TUMBT : Chapter 65

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: KrisLo89

Proofreader: KainGuru , Zeraphiel25

“Ahem… Ahem…”

The Third Prince was practicing calligraphy on the desk when Mu Xueshi coughed a few times behind him. Mu Xueshi hid his hands behind him, as if he was hiding something good. He looked like he wanted to offer the Third Prince a treasure.

The Third Prince did not look back at all and simply turned a blind eye to Mu Xueshi’s excited look. Still with a brush in his right hand, his left hand was hanging down on the desk, as he stared at the characters.

Mu Xueshi felt a bit disappointed and had to clear his throat again. He said to the Third Prince: “That… Xi, I have something interesting. Look at me!”

When the Third Prince heard the word ‘Xi,’ he felt that there was a warm current flowing in his heart. Looking back at Mu Xueshi’s moving look and smart eyes, he could not help but to soften up his attitude toward the other.

Mu Xueshi thought that the Third Prince particularly liked it when people called him by his pet name. Every time he uttered the word ‘Xi,’ the Third Prince would compromise. During that time, Mu Xueshi actually thought that the Third Prince was very innocent and cute. It was just like when a mother was uttering her child’s name — the child would gradually stabilize his mood.

Just like that, Mu Xueshi unconsciously reached out for the Third Prince’s hair. He gently caressed it, with a countenance full of tenderness.

The Third Prince felt that this was done on purpose to attract his attention. He did not know why but now that Mu Xueshi was so close to him, the Third Prince was somewhat thinking about dodging him. He never thought that he would be addicted to this. However, in the few days when they got along, the Third Prince actually felt the other’s warmth.

“Pat!” He slapped Mu Xueshi’s hand, then the Third Prince recovered his originally indifferent face.

Mu Xueshi wasn’t the least bit bothered about the Third Prince’s indifferent look. He still excitedly went over to the Third Prince’s side. With his hands behind his back, he asked the Third Prince: “Can you guess what I have in my hand?”

There was not even the slightest interest in the Third Prince’s eyes. Staring at Mu Xueshi’s changing face, he was not even moved. Mu Xueshi suddenly resembled a flattened balloon. His little face that was glowing with pride and happiness now looked gloomy and lusterless.

Upon seeing Mu Xueshi’s sad face, the Third Prince rather had a complex feeling in his heart. While holding his so-called masterpiece, Mu Xueshi’s hand drooped. He sighed and prepared to turn his head to walk away.

All of the sudden, the Third Prince whispered to Mu Xueshi: “Don’t leave!”

Mu Xueshi turned his head, then he grimaced. With a grin on his face, he said: “I’ll wait for you. In fact, I have no intention of leaving.”

The Third Prince frowned. When Mu Xueshi caught sight of this scene, he hurriedly handed him over his masterpiece, and waited with a tensed look on his face.

When the Third Prince saw Mu Xueshi’s so-called masterpiece, he became infuriated. He was at the point of nearly ripping Mu Xueshi apart and die together with these beloved legendary venomous insects of his.

Mu Xueshi’s masterpiece was an animal specimen. He visited the Third Prince’s little garden for two days and observed all of the insects within it. When he discovered that there was not only one type of insect within the Third Prince’s courtyard, he caught one specimen for each insect type.

There were rainbow-colored butterflies, headless dung beetles, leeches, and venomous lice…

And, these legendary venomous insects were the Third Prince’s usual treasures. Although the Third Prince never took the initiative to cultivate these legendary venomous insects, many exotic plants in the courtyard were planted specifically for these insects.



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  1. Why didn’t the third prince tell him about everything in his goddamn property now that MXS is part of his household O.o now he’s angry about something MXS doesn’t know . dummy 😑😑😑

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