BMHS : Chapter 14.1 – You’re indeed like a treasure

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: chiangyushien, NancyChen3

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

“Do you still want to eat? I’ll get it for you.”

Meng Ting rolled his eyes as he pondered, then he nodded lightly. He had already decided he will not go to the kitchen to get sandwiches from tomorrow onward, since he could only endure his morning runs by having enough midnight supper anyway. “I want to eat meat.”


Yan Sui got up and went to get food for Meng Ting, while Meng Ting obediently sat and waited for him to come back.

He continued to eat the remaining food on the other plate until it was finished. Only then did he lift his eyes to search for Yan Sui’s figure. As for Yan Sui, his figure had been long blocked by the people that walked back and forth in the hall.

Meng Ting had not captured the silhouette that belonged to Yan Sui in the crowd yet, when a handsome man, who looked quite familiar, sat where Yan Sui sat earlier. Moreover, he stared at Meng Ting with a gloomy expression.

As he was deep in thoughts, Meng Ting was certain he did not owe money to anyone. Therefore, this man definitely was not there to collect debts from him. With that in mind, his eyes quickly moved away as he continued to search for Yan Sui.

“You’re really happy, right?”

Seeing Meng Ting did not react to his words in the slightest, Su Siyu repeated them once more, “You’ve seized what I have missed out on. You will soon marry Yan Sui. You’re really happy, right.”

For the first half of the sentence, Meng Ting truly did not understand, but for the latter part of the sentence, Su Siyu actually guessed it correctly — Meng Ting was very happy to marry Yan Sui.

He turned his head back and looked at Su Siyu. He neither did shake nor nod his head. He did not think he had to tell him the truth since he did not know him personally.

Su Siyu sneered coldly before he finally introduced himself, “I’m Yan Sui’s former fiancée, Su Siyu.”

Meng Ting had never heard anything about the former fiancée, but he did hear the name Su Siyu just before he came to the banquet and there was no chance of him not knowing him now. So that was the ‘Su Siyu’ who confessed to Yan Sui and got rejected?!

What was the reason he came to look for him? Meng Ting could not understand. As for his marriage to Yan Sui, he had no choice whatsoever, to this date. At the most, he was merely too cooperative… Could that be the reason? With that in mind, Meng Ting was not sure whether he could be considered wronged or not.

“Meng Ting, let me tell you something. Yan Sui won’t be able to escape from the palm of my hands…”

With his eyebrows knitted together, Meng Ting’s expression turned alarmed from when he was merely in thoughts. “Are you going to hurt him?”

Unable to escape the palm of his hands — Was it not only something a bad person would say? That hateful look on Su Siyu’s face — could it be that he was Yan Sui’s real enemy? If that was the case, should he beat up Su Siyu on Yan Sui’s behalf to make him feel scared?

“I like him. I want to chase him.”

Su Siyu regarded all the reactions on Meng Ting’s face as he was deliberately making fun of himself, but he did not mind at all so he bluntly said those words to Meng Ting.

With regret, Meng Ting held back on the idea to beat him up, then seriously he shook his head at Su Siyu. “This isn’t good. You like another person’s husband. It’s not good.”

“There’s a saying, how does it go…” Meng Ting suddenly had a mental block. He could not remember what he wanted to say whatsoever. Because of that, he lowered his eyes as he tried his best to remember it.

Su Siyu was infuriated by his words and the way he acted. Under the watchful eyes of many people, apart from voicing up, it was impossible for him to be able to do anything else to Meng Ting.

“Do you think by saying this, I’ll give up?” Su Siyu slightly leaned forward while his gaze turned sterner than before. However, Meng Ting looked up and he looked even more regretful. “I’m sorry. I can’t remember how that saying goes. I’ll tell you when I remember it again.”

As Meng Ting continued to feel the regret, Su Siyu did not know how to react at the moment. All the while, the two men that stood behind Meng Ting were no longer able to hold back their laughter upon hearing the entire conversation. They held their stomach as they laughed loudly, “Ha ha ha!”

“Ha ha ha!”

One of the men who was laughing was Gu Lang, while the other was the eldest grandson of the Zhongs, Zhong Ming.

The corner that Yan Sui found was rather secluded. Somehow, they also found the spot. It was a ‘coincidence’ that they witnessed such a comedic moment.

“Oh, where did Yan Sui find this treasure? I want one, too.” Zhong Ming said while Gu Lang nodded in agreement. It would be fun taking that ‘treasure’ out even if it would cause annoyance to others. Besides, Meng Ting was so good looking.

Lifting his eyes up, Meng Ting looked at them as he still could not comprehend. Su Siyu turned with an awkward complexion. He wished he could directly dig a hole in the ground. Right at that moment, Yan Sui also came back and heard Zhong Ming’s last sentence.

Yan Sui swept his gaze across them, then he continued walking toward Meng Ting before he stood next to him. At first, he placed the plate on the table, then he straightened his body again. Putting his arm around Meng Ting’s shoulders, Yan Sui looked toward Su Siyu. “What do you want?”

Without waiting for Su Siyu to speak, he continued, “If there isn’t anything you want, then don’t come over. My fiancée and I don’t want to be disturbed.”

If it had not been for Madame Su’s good relationship with his grandmother, Yan Sui would not have limited himself with only those words and let Su Siyu get away with it so easily.

As for Su Siyu, he seemed as if he could not understand words of rejection. He even dared to approach Meng Ting. He really caused people to feel unhappy as he pestered endlessly.

These few days, Su Siyu seemed to be experiencing all the embarrassment he had once faced before.

Hearing Yan Sui’s words, his complexion was utterly unsightly. Letting out a sneer, he turned around and took his leave. He walked straight out of the hall and got into the car. He could no long bare to stay until the end of the Zhongs’ banquet.

Facing Yan Sui’s chilly glare, Zhong Ming and Gu Lang were unable laugh even if they wanted to.

As a response to the glare, they did not continue to sit on their own. Both of them got up and sat across Yan Sui and Meng Ting.

Yan Sui retracted his glare before his gaze landed on Meng Ting, then he sat down, “Here, eat.”

On the pair of plates, other than meat, there was also vegetable salad. He was indeed very considerate.



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