HIHEZL : 33. Memories Chapter 2: Your Existence

(Title – 忆篇2:你的存在 – Yì Piān 2 : Nǐ De Cún Zài – Memories Chapter 2: Your Existence)

Author: Angelina

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Ke Bu crumpled the test papers and stuffed it inside the drawer. He bent down on the table and his legs were shaking. It was so cold. The weather was terribly cold. If he had known earlier, he would have worn a little more. Ke Bu turned his head toward the window. The leaves were swept away by the cold wind and scattered everywhere. The sky was gray. The school building was gray. It seemed that the whole world shivered and turned gray because of the coldness. The two school buildings were connected by a footbridge. Ke Bu’s position was just enough to view the classrooms and rooftop of the opposite school building. There was a boy standing on the roof. His hair was slightly blown by the wind, caressing his clean good-looking face at the side. His light-blue coat was so bright. It looked brighter than the sky and became the only color in Ke Bu’s eyes. A girl stood right in front of the boy and soon, the girl left. Ke Bu stood up and stretched.

“Ke Bu, where are you going?”

“I’m going to take a short walk.”

“It’s really cold outside, aren’t you afraid of the cold?”

“That’s why I need to exercise a bit.” Ke Bu said as he headed outside the classroom.

He passed over the footbridge and passed over the stairs. Is he still there? Ke Bu pushed open the old door on the top of the building. The color of that coat was even more distinct. Zhi Li was leaning on the railing. He turned around and stared at Ke Bu: “How unsophisticated.”

Ke Bu was surprised and was unable to conceal the need to scold Zhi Li, but he somehow smiled and said: “You’re the one who’s unsophisticated.” He put his hands into his pockets and walked to Zhi Li’s side. “This is based on a popular magazine for senior high school students, don’t you know?” Ke Bu fabricated a story.

“I suggest you go home and burn that magazine.”

Ke Bu kicked Zhi Li’s shoes as his response, and then he shrunk his neck: “The girl just now, she came to confess her love, I presume.”


“Tsk.. Tsk.. The populars are really different. A few days ago, the girl from section 3 also looked for you and a few days before that, it was a girl from our class. It’s really good to have a spotless face.” Ke Bu said with a bit of sarcasm.

“You can still clearly remember that.”

“You think I want to remember, huh. That’s because… because I always see you. You always come into my line of sight, so I have no option but to see it. Speaking of which, there are so many beautiful girls who like you. How can you not respond? Although senior high school students are not allowed to date, you’re not a good student who follows the rules.”

“So how do you think I should respond? Is it possible that as long as someone will come and look for me to confess their love, my shoulders will slightly tremble? I can’t bear to pull my coat off and put it on her shoulders. With a soft pink background and breathtaking music, we’ll see sparks when our eyes met for a long time. From then on, we would start the grand senior high school romance. She would cut her wrists for me and I would jump off from the building for her. Stop dreaming.” Zhi Li said with an indifferent tone and wooden expression.

“What is this hypothetical dialogue?” Ke Bu was slightly dumbfounded by what Zhi Li said just now. He then stretched out his hand from his pocket to touch his chin and made a thinking expression: “I’m taken away by your words just now.” Ke Bu bore this ‘Is it possible that you think… stop dreaming’ way of talking in his mind and it became the passage that he would say once in a while.

“Did you realize that the conversation we just had right now is very silly?” Ke Bu suddenly asked.

“You’ve always been very silly.”

“Even if it was me, if you say it in such a positive tone, you will also be shocked.”

“Ke Bu.” Zhi Li suddenly called out Ke Bu’s name.


Zhi Li stretched out his ice-cold hands to Ke Bu’s face. Ke Bu shrunk by the sudden coldness.


Ke Bu touched his face and shouted: “Crap!! Your hands are very cold. If you dare to make fun of me, I can push you, so you’ll fall and die, believe it or not.” The face that was touched a moment ago felt very hot.

“Ke Bu.”

“Yeah?” Zhi Li once again reached his cold hands out to Ke Bu’s face. Ke Bu was annoyed and directly gritted his teeth: “You’re still doing it!!”

“Your reaction’s so slow.”

“Apologize to me!! Besides, if you’re cold, wear more clothes. Is it possible that you’re thinking that after I saw that you’re cold, I’d kindly take my coat off for you, then I’d hold your hands and breathe into them? That I would kindly lend my warm body to you? Stop dreaming. My body’s definitely not to be lent to you, Zhi Li. This kind of move should be reserved for the person that I’m going to like later, so that the girl will be moved to tears and really love me.” Ke Bu immediately put the passage that he had just learned into practice.

“You’re afraid of cold, yet you would allow others to put their hands in your clothes?” He felt that this topic would go further and further.

Ke Bu was reminded by Zhi Li that it really seemed to be the case. When he thought of it, he would feel cold. It must be like when someone suddenly stuffed ice into his collar. Ke Bu made a concession: “If you’ll just reach into your coat, it should be no problem. Of course, that’s what the person I like the most could do.”

You think too highly of yourself.”

Ke Bu was going to talk back but the bell rang. The class was about to start. He always felt that time flies really fast when he chatted with Zhi Li. Ke Bu pushed Zhi Li from behind: “Hurry up and go to class.”

After finishing his gym class, Ke Bu, who was holding his coat, ran up the stairs and met Zhi Li. Zhi Li turned around and stared at Ke Bu: “How unsophisticated.”

“You don’t need to say the same sentence twice!!” Ke Bu shouted. Zhi Li went back to his classroom, leaving Ke Bu who was baring his fangs and brandishing his claws.

During lunch break, Ke Bu was holding the meal that he bought. His face was gloomy. He felt that the number of times he had encountered Zhi Li today was unusually high. This situation really complied with the saying that the person whom you did not want to meet the most would appear in front of you. He and several boys walked in through the canteen door. He attracted the attention of many people. When Zhi Li passed Ke Bu, he glanced at Ke Bu and suddenly said: “How unsophisticated.”

“This is the third time, Zhi Li!” Ke Bu pointed his chopsticks at Zhi Li.

“I’m sorry. I just speak out what’s on my mind.”

“Even if you’re apologizing, your tone and expression are so insincere!!”

It was hard to endure it until the classes were over. Ke Bu carried his school bag, took his bicycle key and prepared to go home to play games. He rode his bicycle and found that Zhi Li was walking ahead. An evil thought came into his mind. Today, Lao Zi will run over you. He continued riding his bicycle, and soon, the bicycle’s wheel would strike Zhi Li. Surprisingly, Zhi Li jumped to the side. He was obviously behind him, and the timing when he jumped to the side was also too accurate. Ke Bu turned around: “You sure are lucky, kid.”

“Be careful ahead.”

“Yeah, you want to use this trick to deceive me. I definitely will not be fooled.” Ke Bu faced Zhi Li and made faces. Indeed, from junior high school to the present, Ke Bu, who already did not know for how many times he was fooled by Zhi Li, had been shadowed. When he just turned his head around, his bicycle bumped into a pole. Ke Bu sat down on the ground and grinned in pain. Zhi Li came over with the expression “see, I told you” on his face. Ke Bu reached his hand out. Zhi Li took that outstretched hand and pulled Ke Bu up from off the ground. Ke Bu patted his behind and lifted the bicycle up, then those two naturally walked together. There was a very little chance to go home with Zhi Li like this. Ke Bu pushed his bicycle. He glanced at the side of Zhi Li’s face. His existence was as special as he was. That kind of feeling, which made Ke Bu’s heart restless, gushing out and enveloping his heart. What was this feeling? He could not see the shape, but he could feel the warmth. It was the kind of warmth that did not need adding an extra piece of clothing. Suddenly, Ke Bu mumbled a question: “Zhi Li, do you think we are going to quarrel in the future?”

“Who knows.”

“What kind of answer is that?”

Zhi Li stretched his hand and pulled the zipper in Ke Bu’s coat up. He indifferently said: “I’ll forgive you in the future.”

“Why do you have to forgive me!?”

Zhi Li once again measured Ke Bu’s clothes with his eyes: “Indeed, so unsophisticated.”

“You really want to have a fight with me, right?! Zhi Li!!”


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  1. Vei Kyuu

    ZhiLi you already said you’d forgive KeBu now.. kiss. Hahaha jk hahahaha aaaah T.T (this is my mind in turmoil) waaaa anyway Thank you very very much for the chapter!!! FIGHTOOOO!! AAAAAAHHH please make up T.T


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