. I just want Meng Ting to quickly leave that toxic family and finally attain the happiness and care that he deserves.


  10. Blaze

    He’s really like a little kid that stop from maturing, I like the innocence though, such real pure sincerity is such a rare thing in this world.

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    1. I like to eat, I like to sleep. Is it okay? If Yan Sui ever said it is not okay, this JieJie here will gut him! Meng Ting is so so meng~~~ Don’t worryx being big wife of Yan won’t be hard, there is Yan Sui in all matter~

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  11. DontcareIfyouareasquareIshipu

    Awwww you don’t need to learn how to fake smile🤧 it’s better if you just stay pure as you are


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