HIHEZL : 36. Darling, Hand Over That Thing

(Title – 乖乖把东西交出来 – Guāi Guāi Bā Dōng Xi Jiāo Chū Lái – Darling, Hand Over That Thing)

Author: Angelina

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Ke Bu finished class and was preparing to change classrooms. The classes in which they were attending were usually held in several classrooms. He had something in his mind that was worrying him so much. He tightened his brows and thought hard. All of a sudden, he caught sight of Su Youyan and Zhi Li, who had just met because the class just ended. He did not know what the two of them were talking about, but the atmosphere seemed to be very good. Ke Bu tightened his eyebrows even more. Those two good-looking people standing together would definitely attract others’ attentions. Ke Bu was very angry. He walked over and accused them: “Can you guys not be too close? Although I’m a man, I still hate it and feel jealous. What do you think of me? Of course I’d be angry, too. You’re too much. I really can’t tolerate it anymore. Do you guys even know that my heart is aching? It’s bleeding and burning, can’t you see? No matter how you explain it, if you want me to forgive this licentious woman, there’s only one way to do it. Youyan must hand me over the exam’s answer keys.” It turned out that this was the thing that was making him worry!! In front of a great number of dramas, the last sentence revealed everything.

Those two coldly looked at Ke Bu. Their eyes were full of disdain. Both of them did not speak. Su Youyan just left and returned to her own classroom. Ke Bu followed Zhi Li from behind with hatred. Laozi has many ways to get the answer keys. If this one isn’t effective, there’re still other ways. Let me think about it. When Zhi Li turned around, he saw that Ke Bu was gnashing his teeth.

“If you want to graduate, study hard.”

“You’re not qualified to talk to me like that.” After saying this, Ke Bu smiled: “You see, Your Excellency Zhi Li, I really didn’t learn much this month because I’ve been with you since then. I feel that my delicate heart has always been pounding and I can’t concentrate in class. I want to get good grades for the last exam in this semester.” In order to get the answer keys, Ke Bu even said all of these.

“You’d rather avoid your own responsibilities.”

“No, how can I? I just want to tell you, I have lots…” In the end, his own intent was defeated by the mood. It was not easy to say it out loud.

“I know you have lots of love for me.” Zhi Li said with a not salty, not light [1] tone.

([1]「不咸不淡」 “not salty, not light” means “ordinary.”)

“I haven’t said anything yet.” Why? It was Zhi Li who said these kinds of words but it was him who felt shy. He used his usual way of speaking. When the two arrived at the classroom, Ke Bu realized that the conversation dragged on further and further.

After the second class, there was a break for twenty minutes. He looked for Su Youyan again. Ke Bu patiently persuaded her: “Sis, please give it to me. The final exam’s score is very important. I certainly will study hard next semester. You also know that this semester’s really not easy.” Su Youyan was unmoved so Ke Bu continued: “Even if you don’t take into consideration our long-time harmonious relationship, you have to consider that I’m Zhi Li’s lover. If I don’t do well on the exam and feel depressed, then Zhi Li, who loves me, will definitely also be not in a good mood.”

“I can see the evil in your eyes.”

“Don’t!” Ke Bu was going to say more but Su Youyan interrupted him: “But Zhi Li told me that he’d let you do bad on the exams and then you’ll use this as a motivation to study harder. What can I do? I’m also in a very awkward position.” From Su Youyan’s expression, one could not see any awkwardness.

“He actually did such kinds of things to his lover!”

“There’s only one copy of the answer keys and I already gave it to him. He seems to be hiding it on his body. The only thing left is to see if you have the ability to find it without being caught by him.”

“That’s something that’s easy for me. Thanks, Youyan. I’ll treat you a meal later.”

After Ke Bu left, Su Youyan pushed her glasses up and talked to herself as she went back to her seat: “You better thank me well, Zhi Li.” Of course, how could Su Youyan betray Zhi Li. Ke Bu was dizzied out because of his own goal.

At noon, everyone went to the canteen. Ke Bu dragged himself to Zhi Li: “I have something to say to you.” Zhi Li had his head askew and measured Ke Bu with his eyes, but he also did not have the intent to continue walking. When there were only two left in the classroom, Ke Bu blushed and fiddled with his fingers then he said. “Before going to the canteen, I want… I want you to hug me.”


He never expected that Zhi Li would respond like a normal person; therefore, Ke Bu should be excited, expectant, hesitant and shy because of this inevitable and right answer. Zhi Li pulled Ke Bu’s hand into his embrace. Being cherished like this aroused a burst of ripples in Ke Bu’s heart; but after blushing, Ke Bu reached out into the pocket of Zhi Li’s overcoat. Why was it not in here? Did he put it in inner pockets of his overcoat? Ke Bu was about to put his hand in when Zhi Li suddenly moved: “Care to get on to the point?”

Ke Bu pushed Zhi Li away and stammered: “It’s just… There’s no such thing. Let’s go eat.”

In the canteen, Ke Bu held his meal and pushed away Ying Xiujie, who was sitting next to Zhi Li: “This is my spot. I want to sit beside Zhi Li.” A certain group measured Ke Bu with their eyes. Usually, Ke Bu, who would stick so tightly to Zhi Li, was very suspicious. That lazy Ke Bu was unusually energetic today. He must have a bad intention.

Ying Xiujie warned Zhi Li: “You should be careful.”

Chu Haoyu also agreed: “Yeah, did Ke Bu reach puberty?”

“You two, just open your rotten mouths to eat well.”

Zhi Li was eating the food that Zhou Xinhe prepared. Ke Bu stuck closely to Zhi Li and gently said: “Eat a bit more. It won’t be good if you get hungry later.”

While he was talking, his hand stretched from under the table into Zhi Li’s coat. Zhi Li looked down and asked: “What are you doing?”

Everbody bent down to see Ke Bu’s sly hand that was just about to reach into Zhi Li clothes. Ke Bu laughed in embarrassment, “I seem to see bugs.”

“We also saw it, a lewd insect. I say Ke Bu, this is the canteen. Even if you’re hungry and thirsty, you have to restrain yourself!”

“Yes, yes, Ke Bu, even I find it embarrassing,” said Gong Zhu.

Ke Bu picked up his chopsticks and quickly stuffed his food into his mouth. He just wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Ke Bu did his very best to get close to Zhi Li, but he did not get any results. After school, Ke Bu once again stopped Zhi Li, he stood in front of him and grabbed Zhi Li’s collar with both of his hands: “Look at you. Your clothes are wrinkled. I’ll help you with it.” Ke Bu used this reason to help Zhi Li straighten his clothes, while his hand was obviously reaching inside and finally, he got it! Ke Bu was secretly delighted in his heart but he maintained his composure. He secretly hid it in his sleeve and took the moment, when Zhi Li was not paying attention, to put it into his pocket. Su Youyan appeared at the classroom’s door at the wrong time.

“Youyan, are you looking for me? You came just in time, let’s go together.” Ke Bu found a reason to get out.

Just when he was about to turn around, his wrist was caught by Zhi Li. “You took it out.”

Ke Bu’s complexion changed: “Took.. took what out. I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

“Really?” While he said this interrogative sentence, he reached out into Ke Bu’s pocket. He took out the piece of folded paper and ripped it into pieces, then threw it into the trashcan. Ke Bu stared at the pieces in surprise: “You don’t have to be like this. What are you thinking? I don’t want to talk. Goodbye.” Ke Bu headed out of the classroom and did not return. Just after leaving the sight of the two, Ke Bu’s angry face changed. He spread out another sheet of paper from his bag, shrugged and smirked: “Do you think I’m an idiot? I already anticipated earlier that you might find out about it, so I prepared a blank sheet of paper in my pocket and put the real answer in my bag. Haha.” Ke Bu jumped up triumphantly. Zhi Li, even if you are smarter, I have dealt with you for so many years. I won, once and for all.

Su Youyan held her hand across her chest: “Tsk.. Tsk.. such connivance will surely spoil him.”

“Don’t you think you talk more and more these days?” Su Youyan could always see right through Zhi Li.

“Did I? Didn’t you enjoy it today?”

At the time of the exams, Zhi Li’s cellphone kept on vibrating in his bag. Zhi Li took out his phone. There were three short messages. He opened one of them to reply back, and then the fourth short message came after.

【Sending these answer keys on my phone in the morning made my hands weak. Prepare a lot of money to thank me. Zhi Li, this is the last time, I will study hard and graduate with you. Ke Bu】

Zhi Li closed his phone and put it in his bag. His mouth lightly moved: “Idiot.”



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