Jubo : Text 011. Expert?

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: SyKim5

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

When Wang Cheng returned to the Wangs’ Village, he did not meet any on-looking villagers. When they arrived at the village entrance, he asked Fang Tian to drop him off so that he could walk back home by himself.

However, the incident that took place, early in the morning, unavoidably got around. While he was on the road, he met a few ‘earnest’ villagers who stopped him to greet and talk with him; but after two or three sentences, they intentionally opened the topic about Zhang Yiheng picking him up. They wanted to inquire about their relationship, but Wang Cheng certainly did not tell them the truth.

Papa Wang and Mama Wang both knew the reason why. After Wang Cheng went out, the neighbors ran over and asked, but they both dodged them and said that they did not know. They seldom questioned their second son’s affairs. They did not care whether the villagers believed them or not. After moving away, they would not be next-door neighbors anyway.

When Wang Ziyu came back later, she also grumbled a few words.

Aunt Zhang also heard about their family’s matter. She had been thinking a lot about it lately and she immediately associated it with what Wang Cheng said a few days ago. Because of that, she persistently asked Wang Ziyu about her second brother’s matter, this afternoon.

At home, Wang Ziyu was advised that she definitely should not divulge any information to others; however, Aunt Zhang was not discouraged. Wang Ziyu did not respond to whatever Aunt Zhang said, even if it was implied, because she always believed that it was related to Mount Feng Xia. Because Wang Ziyu did not answer, and her tone became ambiguous, Aunt Zhang began to scold her and criticized that she did not do her work fast and neat enough, and so on.

Wang Ziyu felt wronged. Everyone, who knew her, acknowledged that she never loafs on her job. She was diligent so many people praised her for that reason. Since she was not able to refute Aunt Zhang, she could only return home to pour out her grievance.

“Your Aunt Zhang is just a big-mouthed person. She enjoys gossiping about anything but she’s not so clever. Little Yu, just ignore her in the future. No one talked with her about how she gabbed.” Mama Wang’s impression of Aunt Zhang may not be very good, but Aunt Zhang’s personal character was still pretty good.  That was also the reason why she did not oppose when she knew her daughter was going to work at the Zhangs’ steamed stuffed buns shop.

Wang Cheng helped Mama Wang bring dinner out and heard their conversation. He comforted her, “Little Sister, if you’re not happy, just resign. It will also end in the next few days anyway.  Our family isn’t short of money that much.”

Truth be told, he really did not think much about the small wages that the Zhangs’ steamed stuffed shop gave his Little Sister. Although his Little Sister was only a part-timer, she still had to do all the work. She was quick and neat. As a matter of fact, she was even better than the staff. However, Aunt Zhang, who controlled the finances, gave her a two-to-three-hundred Yuan lower wage. Now, she even wanted to nitpick. Wang Ziyu absolutely should not be going to work there in the first place.

“Your Second Brother’s right. We shouldn’t let ourselves get wronged.” Papa Wang also agreed with his son’s point of view.  If she was unhappy, she should not go to work. At the moment, the family was not short of money.

“Let’s just see in two more days.”  Wang Ziyu bit her lower lip and did not immediately make a decision.

Wang Cheng did not worry about his sister. Their family members were rather opinionated people. All the talk before was no more than an individual’s opinion. Either she would listen to it or not depended on her own opinion. Even if in the end she did not resign, they also would not say anything about it. They would only support her decision.

The sweet and sour pork chops that Mama Wang made quickly attracted everyone’s attention.  The color, strong aroma, and sweet and sour delicious taste made everyone forget for a moment about the topic that they were discussing a moment ago. This meat dish was one of Mama Wang’s best dishes. Not long after it was placed on the table, the two siblings, Wang Ning’an and Wang Ziyu, would snatch it until nothing was left. Because Wang Cheng was at the mountain, he did not have many chances to taste this dish.

The atmosphere at the table was very warm. Wang Ziyu picked up her favorite sweet and sour pork chops and gave a few small pieces to her second brother. Mama Wang gave him some vegetables, and, in a moment, his rice bowl was full. Wang Cheng had a big appetite. After a few minutes, the food in his bowl was emptied. Mama Wang would then take his bowl and fill it up again for him. He ate four big servings. Wang Cheng felt it has been a long time since he has not eaten until his stomach was full like this.

After dinner, Papa Wang brought up the results of Wang Cheng’s meeting with Hua Ying Real Estate’s representative regarding the sale this morning.

Wang Cheng briefly spoke of it in a short while.

Hearing that Hua Ying Real Estate’s boss wanted their second son to work in their company, Papa Wang and Mama Wang were very worried. The minds of rich people were very difficult to guess.

Wang Cheng comforted them with a few words. The justification given by Boss Chu was very reasonable. He also felt that Mount Feng Xia was not as simple as it looked because of its geographical location. The growth on the western side and the eastern side of Mouth Feng Xia was not the same. The eastern side was much denser than the western side; thus, the danger would be much greater.

On the next day, Wang Cheng called the phone number in the business card.

At the other end of the line, a man’s voice was transmitted out. Being separated by a long telephone line, the voice was even deeper, and it also let out a kind of magnetic tone that made Wang Cheng’s ear numb.

Wang Cheng rubbed his ear and told him his decision. He agreed to work at Huaying Real Estate; however, the allotted time was too long. The construction time of the scenic area would certainly take more than a year. He did not want to spend his time, the whole year, at a company that would not give him salary. This was absolutely an unfavorable situation for him. So, he decided to do it for no more than a month.

However, Boss Chu was also not a fool. The two bargained for a long time and finally decided on three months, which was two months longer than what Wang Cheng had expected. Wang Cheng was quite satisfied hanging up the phone call, but if he had known earlier, he should have made this Boss Chu call him back. He wasted a lot of credits on the telephone bill.

At the Hua Ying Real Estate Headquarters…

Chu Yifeng heard the ‘beep beep’ sound coming from his mobile phone. The expression on his face was unclear. He put away his phone when he heard a knock on the door, “Come in.”

Li Yubai walked in with a pile of data.  Her beautiful pair of legs were perfectly straight and energetic. She also walked very fast in high heels. She was the head of the planning department and she was as busy as a spinning top since the company started.  Every time she worked overtime, she would wildly cry out to the boss to give her a raise, otherwise it would be unworthy for her to looks to age quickly.

“Boss, all of the data that you wanted is here. I worked overtime to find this out, but for the detailed plans, please give me a few more days, Boss.”

Chu Yifeng knew she was complaining to him when he heard that she has been working overtime. He went over the data about the mountain. “There’s no need for that. In a period of time, there will be an expert who will help you.”

The ‘expert’ who was squatting in the corner of a chicken shed suddenly sneezed.




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