Jubo : Text 010. Boss Chu

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: tend0u

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

“Boss, this is the owner of Mount Feng Xia, Wang Cheng.” In a split second, Zhang Yiheng broke the silence of the reception room, then he introduced the man to Wang Cheng: “Mister Wang, this is our Hua Ying Real Estate’s boss, Mister Chu.”

After he finished talking, he placed the documents on the tea table and took the initiative to leave.

There was only Wang Cheng and the man left in this spacious and bright reception room. This was his first time coming to this kind of high-class clubhouse. Wang Cheng started with a little formality. He did not know how to put his hands and feet, but his nature was more unrestrained. It was only for a moment that he had a ‘smash the pot if it’s already cracked [1]’ mood. He did not come here for an interview anyway.

([1]「破罐子破摔」an idiom which means when you see something is hopeless, you will do it recklessly.)

“Boss Chu, regarding Mount Feng Xia, I’ll still stick to my original decision. Unless you all promise ‘I won’t demolish Wu Yin Temple,’ I won’t sell it.”

“As far as I know, this temple can no longer be called a temple. There’s a lot of dilapidated parts in many places that can’t be repaired anymore. If you want to restore its original appearance, it will cost us more than tens of millions and it was never included in my project’s plan. Mister Wang, you should be familiar with the saying ‘Pull one hair and you move the whole body [2].’ If I’d agree to your request, all of the effort done by my subordinates will be in vain. Not only will this overthrow and redo our plans, but the original propaganda theme must also be changed. The loss will be immeasurable.”

([2]「牵一发而动全身」the butterfly effect – a slight change will affect everything else.)

The man’s voice was low and pleasant to hear, but the words that he had spoken were not so wonderful to hear in Wang Cheng’s ear.

“If you will give up on Mount Feng Xia, your losses will even be greater.”

Although Wang Cheng has been a monk since he was a child, he has also had a high school education. His knowledge may not be as broad as the majority, but he also knew that what the man said was correct. Nevertheless, with his sentiments, he also could not back down from this matter. Wu Yin temple was not just a memory — it carried the feelings and dedication of the old monk for decades.

“You’re very clever.” The man leaned back to the sofa. His long hands and legs were full of indolent elegance. It was not the temperament that ‘nouveau riches’ could manifest.

“Thank you for the compliment.” Wang Cheng revealed a little complacent smile, but he was unaware that the man has been observing him.

Putting in so much energy was enough to show that the Hua Ying Real Estate was determined to win over Mount Feng Xia. Giving up was never an option for them. If they would accept his request, it would only mean that they would have to spend tens of millions to repair the temple. Perhaps there would be a need to change the landscape of the scenic spots, but it was better than nothing.

Wang Cheng was certain that Hua Ying Real Estate would eventually accept it. Although he did not know much about Hua Ying Real Estate — a company that he has never heard of before — they took out so much money to purchase the land. This would only mean that they are not short of money.

“I can agree to your request, but there’s one condition.” In a short while, the man crossed his big long legs. Wang Cheng shifted his attention there, then he quickly moved back.

“What’s the condition?”

“Become Hua Ying Real Estate Company’s employee, but you won’t get any wages. The deadline would be until the completion of the scenic area. This is the only solution. Of course, you can also refuse it.” The man opened his mouth to say this.

Wang Cheng suspected that if he dared to refuse, this man would surely make him regret it; however, he did not dare to easily agree. Who knew what the trap will be. Although he felt that he had nothing which could make the other party want to scam him, what should he do if he fell in love with his charm?

“Boss Chu, I just want to ask you, why did you ask me to join your company?” Wang Cheng touched his bald head. He still could not quite understand why the other party suddenly made this proposal. His academic qualification was not high, and he was also a country boy. He had nothing to be regarded as important.

“No one’s more familiar with Mount Feng Xia than you.”

“….” Narcissism was not illegal. Wang Cheng took a deep breath, ” I understand. I need to think about this matter first. Boss Chu, can I get back to you about this in two days?”

“You can.” The man walked to his desk, took a business card, and gave it to him, “When you’ve made a decision, just give me a call.”

Wang Cheng took the business card. It was a gilded black business card and there was not much decoration. He swept toward the middle line. That was the man’s name — Chu Yifeng!

Zhang Yiheng asked his assistant, Fang Tian, to send Wang Cheng back to the Wangs’ Village in the county of Shiquan. On principle, a person who did not take advantage was a bastard. Besides, he was truly broke right at that moment. Therefore, he did not reject the other party’s kindness. He bluntly said thank you to them, then got into the car.

“Boss, what do you think of Wang Cheng?” Zhang Yiheng took back the documents on the tea table when he went back to the boss’s office. When he went out, he could not help but ask. Looking at Wang Cheng’s expression, did his conversation with the boss not seem to go smoothly?

“He has good looks.” The man did not lift his head.





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