BMHS : Chapter 13.2 – I want to cuddle for a little longer

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: NancyChen3

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

The radiance beneath Meng Ting’s eyes lit up even more and the gaze that shot over from him was like it had weighed his entire world down; yet, he was also about to open his entire world up for Yan Sui.

“Yes, that’s okay.” Yan Sui lightly nodded to signify his assent. His hand that was underneath Meng Ting’s chin moved upward before falling onto his soft hair; but after Yan Sui caressed his hair for not even half a moment, Meng Ting pranced into his embrace.

“I also like to cuddle you.”

Nevertheless, what he wanted to express was gratitude. He felt it was not enough to only use the word ‘Thanks’ for Yan Sui had been so tolerant and accepting toward him. Using a hug to express it was also not enough, but that was the most intimate way of expression he could think of at that moment.

After a long while, Yan Sui softly responded with “Mmm” while Meng Ting had found an even more comfortable spot where he rested his head on Yan Sui’s shoulder. Being in that position, the corners of his lips curved up. That was indeed what he liked, just like he said.

Yan Sui’s gaze lowered until they met Meng Ting’s eyes. Then, Meng Ting softly mumbled, “I want to cuddle for a little longer.”

One of the biggest reasons for Meng Ting to go to the banquet tonight was to wait for Yan Sui’s arrival. Since that had happened, he should be able to have a decent night’s sleep.

Yan Sui was going to draw himself away from him because he noticed somebody was watching them; but he hesitated upon hearing Meng Ting’s words. After a moment of hesitation, Yan Sui slowly twined his hands around his waist, while softly patting Meng Ting’s back. They were fiancés — embracing the way they were was not counted as inappropriate whatsoever.

Last night they cuddled for over ten minutes. While tonight, after cuddling for almost half an hour, it was only then that Meng Ting contently let go of him. Feeling exuberant, lights shone in his eyes as he practically wanted to skip about.

Yan Sui caressed his hair again before he held his hand and led him back to the hall.

Yan Sui had already contacted Old Master Meng over the phone. He has also made many arrangements already. Their wedding would not have any more changes. As for He Wan, she definitely would be dissatisfied with Meng Ting one way or another, but she would not show her dissatisfaction before the wedding because, as a conceited person like her, why would she simply contradict her own judgement?!

Even if the gossipers passed the things that had happened here to her ears, she would still only take it as if he purposely created that type of misunderstanding for her to see.

“This is…” A person who was similar in age as Old Master Meng asked Yan Sui. Over the years, he had never taken any male nor female dates with him to any of the banquets and, although Meng Ting was not brought by him, he was the only person who he led and protected wherever they went.

“Fiancée, the wedding invitation will be delivered to your place tomorrow.”

“Ah, okay, congratulations.”

The feeling was completely different when Meng Ting walked around the block with Yan Sui, compared to when he walked around with Meng Qi. Previously, the glares given by those people were as if they wanted to peel away everything from outside to his core, until nothing was left; but now, except for extreme cases, not many people dared to judge him anymore.

Most importantly, he trusted Yan Sui. He felt extremely safe when he was hugged by Yan Sui. When his hand was held by Yan Sui, he also felt safe. Yan Sui was such a great and powerful person in all aspects. He would never beat him in a fight. Therefore, it must be safe!

When Yan Sui chatted to other people for just a short while, his gaze would return to Meng Ting who was not glancing at all corners anymore. He was either looking down or he would be looking at him. He no longer appeared low in spirit like when he saw him before.

“Are you bored?”

“No.” Meng Ting shook his head before he swayed their hands that were still linked side to side. “Following you is truly great. I really like it.”

Toward Yan Sui, Meng Ting was great with his words. It could disrupt Yan Sui’s state of mind with any of his random words.

That was clearly a banquet where Yan Sui would attend. Hence, there was no reason for Su Siyu not to go. He was rather ‘fortunate’ to have witnessed the entire course of Yan Sui’s arrival until he held Meng Ting’s hand and led him out. When he chased them out of the hall, he and Meng Qi saw the two of them embracing each other tightly. Initially, he wanted to go up to them to pull them apart. Unexpectedly, Meng Qi pulled him back.

“That’s my little brother and brother-in-law, what are you going to do when you go over there? What right do you have?” Meng Qi ridiculed and, without any mercy in his tone of voice, Su Siyu was once again dragged back to his past life, during the years when he was unbearably old and charmless… when he did not have any money… when he did not have anyone… when he had nothing. Nothing… nothing at all!

“What right?! No one else has more rights than I do!” Although he said that, he did not step forward.

As soon as Su Siyu and Meng Qi followed their footsteps back to the hall, they heard Yan Sui introducing Meng Ting to everyone. Seeing that, he was unable to control the awkwardness appearing in his expressions.

Nevertheless, even Meng Qi did not try to calm him down this time. He held up a glass and went to find his friend instead because he despised being next to a moody person like Su Siyu, since he would lose his status.

Yan Sui led Meng Ting around the hall once before he took him to where the food was. After he selected a couple of plates of food that Meng Ting liked, they went to find a quiet spot, while Meng Ting ate and watched.

“You eat so much. Why haven’t you gained any meat?” Right now, Yan Sui had the right to speak even more since they cuddled for ages a moment ago.

Meng Ting responded after swallowing all of the food, “I go for a run in the morning. I run every day.”

Without responding, Yan Sui took out a napkin from his pocket, then he slightly turned toward Meng Ting to wipe off the cream that was left on his cheek.

Meng Ting blinked his eyes blankly and lowered his head to continue to eat. After he finished the whole plate, he lifted his eyes and glanced at Yan Sui, then his cheeks reddened bit by bit from Yan Sui’s gesture [1] — that reaction arrived so slowly, like it had circled around the earth once first; but nothing was unknown in the end [2].

([1]. The original text did not have “from Yan Sui’s gesture”. This was added since the author mentioned that MT blinked his eyes and it wasn’t until after he finished eating that he reacted and his face became red. So, I assumed it was because of YS’s gesture.)

([2]. This is one of many lines that the author likes to throw in where it doesn’t make any sense. :()

As for Yan Sui, just like he promised Meng Ting — he has tried to like him, and that was not hard. It was not hard at all.



26 thoughts on “BMHS : Chapter 13.2 – I want to cuddle for a little longer

    1. Loyalthot

      I’m starting to rlly like Meng Qi for some reason. Hopefully the author won’t decide to make him a villain and he and Meng Ting would be able to build rapport as real brothers.


  1. Thank you for the update and your hard work 😄. I really love all the sweetness and fluffiness that this book have to offer. Now this green tea needs to find a cliff and just jump, that’s the only right you have.

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  2. Pa Nana

    Aww~ those two are so sweet and natural as always. I am starting to have a better opinion of Meng Qi now, let just hope that he does not go and ruin that. Thanks for the chapter.

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  3. nadyvina

    “that reaction arrived so slowly, like it had circled around the earth once first; but nothing was unknown in the end” I cracked reading this line hahahaha

    Hey I´m quite sure I was reading this in another site…would you believe that I just take note of it when Su Siyu remembered his past? damishhh what kind of airhead am I?
    Ohh Meng Qi…please live up to my initials expectatons of you…you know that I supported you since the begging of times (well, maybe not since the beggining xD)

    Hey Su Siyu…please keep calm…try to stay good, now you are so beautiful, there will be someone for you, this one has been already taken…or else you´ll have an even worse end than before…

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    1. justlynniehere

      its on wattpad, just search for Beloved marriage in high society chap 3 on google and you should be able to find it


  4. Aoi

    Ehh so many people in the comments saying Su Siyu was reborn. I just assumed that by past life, he meant before he was adopted into the family. I’ll continue believing that until more conclusive wording pops up 🙂


  5. Katlyn

    Every time Meng Ting says something smooth I just imagine Yan Sui standing there with a blank face and the old AOL dial up tone sounding in his head.


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