DB&ML : Chapter 2.1

Author: Dong Mi

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun27, tend0u

Proofreader: KainGuru

Extreme joy begets sorrow.

There were no words that better suited Su Haiqing’s condition now than these four words.

“Hey, there’s no need to make it look like the heavens are falling and the earth is cracking, right? Maybe you can try to send it in for repair,” Xiao K narrowed his eyes and poked Haiqing’s hand. Wow, aren’t you too uptight? “It’s just a few pictures…”

“It’s not just pictures.” There were also contact numbers inside.

The shopkeeper watched their interaction and used a “I know that people use mobile phones to cherish old ties and would likely have a hard time changing such mobile phones” kind of gaze at them.

Since this was a weekday afternoon, there were no other customers in the mobile phone shop. Even the street was empty. The shop keeper was happy to use this opportunity to help him check the mobile phone that he said was unable to boot.

“What did you do?” The shop keeper connected it to the charger and it did not even light up and the interior of the phone was not responding.

“It fell into the swimming pool.” Haiqing casually replied. After he had choked the swimming coach, he was ganged up and beaten until he fell into the swimming pool. However, he did not say anything about the reason why the phone was in the pool. This shameful truth was still a secret.

“Look at this, boy.” The shop keeper motioned him to look at the indicator light. “It doesn’t light up, right? This means the phone’s software can no longer receive charging signals. After it was soaked in the water yesterday, did you plug it into the electric socket right away at home? There’s water inside. You’re done for if you’ve connected it to the electric socket for a while! You are lucky it didn’t explode! You can need a new phone.”

“…” Haiqing was silent and did not say anything, but Xiao K immediately reacted because he was disappointed and unhappy. He quickly took him by the shoulder.

“Boss! You just want us to buy new ones, is that why you said you can’t fix it?”

“This mobile phone was soaked in water. He went back home and plugged it in to the electricity. Of course, it can’t be fixed!” What the shop keeper promptly shouted out was right. How could students nowadays be so suspicious? Really!

“Would you like to take a look at the new ones? There are several models that are currently being discounted.” The other idle shop keeper started to join in the hype of their colleague’s business. Currently, having no other customer in the shop was the biggest drawback. Even Haiqing, who wanted to hide, did not have a place to hide. He could only seamlessly pull Xiao K to the front and let him deal with the two enthusiastic shop keepers.

“So, the things saved in it cannot be recovered anymore? The pictures? The phone numbers?” Haiqing only cared about these.

“Let me help you check on it…” The shop keeper skillfully used the computer while he explained that some information was stored on the memory card. If that information was not completely damaged, then it could be recovered. If it was damaged, then there was nothing that they could do about it. Haiqing’s heart and soul were entangled in the few photos of that man and his phone number. At this time, he could not even listen to the shop keeper who was promoting a few mobile phones that were a good value.

“Alright, don’t bother about that first. Let’s select a phone. Tell me, what do you think about this high-end phone?” After Xiao K consoled his close friend, he immediately put his mind on the display window full of mobile phone models. His eyes were bright and sparkling like a young girl who really loved shopping.

“That’s right, and this model is also very popular, we only have one left…”

Xiao K was a master of conversation. Regardless of the occasion, he could talk to anyone. In just a few minutes, he had already gotten a hold of both of the shopkeepers’ LINE. The number of mobile phone models on top of the table gradually decreased as the discussion went deeper. In the end, there were only two remaining contenders that were left, and Xiao K did not hesitate to pick one of them up. The bitten apple logo behind it was reflecting on the display window.

“How much will it cost if we want to renew the current plan?”

“Oh, if it’s with the current plan, it will be more expensive…”

The shop keeper quoted a price and Xiao K immediately pulled out his credit card to swipe it, indicating that this little amount was not a problem for him. “If that’s the case, then I’ll have to trouble you to help me take that phone’s card out and put it into this phone.” He took out his mobile phone. It was also a new model and that mobile phone model was released not more than a year ago. When Haiqing was engaged in Xiao K taking his credit card out, he suddenly snapped out of it and quickly grabbed Xiao K’s wrist to stop him.

“I never said I wanted to change my phone.” Haiqing softly said. He used up all of his savings to take the art school examination and also to buy all of those requirements. How could there be extra money for a new mobile phone? Getting a free mobile phone may be good, but Xiao K chose the one that looked very expensive!

“Who said that you’re the one who’s going to change?” Xiao K gave him a plain look.

Haiqing looked helplessly at Xiao K who was swiping his credit card in the machine. The shop keeper took out the brand new mobile phone that was displayed under the countertop. They opened the box, loaded the SIM card up, and set it up. Xiao K’s original mobile phone was picked up by the shop keeper and, in an instant, he handed it over to Haiqing, just like new.

“Switch the phone on first and check if it’s working fine then we can go!” Xiao K said with joy. He had been wanting to change his mobile phone for a long time. Although he could directly renew his plan or buy a new mobile phone, he did not have the strong motivation to do it so helping a friend out could do the trick. “Haiqing, thank you!”

Haiqing could not say a word. He could only stare blankly at his friend’s face.

“Why are you still in a daze? Come on, let’s see if there’s anything left saved in it?” Xiao K urged him to hurry up and switch the mobile phone on.

The two left the communication store and as they moved slowly underneath the afternoon sun, the warmth from the illumination spread from their chests, all throughout their bodies. After Haiqing has set his mobile phone up, he opened the gallery. Seeing that a few familiar photos were still there, he could not help but to shout: “It’s here, it’s here, fortunately the photos are still here!” He was so happy so that he kept the mobile phone close to his chest, showing how grateful he was.

“Whose picture is it?” Xiao K slowly put his face on Haiqing’s arm and asked. He recalled that when he met him early in the morning, Haiqing said his mobile phone was broken and his expression was like the heavens were falling and earth was cracking; so, he was really interested to see the pictures.

“Look!” Haiqing showed him the pictures. He was like a child who just got a precious treasure and wanted to show it off.

In the picture, the man who was moving about in the water looked very dazzling and the viewing angle had an added effect. Xiao K praised this man as very handsome and looked better than a male god, “Is he a swimming team member? Or a coach?”

Haiqing mysteriously laughed a few times. “He can’t swim! It was taken while he was learning to swim…”

He saw the disdainful look on Xiao K’s face and he could not help but pinch his nose. After he heard him squeak, that was the time when he decided to let go with satisfaction. “Don’t give that disgusted look, okay? He’d become more handsome after learning.”

Hey, someone fell in love huh… Xiao K was someone who had personally experienced it. With one look, he knew Haiqing’s feelings for that man in the picture was very different.

“Well, you’re really happy.” Xiao K was also excited with his new mobile phone. “I had been wanting to change this for a long time. Finally, I can do it now! Hey, in case you found something that hasn’t been deleted, just send it to me.”

“Got it, thanks for your phone.”

Xiao K patted him as a sign that he was welcome, then he turned the topic back to the photo; but no matter how much he asked about — his name, job, where he lived, and which school he graduated in — Haiqing always responded with “I don’t know” to every question. He only knew from his impression that the man should be a public figure in society.

“Oppa? When did you change your taste into an uncle? Quick, ask him out and let him buy us a meal!”

“His phone number was in the contacts in my phone. Now it’s gone…” Haiqing returned to his formerly sad face.

Although the pictures were saved, the phone numbers could not be retrieved. It meant that he had completely lost a way to contact the man. Xiao K saw Haiqing was so frustrated so that he had to pat him on the shoulder again to console him.

“It’s okay, how about if you go swimming again tomorrow. Maybe you’ll see a new oppa who’s more handsome than this… Wait until you see a new one who’s more handsome. I’m sure you’ll forget him right away!”

For his close friend’s suggestion, Haiqing only smiled and shook his head. He put his mobile phone carefully back into his pocket.

“He’s different,” he said. It was no surprise that he recalled that fiery kiss in the shower and the navy-blue shirt that caught his eyes when he left once more.


Yan Fei was a light sleeper. A very soft sound could wake him up, and this morning, he woke up hearing the faint sound of water.

When he sat up in bed, the thin quilt slid down to his waist. The sun shone through the window, causing him to narrow his eyes. His spirit could not keep up with his body. Even when he sat up, he was still groggy, and he heard a lot of sounds while he was recovering his consciousness.

The sound of voices coming from a few people.

The sound of flowing water coming from a few places.

The sound of footsteps coming from different places.

There were only two staying in this household. Yan Fei was one of them. To whom did those footsteps of so many people belonged to? Yan Fei pressed his thumbs on his temples, drawing a circle. After he got back home last night, it was like an independent film production with a very half-baked storyboard, scattered fragments and a small number of clues. Just thinking about it like this made him constantly groan in pain.

At this moment, time has been particularly slow. Yan Fei somehow recalled his feelings in the water yesterday. Time seemed endless. The flashing memories perfectly overlapped with the pain that brought great discomfort to his body, but the only difference was that there was no young man who would desperately hold his hand.

When the pain dissipated, Yan Fei lifted the quilt and got out of bed. Just after opening the door, he saw Jacky stepping out of the bathroom. The two were facing each other. Yan Fei stared at him, who had a piece of cloth wrapped around his hips. Jacky was in a daze for a few seconds before he noticed that he was wearing nothing and embarrassedly laughed a few times.

“Good morning, Boss.”

“Hmm.” Yan Fei did not have the time to ask ‘Why are you here?’ when another footstep whirlwinds in. The two men looked in one direction at the same time, and that other person had a pair of bright eyes.

“Baby, you’re up already.” Jimmy took off his little greasy apron and walked over to embrace him. He looked back to see Jacky, who was still smirking in the bathroom door. He could not help but to laugh, “You’re not even getting dressed. Are you showing your figure off?”

Jacky laughed while saying “Is it better than Boss’s figure?” He then quickly fled into the room. The droplets from his body left a few dark water marks on the floor. Yan Fei felt slightly dissatisfied with this. He constantly frowned while looking at the traces of water marks until he could no longer see them.

Yan Fei fixed his line of sight and everything in the room was familiar to him — the pink-colored goose wallpaper, the low-key and classical wall paintings, the chandeliers that were as beautiful as the crystal ornaments, the dark sofa sets, and the brand-new looking kitchen appliances that has not been used before. This household was like a sample house that could be visited at any time. It was beautiful, exquisite, and tasteful. It fully demonstrated the designer’s aesthetic feeling and high standards — but also because of this, the water droplet marks were particularly eye-catching, or should one say, unsightly.

“Is your headache better now?” Jimmy covered Yan Fei’s forehead with his palm. When he did not feel any unusual heat, he showed a relaxed expression. “You don’t have a fever. That’s great. When I went to bed yesterday, you were babbling nonsense and scared me. I almost jumped.”

“Babbling nonsense?”

“Yes.” Jimmy bit his lower lip to flash a coquettish look at him, “You forgot?”

While Yan Fei was embracing Jimmy’s waist, a muddled thought finally returned to the time when he first entered the house yesterday. He first entered the elevator after greeting the administrator in the brightly lit lobby on the first floor. After arriving at the residential floor, he felt a vibration in his pocket. He looked forward to picking it up, only to find that it was just an advertising message. He could still remember clicking his tongue while attempting to delete the messages, then roughly put the phone back in his pocket.

“I remember.” Yan Fei consoled Jimmy.

Last night, after opening the door with his key, the symphony composed of two different voices came first. The joy in the sound was clear and intelligible. Yan Fei looked for the source of the sound and saw Jimmy sharing a small mobile phone screen with Jacky, as they nestled on a small single-seat sofa. Jimmy laughed loudly, and he did not notice that the other owner of the house has returned.

Yan Fei coughed and the two returned to their senses. Jacky was confused with being a guest as of the moment and as his subordinate, so he reflexively stood up, but he was caught by Jimmy. From a distance and a different point of view, Yan Fei could not see the details, but he could feel the strangeness that filled the atmosphere.

“Baby, come here quick and take a look. When Jacky was a child, he looked like a little earthen mound with his head that looked like a watermelon rind. It’s so funny!” Jimmy did not lift his head and laughed.

Yan Fei did not immediately respond to Jimmy’s cackling and walked over to the dining table to put his keys, coat, and briefcases on it. When he pulled his tie, Jacky finally walked beside him uneasily. Yan Fei was observing his eye-catching flax-colored shirt that was opened up to the fourth button. Although his figure was very good and did not look unsightly, his entire chest being faintly discernible still made Yan Fei frown slightly.

“Boss, I’m here to confirm with you who will go tomorrow and also about the specific time. I sent it in the group, but you haven’t replied back to me. I don’t feel at ease, so I came to tell you in person.”

“I know. I just saw it while I was in the car. Just do it.” Yan Fei indifferently said.

Jacky was thinking about saying something but saw Jimmy walking toward them. He handed the red wine glass in his hand over to Jacky. Jacky squatted back to the sofa and sat as he was waiting.

Jimmy smiled with satisfaction and cast his gaze over to Yan Fei.

“Baby, are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?” he asked attentively.

As one of the industry’s premier interior designers, he could intuitively feel the design, color system, overall concept, and small preference that customers liked. However, he could not apply the same intuition to Yan Fei. This made him quite frustrated.

Yan Fei bowed and stared at Jimmy in a tank top. His skin was tanned evenly, with a healthy chest, while his arms assumed a strong bearing; but in Yan Fei’s mind, he could not help but to see another face — whose complexion was paler and whose facial features looked gloomy. He could not forget him.

“No. My head still feels a bit painful. I’m going to bed first.”

After Yan Fei said that, he returned to his room, leaving the two in the living room. The room’s door closed in an instant. That familiar laughter once again reverberated into Yan Fei’s ears; but to Yan Fei, there was not much surge and fall of emotion. He dazedly shut the door and took his clothes off to take a shower.

When his thoughts returned to the present, Jimmy still looked at him with grievances.

“I’m not acting.” Jimmy denounced with a soft tone of voice.

Yan Fei’s eyes flashed a ‘I’m sure you’d say this’ expression, but he did a good job of suppressing it and did not let Jimmy see right through him.

“I’m really silly.” Yan Fei held Jimmy’s face with his hands to appease him. Because he looked gentle, and his eyes were sincere, Jimmy’s grievances and dissatisfaction vanished like smoke into thin air.

“You look so tired. If I’m not hugging you, you definitely won’t sleep well.” Jimmy patted Yan Fei’s forehead with his palm, like a little girlfriend, spoiling her boyfriend, “What did you dream of? You even asked me ‘Are you still acting now?’”

“I dreamed that I would apologize with Jacky. The results were said to be acting. I thought he was talking about Jacky, so I said that.”

“Do you care so much?” Jimmy said as he moved out of bed yesterday. “Anyway, I’ll apologize. If I don’t lose your director’s face, then it’ll be a real acting!”

“Hmm.” Yan Fei looked at Jimmy intently. In fact, his eyes were not focused at all, but Jimmy said it too enthusiastically. He did not carefully observe Yan Fei. This also made Yan Fei feel relieved.

Yan Fei was lying.

He did not sleep dazed, nor was he having a nightmare. Yan Fei was awake all night.

The details of Jimmy entering the room, sneaking into their bed, comforting him and even actively kissing him were clear.

What Yan Fei did not say was that, at that moment when they were in the heat of passion, it somewhat made him respond to the heat in Haiqing’s lips. He thought of Haiqing, pulling himself in the water, kissing himself in the locker room, with a slight blush and anticipation. Even his eyes clearly reflected Haiqing’s face.

Before the memory disappeared, Yan Fei knew that he had responded to the kiss, but he was not in front of Jimmy, but another person.

It was Haiqing that Yan Fei kissed.



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