TUMBT : Chapter 63

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: KrisLo89

Proofreader: KainGuru, Zeraphiel25

The Third Prince pushed open the door to the room and the sight inside surprised him.

The room has been completely turned into a warm hue. There were some tacky-looking flowers and plants, in addition to Mu Xueshi’s poor hand writing on the wall. The Third Prince suddenly remembered that when he was young, Lin Yue held his hand as they sketched simple flowers and plants on the ground. They were like Mu Xueshi’s hand writings now — very childlike, but quite warm.

Mu Xueshi saw the gentle lines on the Third Prince’s face — displeasure and disappointment suddenly vanished. He knew that it was impossible for the Third Prince to give him a compliment, but since the Third Prince obviously softened up, it meant that he has been completely successful.

“Thank you very much. You gave me so much encouragement…” Mu Xueshi gave the Third Prince a bear hug. His whole person appeared unusually excited and joyful.

The Third Prince thanked him in his heart but was surprised when Mu Xueshi actually thanked him back. He was utterly taken aback. Mu Xueshi embraced the Third Prince and the Third Prince felt very comfortable. When he forced him before, it did not have that warm feeling. Mu Xueshi’s body smelled like child’s milk — people could not help but want to get close to him.

Realizing that he was relishing this feeling for too long, the Third Prince gently pushed Mu Xueshi away and restored his cold countenance. Mu Xueshi was made accustomed to this kind of short-term tender feelings, so he did not go too far to pursue the problem that the Third Prince was always indifferent toward him.

The Third Prince’s complexion was rather good. Mu Xueshi was itching to get on with it so toward the Third Prince, he said: “Take me out to play. Ever since I came here, you haven’t taken me out to have a short walk. It’s getting so stuffy all day long in here. Is the bazaar fun here? Do you hunt? Do you know how to shoot arrows? Teach me…”

“No!” The Third Prince said without mercy: “During the eight-day festival, in order to show respect for the ancestors, you shouldn’t have any thought of playing around.”

Mu Xueshi heard this, and his little face immediately fell down. He looked sadly at the Third Prince and said: “But after the eight-day festival, I have to go back to prison, and then I can’t play with you… Perhaps… I may even die…”

When the Third Prince heard this, he suddenly became confused and asked: “Why will you die?”

Mu Xueshi heard the Third Prince’s question and quickly explained: “It’s just that… Perhaps I’m afraid that you’d condemn me, so I’m afraid that I won’t be spared…”

The Third Prince’s mind became sluggish. This reminded him that Mu Xueshi was the enemy he had initially tried to retaliate. In less than half a month later, he would go back to his previous life. What about now? What would he do now? Was this person still the same person whom he initially wanted to punish? Why did he not punish him, even for just a bit?

Mu Xueshi saw that the Third Prince’s expression stagnated. Thinking that he was a little bit shaken, Mu Xueshi quickly added: “Can we… Play for a day? During the eight-day festival, is it all right for you to spare me for a day?”

After saying that, Mu Xueshi knelt down. While clinging on to the Third Prince’s leg, he was begging as he spoke, but his eyes were undaunted. He would say anything to make this ‘refrigerator’ take him out to play for a day. He definitely should not leave with even just a bit of regret.

In fact, if the Third Prince would nudge a little harder, he could shake this person off of his body. Unfortunately, he was surprisingly unconcerned. Toward Mu Xueshi on the ground, he said: “Regarding this matter, let’s plan for it in the days to come…”

“Wa!” Mu Xueshi suddenly jumped up. He laughed and said: “Then you just made a promise. I guess you’d have to promise…” After he finished speaking, Mu Xueshi bounced as he ran to go to the courtyard. He picked the sword up that the Third Prince bestowed upon him and playfully brandished it for a short period of time. He looked unspeakably ludicrous.



One thought on “TUMBT : Chapter 63

  1. Ima

    Hahaha, I really love how Jidan writes her ukes. Even though (from the novel translated so far) most of her uke are fairly masculine to begins with and Mu Xueshi is the first ‘feminine-looking’ uke I’ve read from her, instead of indulging on how beautiful and cute he is, he becomes a bit crazy, 😂😂 I love it!
    Thank you so much!!

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