BMHS : Chapter 14.2 – You’re indeed like a treasure

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: chiangyushien, NancyChen3

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

Meng Ting was not a picky eater. He ate the food with gusto while Yan Sui, Zhong Ming, and Gu Lang talked about trivial matters. After quite a while, Meng Ting lifted his head and looked toward Gu Lang and Zhong Ming, before he asked with uncertainty, “Were you laughing at me just now?”

But, Meng Ting hadn’t done anything embarrassing!

Hearing that, Gu Lang and Zhong Ming paused and tried their best to hold their desire to laugh, “We don’t dare to… don’t dare to.”

Under Yan Sui’s watchful eyes, they would not dare to do so.

Although Zhong Ming would most likely be the head of the Zhongs in the future, he would still have to wait twenty or thirty years. There was still a big difference compared to Yan Sui, who already held the power in the Yan family. Outsiders all felt their relationship was ordinary; in fact, it was ‘ordinary.’ However, this kind of ‘ordinary’ was not the same as with others. Their friendship was merely a tad bit more ordinary than close friends.

In the past, they were closer. However, ever since Yan Sui became the head of their family, only his grandfather or his dad attended the banquets to catch up with the other side. Because of this, their friendship gradually drifted. For that exact reason, he was able to speak to Yan Sui more casually than the others.

“Hey, you haven’t answered the question I asked before?”

Yan Sui pondered over it for a moment, “He just fell from heaven.” Therefore, he was someone that was given by luck and could not be sought.

When he realized Yan Sui’s alternate meaning, Zhong Ming restrained himself from his gossiping spirit with great effort, then he elbowed Gu Lang. From that gesture, it was obvious that Gu Lang knew more inside, but when he asked him about it before, Gu Lang did not spill a single word to him.

Gu Lang hissed. His movement was rather exaggerated. The other three men, including Meng Ting, all stared at him. He rubbed his ribs where Zhong Ming elbowed, before he changed the topic, “Did you mean to say that there’s plenty of fish in the sea before?”

Hearing that, Meng Ting could not care to eat anymore and widened his eyes, “Yes, that’s it. I just couldn’t remember it before.”

“You’re so smart.” Meng Ting was dumbfounded seeing how Gu Lang knew what he was thinking.

If Gu Lang had not said it, Meng Ting would probably ponder over it for the next few days. He looked around to look for Su Siyu so he could tell him, but he was already long gone. “Next time when he looks for me again, I’ll tell him.”

Seeing that the two men in front of him were trying to hold in their laugher, Meng Ting self-reflected, then he restrained the exclaimed expression on his face, before he straightened his body, “Actually, if I was given more time, I would have definitely remembered. Honestly.”

He was actually not hopelessly stupid… No, maybe he was.

Yan Sui raised his hand, landing on Meng Ting’s hair as he gently caressed it. After he swept his glare toward Gu Lang and Zhong Ming, their expressions immediately turned serious. However, it seemed they still could not contain their laughter that was about to sneakily leak out.

However, Meng Ting was able to feel that kind of laughter was not malicious whatsoever. Hence, he merely glanced at them again, then he lowered his head and continued to eat his food.

In general, everyone felt Meng Ting would be the one to be disadvantaged compared to Su Siyu. In truth, not only did Su Siyu not receive the slightest bit of advantage, he was provoked to utter enragement.

If it was not for the sincerity in Meng Ting’s eyes, everyone would have truly thought Meng Ting purposely evoked Su Siyu’s anger.

Being shielded by Yan Sui, not many people noticed how much Meng Ting ate. Even if they were shocked after noticing it, they did not dare to express their opinions.

The banquet had come to the final segment, which was ballroom dancing. The guests danced and drank, while the four of them sat in that corner for half of the night already. To be exact, they had accompanied Meng Ting the entire night as he ate his meal.

Meng Ting’s tummy was like a bottomless cave. It appeared that no matter how much food Yan Sui served him, he could still finish it.

Being influenced by him, Gu Lang and Zhong Ming also ate a lot but the taste was the same for them, but the food did not taste as good as how Meng Ting made it look like when he ate it. However, since they were bored, it was rather fun to chat while they ate.

The banquet came to an end after the ballroom dancing. As for Meng Ting and Yan Sui, they had to part as well.

Zhong Ming stood up to see Yan Sui off, while Meng Ting followed closely beside Yan Sui. Finally, it was only then that Meng Ting let out the words he had held within him for a long time, “I don’t think I was fallen from heaven.” Obviously, he came from the Meng family and he was once not wanted by the others.

“Is it because I’m a treasure, that’s why I must fall from heaven?”

During the entire evening, Yan Sui did not know how many times he had laughed because of Meng Ting. He gently stroked his hair, “You’re indeed a treasure.” He was also about to become his treasure.

Meng Ting had never thought that he had any special qualities of being a ‘treasure.’ Could it possibly be because he was stupid?

“I… I still need to think about this for a while.”

The confusion within his gaze caused the charmingness to fade from his amorous eyes. Seeing that, both Gu Lang and Zhong Ming felt an itch in their hands; not to mention, the intuitive feelings that Yan Sui was able to sense directly.

Yan Sui moved his hand away from Meng Ting’s hair, then he held his hand instead. “You can think about it slowly. It doesn’t matter how long it takes,” he whispered once again.

Having waited for quite a while, Meng Qi approached them as soon as he saw them walking out of the hall. Even though he was displeased with Yan Sui, he did not express his feelings inappropriately on his face. Contrarily, he smiled at Yan Sui and the others before he looked toward Meng Ting.

It was already late at night. It was unnecessary for Yan Sui to take him home as it was too much effort. With that in mind, Meng Ting slowly let go of Yan Sui’s hand and walked away. After he took one step forward, he turned around and he looked toward Yan Sui’s direction. “I will think carefully. I will tell you when I see you next.”

“Okay.” Yan Sui acknowledged. The gentleness in his expression was something that Gu Lang and the others had never seen before. Suddenly, they understood. Yan Sui has been defeated by Meng Ting.

Meng Ting turned back around and followed Meng Qi back to the car. After he got in the car, he rolled down the window and stretched half of his head out before smiling at Yan Sui from afar.

Then, he extended one of his hands out. He waved and waved until the car took off — taking away Meng Ting, who was evidently reluctant to be parted from Yan Sui.



30 thoughts on “BMHS : Chapter 14.2 – You’re indeed like a treasure

  1. Blood A

    Next time I will need to prevent myself and have insulin close by, MT is so sweet that I became a diabetic, but since I love the fluff I will be waiting for the next one. (*´艸`*)
    Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕

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  2. not sure if i should be worried for meng’s eating habits
    reminds me of the behavior of a feral cat, where they eat as much as they can at once because they expect to not eat again in a while

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    1. It’s the behavior of a lot of abused people, especially kids (a bit exaggerated for the purpose of the story). They horde food & eat like there is no tomorrow if given the opportunity. It tends to take years of security & most time a healthy dose of therapy to get closer to equilibrium & even then, many would tell you that they keep snacks on hand & have a different reaction towards food then most developed countries people do.

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      1. Som

        You get this with financially insecure people, too – the food insecure. When you don’t know where your next meal is coming from, or when, you develop a different relationship to food.

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  3. Turbo

    I don’t know who changed the intro in NU, but I got a good laugh after reading it. Because, it was actually accurate🤣🤣🤣😂


  4. nadyvina

    Wich one was the original description?…there are two right? I think the first one is the most accurate to where we are right now…but don´t know if in future chapters it changes…however I can´t really relate too much the second one with our novel…

    Ohh so irritantingly cute….

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  5. Som

    I love that the other guys, a few years older, were trying to keep pace and appreciate the food in the same manner as Meng Ting. Part of the reason his stomach has no bottom is his age; at 17 he’s still growing. The other two have probably finished, or they’re not quite into the last growth spurt around mid-20s. At least they tried to meet him where he is, without condescending, or being snotty.

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  6. mcsmacky

    Have you given up this translation? Another translator has posted Chapter 3 of this translation on Novel Updates.


  7. Oh my, Meng Qi actually disliked Yan Sui 😅 I hope he stays as protective older cousin that swatted away flies that coveted his younger cousin’s husband, and not falling for the younger cousin for real. And Meng Ting reluctant to part with Yan Sui.. aww


  8. Fate

    With corona and all thats happening now this kind of pure innocence is what we need. Thank you for the chapter


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