HIHEZL : 37. Side Story 1: How do I Fall in love?

(Title – 插篇1:教我怎么谈恋爱? – Chā piān 1: Jiào wǒ zěnme tán liàn’ài? – Side Story 1: How do I Fall in love?)

Author: Angelina

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Because Ke Bu and Zhi Li had known each other for a long time, Ke Bu had some difficulties when they switched from friends to lovers. The way he got along with Zhi Li did not change much. How do people fall in love? How was it like falling in love?

At this point, Ke Bu was sitting in front of his computer, his right hand was clicking the mouse to search for something on the web page and he said to himself: “Oh, so it’s like that.” Not long after, he turned his head and asked Zhi Li, who was by his side: “How about if we also try to learn how to fall in love?”

The pen in Zhi Li’s hand stopped for a few seconds. Ke Bu could clearly see his mocking expression.

“Do you think I want to do this? Who was the one who made our relationship so bad? If we don’t fix it, it’s estimated that we won’t last this winter. I read online that we have to express our feelings for each other every day.” Ke Bu moved his stool in front of Zhi Li and sat down with a serious face: “Zhi Li, I love you.”

“I know.” Zhi Li did not even lift his eyes.

“What’s with your cold reaction? Come on, now it’s your turn to say it.”

Zhi Li raised his head and earnestly said: “To say this kind of words, you have to feel the love in your heart.” Ke Bu was dumbfounded. Indeed, he said the three sacred words ‘I love you’ too casually. Just as Zhi Li said, if you would express it from the bottom of your heart, you could probably say it better. While on the other hand, his way of expressing himself was too artificial. He could not help but to have some respect for Zhi Li. It turned out that this fellow would deem these kinds of words as something important.

“It also said online that we must kiss every day to boost our feelings for each other. Starting from today, we’ll see if our feelings have deepened a month later.” After he finished his sentence, Ke Bu suddenly stood up and kissed Zhi Li’s lips: “Be aware of this, Zhi Li!” The next day, he did the kiss just like he was forced to complete a homework assignment. On the third day, early in the morning, Zhi Li was awakened by a knock on the door. He frowned and opened the door. Ke Bu was putting on a coat in a hurry: “I’m very busy today. Hurry, I’m going to be late.” After that, he hurriedly kissed Zhi Li’s lips then left.

On the fifth day, after he finished eating his meal and had not wiped his mouth, Ke Bu dragged Zhi Li to an empty restroom: “Hurry up, for today’s share.”

Ke Bu was trying to put forth his mouth but he was blocked by Zhi Li: “Are you sure this is going to deepen our feelings and not drift us further apart?”

“Trust me, it’s absolutely right.” Ke Bu realized that his mouth was too oily. He took a toilet paper and wiped it. He kissed Zhi Li and once more, he left as he had completed the task.

As the seventh day was approaching the early hours, Ke Bu suddenly got up from his bed, looked at the watch, and opened the door to Zhi Li’s dorm room. With half-squinted eyes, he put his face to the door and knocked: “Zhi Li, open the door. Zhi Li, are you asleep already? Zhi Li.” Finally, Zhi Li opened the door with a stern face. Ke Bu was getting half conscious: “Hurry up, we almost forgot about today’s share.” As usual, he went back to sleep after he kissed Zhi Li.

On the eighth day, Zhi Li was about to take off his clothes and bathe in a very cold winter. Just when he finished taking off his upper body’s clothes, Ke Bu pushed the door open and said, “Hey, I’m coming again. Are you going to take a bath?”

“If not, am I waiting for you to come and see me?”

“Look at you, aren’t you cold?”

“What do you think?”

“I think it may be a bit cold.” Zhi Li no longer wanted to pay attention to this person anymore. He was going to enter the bathroom but Ke Bu stopped him: “We haven’t kissed today.”

“Do you absolutely want it now?”

“I’m afraid that if I’ll wait for it until later, I’ll forget about it.” Ke Bu stepped forward. He put his cold fingers on Zhi Li’s shoulders and stood on his tiptoes. After doing his daily kiss task, he clutched his hands: “Indeed it’s so cold. This weather’s awful.” He complained as he opened the door and left.

On the tenth day, Ke Bu was preparing to return to his dorm room, with a book in his hand, when he came across Su Youyan. Su Youyan took out the sacred black and red notebook and opened it: “Ke Bu, your points have soared very quickly recently.”

“Impossible!! I didn’t do anything. Did you mistakenly put the points for the beasts Chu Haoyu and Ying Xiujie into my name?” Su Youyan did not even answer Ke Bu’s question. She just closed her notebook and pushed her glasses up, then walked away. Ke Bu called her from behind: “You… Youyan, so if you’re fully packed with trainees, how will you train me?”

“Zhi Li is personally in charge of you.” Su Youyan leisurely walked away after she said this sentence that could make one’s hair stand on end. All along, Ke Bu was very scared and he consoled himself again. The points must have been mistakenly recorded.

After he got back to his room, he put the book down and rushed to the stronghold. Zhi Li was sitting there by himself. Just when Ke Bu was stepping forward, he looked at Zhi Li’s face, then he quickly turned around and wanted to run away. Zhi Li lightly tapped the table with his index finger and shallowly said: “What’s the matter, no kiss today?”

“Haha, what do you mean.”

“Come here.”

Ke Bu walked over with fear and trepidation. Zhi Li raised his legs and hinted with his chin: “Sit down.” Ke Bu sat on Zhi Li’s lap. He surely felt that his bottom was pricked by thousands of nails and he was fidgety: “You…” He had not finished talking when all of a sudden, Zhi Li kissed him.


However, Zhi Li kissed him one more time.

“Listen to me…”

Zhi Li once again kissed him. Every time Ke Bu was preparing to open his mouth to speak, Zhi Li would stop him with a kiss, so he could not finish his words up until twenty times later, Ke Bu was out of breath. He blocked his mouth with his hand and Zhi Li grabbed his hand: “You’ve used up all of the shares for this month, so don’t bother me again, you bastard.”

“Aren’t you a bit too careless?”

“Your damned way is more careless.”

“A kiss every day will boost the feelings between us. It’s clearly stated online. What are you dissatisfied with?”

Zhi Li gritted his teeth. He pinched Ke Bu’s cheeks and uttered: “I’m very satisfied.”

“It hurts~ ~ Don’t forget, my points are still short by one point. You can’t touch me.” Ke Bu cleverly counterattacked, and sure enough, Zhi Li loosened his hands. The fingers that were pinching Ke Bu’s cheeks were now lightly brushing against Ke Bu’s clothes. This willful move would really cause one to be aroused but Ke Bu’s face remained calm. He reached out and pulled the zipper on Zhi Li’s overcoat up a little, then stroked his fingers on Zhi Li’s face: “You should patiently wait for that. Usually, I don’t care too much as long as you pay attention. In general, I’m not a fussy person.”

“In the end, where does your confidence come from?”

Ke Bu grabbed Zhi Li’s collar, put his lips closer and when he was about to kiss him, he moved to Zhi Li’s ear and whispered: “If I don’t have a bit of confidence, how could I dare to be together with you?”

After two days, Ke Bu completely forgot about this incident. In the evening, Ke Bu held a music CD and went to find Zhi Li. He pushed the door open and said: “Youtai‘s using the computer so I’m going to use yours.”


“What are you doing?” Ke Bu randomly asked. Zhi Li did not answer him, instead, he uttered words that Ke Bu could not make heads or tails of: “Ke Bu, hit me.”

“Wh… why?” Ke Bu was alerted.

“Give it a try.”

“What are the consequences?”


After hearing this reply, he was reassured. He did not let go of the opportunity, so he hit Zhi Li’s chest at once, though he did not use much strength. Ke Bu just wanted to enjoy the fact that he could finally hit Zhi Li. Zhi Li bent over and picked Ke Bu up, then he threw him onto the bed: “Your points are finally full. Do you still have anything to say?”

“Yes, many!!” Ke Bu struggled in pain: “Didn’t you say that there won’t be any consequences? This way of setting up a trap is too low! It’s unacceptable!!”

“You actually believed in my words. Are you an idiot?”

“This… this is absolutely because you forced me to do it.” Ke Bu clutched onto his own clothes. His face was filled with grief and indignation as he was about to be ravished.

Zhi Li stared straight at Ke Bu: “Ke Bu, I love you.”

“Your expression and tone aren’t sincere enough.”

Ke Bu, I love you. Ke Bu, I love you. Since he used those insincere words, these three words bound Ke Bu magnificently like a devil’s curse, making him loosen his hands. Zhi Li pinned him down and with just a stroke, Ke Bu trembled in excitement. When he was about to lose his consciousness, he suddenly opened his eyes: “Zhi Li, you said these words just to fool me to have sex with you.”

Zhi Li did not say anything. Ke Bu was like getting the right answer: “Right? I’m right, you evil monster!” Ke Bu felt rather weak. He was really stupid. During that time, he even looked at Zhi Li in a new light. He believed that Zhi Li really thought these three words were sacred, so he must have said it since he was sincere. Really, how stupid. That man was really Zhi Li. Zhi Li!!

His and Zhi Li’s interactions had always been like this — very easy, very comfortable, so why did they need to learn from others? This was just how he and Zhi Li were in terms of love — it tasted so sweet. Ke Bu looked at Zhi Li’s face. His beautiful outline was comparable to that in a fairy tale. His voice pierced through Ke Bu and a bit of lust embellished his eyes. It seemed like it was going to be dissolved in this cool air. At least, he was the only one who could see this kind of Zhi Li. With this thought in his mind, Ke Bu could not help but clutch his hands onto Zhi Li and hold him tightly.

However, the desire in Ke Bu’s heart did not reach Zhi Li. Zhi Li coldly said: “Let go of my hand, how can I do it like this?!”



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