HIHEZL : 34. We Are Also Not Good People

(Title – 我们也不是好人
– Wo Men Yě Bú Shi Hăo Rén – We Are Also Not Good People)

Author: Angelina

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Today, Xia Jiazuo unexpectedly prepared a hot pot for everyone in the stronghold. He brought an electric stove, a pot and also a variety of dishes. Everyone gathered around it. The hot pot boiled with its fragrance wafting about. Chu Haoyu was stirring the pot with his chopsticks while saying: “Since we played with Ying Xiujie during the last National Holidays, we should go to my house for winter. I’m going to make you guys see what’s the true essence of boobies! Come to think of it, it seems Zhi Li hasn’t been to my house for a long time.”

“Zhi Li has been to your house?!” Gong Zhu asked with his eyes opened wide. Chu Haoyu had anticipated this kind of meddlesomeness.

“Yes, of course. It was when we were in senior high school. We even talked about the shapes and sizes of boobs together.”

These words made everyone look at him with doubt. Even Zhou Xinhe said: “Haoyu, are you telling the truth?”

Chu Haoyu was dejected: “He threw all of the discs at my head and doodled on the exposed posters that I posted in the guest room where he slept. I even gave him a warm pillow out of hospitality and I wanted to entertain him well, too.”

“Isn’t that a bit too much? Did you get angry?” asked Xia Jiazuo.

“Get angry for what?” Chu Haoyu was at a loss as he asked.

Xia Jiazuo looked at this group in disbelief: “You’ve all been cursed by Zhi Li, right?”

Chu Haoyu laughed like a fool and scratched his head: “Brutally cursed.”

“You’ve been beaten by Zhi Li, too, am I right?”

Ying Xiu Jie also laughed like a fool and scratched his head: “Brutally beaten.”

“Then, since it’s like this, why do you still want to stay with him? Is it because he’s so powerful that you guys are scared to go against him? In my opinion, he’s so terrible. Have you all been living in fear? Even if Zhi Li isn’t here, it doesn’t matter. Just like now, doesn’t it feel so good? Isn’t everyone happier when you’re with me? I feel so sad because Zhi Li doesn’t like me. It’s good that I’m not here when he’s here. I don’t like violence. Anyway, Zhi Li doesn’t seem to come here, nor does he want to have a good relationship with you guys either. Isn’t it that he really makes things difficult for everyone? He doesn’t seem to force you guys to take sides, isn’t this a good opportunity? Break away from Zhi Li.”

When Xia Jiazuo finished sharing his opinion, everyone’s chopsticks stopped.

After a long time, Chu Haoyu put down his chopsticks: “Even though you give me these things, I’m very happy, because why not? It’s free. If you really want to make friends, to be honest, I don’t mind. But if you want to replace Zhi Li, I’m sorry but you don’t have this qualification yet.”

“Haoyu, you…”

“I… have been very obsessed with women’s breasts since senior high school and I didn’t care much about my image. Everyday my hair looked greasy and my face was oily. I wore thick and heavy glasses and dressed very slovenly. I only knew how to hold those kind of books in my embrace and indulge in my own world all day long. All of the girls and boys in our class thought that I was a pervert. My only dream was indeed to be a pervert. No one understood me, and they even told our teacher. At that time, our senior high school was very strict about these things. Although I secretly brought it in, our teacher was still able to capture a lot of my books. In the end, the teacher threw those books at my face and said, ‘I feel sick seeing people like you.’ But one day, Zhi Li came to me with a thick stack of H books that had been captured by our teacher. Originally, our teacher told him to throw it away, but he was too lazy to go to the trash can and when he was about to leave, he told me: ‘Even if you want to be a pervert, you don’t have to look so wretched.’ I gained strength from it. He showed me the way of life. From then on, I changed my appearance and became handsome, cheerful and willing to interact with others. I also got more friends. Although I always talk about boobs, those girls in my class would just blush and laugh.” It turned out that Chu Haoyu and Zhi Li also had such a very perverted memory. To one’s surprise, the main reason why Chu Haoyu now could be so open and could go overboard was because of Zhi Li!!!

Ying Xiujie also put his chopsticks down: “I… am a fool who only likes to fight regardless of the consequences, so I don’t even have someone to be counted on as a friend. I thought I was going to be like this all my life. Because of fighting, I became lonely, but because of that loneliness, I also liked to fight more. Right at that moment, Zhi Li showed up. Although he brutally beat me up, as a matter of fact, that was also what I was looking for. When we stole a chicken, he helped us pay for it. Whether it was during our military training or at other times, he always helped us deal with the terrible mess that we made, so I wouldn’t be like the way I was back in my previous school wherein I frequently asked for my parents to come over when I get a demerit.” Ying Xiujie remembered that a few days ago, he was in the toilet beating a bastard who bullied a girl. After he finished, he accidentally met Zhi Li. He was afraid that Zhi Li would go in and find out, so he sneaked away. He did not know why but during that day, he did not run far away. After a short while, he turned and went back again. He hid outside the comfort room’s door. He saw that Zhi Li was stepping on that man’s stomach, who had just been beaten up by Ying Xiujie. He coldly asked: “Who was the one who just hit you?”

“Ying… Ying Xiujie.”

“What?” Zhi Li increased his strength.

“Ying Xiujie.” The man said louder.


“Ng…” The man groaned in pain. Zhi Li bent over and with one hand on his knee, he waited for the man’s answer: “So… I’ll ask you one more time. Who was the one who just hit you?”

“I, I don’t know.”

Zhi Li put his foot, which was on that man’s stomach, down: “Since you understand it, I won’t say anything more.” At that moment, in Ying Xiujie’s eyes, Zhi Li shone with a bright and dazzling golden ray. Ying Xiujie felt that there was something that blurred his eyes. He was fired up. Now, this was a man, a real man!! Compared with him, his gap was still too great!! It was strange to say that Ying Xiujie was moved.

Zhou Xinhe put down her chopsticks: “Although you just blindly praised me how good the food was, at first, I was happy to hear it, but then I became numb of your praises. I… I like all of the opinions that Zhi Li Daren gave me. I don’t taste my own dishes too much myself, but after being reminded by him, I also felt my dishes became better than before. It’s also because of this that when Zhi Li Daren only said something so short and simple, that it was delicious, indeed it’s absolutely delicious. I’d feel satisfied in my heart. I’m stubborn and very troublesome when it comes to cooking. I always think of new dishes. No matter if Zhi Li Daren’s free or not, I want him to try it, and he never showed any hesitation.”

Gong Zhu put down his chopsticks: “I, as a spare tire for life, don’t want to say anything more. In this life, I’ll only follow Zhi Li Daren and no one else. Zhi Li brought together in a group, people who can’t make friends so harmoniously, suppressed Haoyu’s ecstasy and prevented Ying Xiujie from going berserk… I don’t even know that, without Zhi Li Daren, our group would become such a mess.”

At that moment, Zhang Luo came in and handed back the computer that Xia Jiazuo had bought for him: “A wife can’t be changed casually and Zhi Li once said that my wife’s name sounds very beautiful. This is the first time that no one has laughed at my wife’s name.”

“Unfortunately, we’re also not good people. It’s natural that we must follow someone who’s even more evil than we are. Originally, we wanted to wait for you to finish the meal and tell you that. It’s better for you to leave. Zhi Li doesn’t like you. He must have his own reason and we also respect his reason.”

“Is this your intention, Xia Jiazuo?” Su Youyan appeared from outside the door and she saw that Xia Jiazuo was surprised: “Why are you so surprised? You want me to get rid of my scar? It means that you also think that this scar doesn’t look good. This is why you can never be compared to Zhi Li. Zhi Li thinks that my face is very beautiful. It’s true that Zhi Li has never flattered us but he accepts us. Our weaknesses are not weaknesses in his eyes. You obviously don’t like that Chu Haoyu’s talks about chests and you obviously don’t like violence. Why do you want to force yourself so hard? Is it to take everyone away from Zhi Li?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. What I said was just a joke. You guys don’t have to take it so seriously either.” Xia Jiazuo maintained his composure and smiled, a warm smile similar to the smile of an angel. Yes, it was like an angel’s.

“I have three things to tell you.” Su Youyan walked around behind Xia Jiazuo and she put her slender fingers on Xia Jiazuo’s shoulder: “First, I hate angels, especially hypocritical angels. Second, a brilliant smile can’t cure people. Third, angels shouldn’t arbitrarily fall into the lair of evildoers. That will only take them to the road of their own doom.”

“I just want to correct your life, that’s all. Following Zhi Li and making trouble all day long — isn’t it obvious that there’s other things that you can do together? Like helping others.”

Chu Haoyu and Ying Xiujie could not help but laugh: “What up with this ‘helping others,’ helping others with what? Is there something wrong with you? How we’re going to live on campus is our business. Don’t you think that’s weird?”

“Yeah, do you really want to do good for our sakes or do you want to do good for us because you envy Zhi Li? Even if you have many friends, how many of them aren’t real friends? Schoolmate, you should consider checking on what’s wrong with your own self.” Gong Zhu said as he looked at Xia Jiazuo with a heavy heart.

“You wouldn’t understand.” Xia Jiazuo left the building angrily, but he ran into Ke Bu, who had been standing outside all along. He held his hand against the wall: “It turned out to be like that.”

“Ke Bu, you… you will certainly understand me, right? I obviously really like you. Aren’t we the same?”

“Don’t make me feel sick. No wonder I can’t see it. It turns out you look kind-hearted but you’re really not kind-hearted. Because your parents quarrel, you want to seek balance outside. This pressure has distorted your mind, so you put hope in school and you want the school to be peaceful. A few days ago, we made a big fuss because of the challenge. You can’t sit still. You think we have broken the balance. You want to use your way to infect us. Ah Xia Jiazuo… you’re wrong, so wrong. This school isn’t yours. We aren’t yours. You want to control everyone. You want to control your friends. You want to stay in the soft and gentle nest that you set up and avoid quarrels. You’re wrong. You’re too foolhardy. Can someone change the world? You’re wrong for not being realistic enough. Although we have many weaknesses, although we often quarrel, we’re very real.”




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  1. Vei Kyuu

    “We’re very real” nice one Ke Bu ❤ now.. where's Zhi Li Darens' kiss from you? xD hahahaha Thank you very very much for the chapter!! Fightoooo!! Waaaaa looking forward to their make up moment (lol I don't know how to phrase it but yeah) hahaha


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    Yes I totally agree with you.
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