BMHS : Chapter 15.1 – I’ll see you later

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: tend0u, Renkun27

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

For a moment, Yan Sui gazed at the retreating figure of the car. He turned around to nod at Zhong Ming and Gu Lang, then took his own car, and soon left the Zhongs’ domain.

After he got in the car, he quickly calmed down. He took out his mobile phone and made a call.

“I want to know everything about Meng Ting when he was in senior high for three years.”

The scars on the center of Meng Ting’s palms and the marks on his arms caught Yan Sui’s attention.

After he returned to the Yans’ residence, it was not unforeseen for him to catch sight of He Wan, waiting for him in the living room.

At this very moment, most of the servants had gone to rest. In this large living room, she sat alone, did not open the television, did not play with her mobile phone, just sat in such a proper manner. In the end, it would not be long before one could become frightened because of her.

However, Yan Sui did not feel anything. When He Wan turned around and saw him, Yan Sui gently bowed and then walked up the stairs.


He Wan motionlessly sat there as she called out for Yan Sui. He paused, turned around, and looked at He Wan, waiting for her to finish her sentence.

“You’ve met Meng Ting, I presume. Is there anything that you don’t like about him?”

“Nothing,” Yan Sui said. He Wan moved a few steps toward him, then she nodded, “Take a rest early then.”

After that sentence, he did not give He Wan a chance to persuade him to stay. He went up to the second floor, opened his room, went inside, then finally closed the door.

He Wan went back to sit there. After a long time, she just sneered, and started to clear up her expression, but she did not stay in the old mansion’s room. She went out and went back to her own place. She hated the Yans. She hated everything that was related to it, including Yan Sui, even if he was her own son.

When Meng Ting arrived at the Mengs’ residence, it was five minutes later than the time when Yan Sui arrived at his own residence. It was reckoned that the return trip was more than an hour longer than the original half-hour trip.

This was all because Meng Qi received a bit of news midway, so they turned back and went to another place to pick Meng Xiao up. He was already dead drunk and almost met with an accident on his way back home.

“You’re not even a man. You still want to fuck people. He’s not worthy to be my  family’s illegitimate son.”

That nouveau riche that mingled into the banquet was not even half of a person from this circle. With a few flattering words, he [1] bewitched Meng Xiao to the point of confusion and disorientation where he almost got drugged and lost his chastity. If this would happen on other occasions, Meng Qi definitely would not take care of him. However, he was the one who took Meng Xiao to the Zhongs’ banquet. If something bad happened, he also could not escape from the blame.

([1] This part is really confusing. This might be referring to the person whom Meng Xiao contacted for his scheme.)

The anomalies in Meng Xiao’s body were not completely dispersed. Although he was basically sober, he really could not control his mood.

His complexion was red and green at the same time. He was extremely resentful. He saw that the expression on Meng Ting’s face was quite gloomy. Meng Ting looked at him, with his brows slightly knitted, but he still did not say anything and did not do anything.

After Meng Qi took two more calls, he came back from the passenger’s seat. He looked like he was dying to kill Meng Xiao by dismembering his body, “As expected, you’re a thankless wretch. You even schemed against your own family member!”

Meng Xiao has been back to the household for so many years. However, no matter what, he could not distinguish between a nouveau riche and a real wealthy son; except that Meng Xiao saw Yan Sui was really rich. Meng Xiao wanted him to spend money on him so he could continue loafing like this. Anyway, in only a matter of time, Yan Sui and Meng Ting would split up.

Meng Xiao heard that Meng Qi wanted to take Meng Ting to the banquet. The more that Meng Xiao thought about it, the more that he did not want to give up. However, he did not expect that almost the whole night Yan Sui and a few people followed Meng Ting and kept watching him.

And, that nouveau riche was also not good. He heard from a distance that Meng Ting was Yan Sui’s man. How could he still have the nerve to touch Meng Ting with his hands? Meng Xiao felt that it would harm him instead. Meng Ting could mix and mingle in the Zhongs’ banquet, indicating that his capabilities were not small. He reversed Meng Xiao’s plan. After several twists and turns, he was finally here, and he actually wanted to show off his kindness to the Mengs.

Of course, even if he had a way to approach Yan Sui, he would not come to find him. At that moment, the Meng family would be really embarrassed.

“Why can’t I be considered? We’re both illegitimate children. Why can he marry into the Yan family but I can’t?”

Apart from that, he returned to the Meng family much earlier than Meng Ting. All these years, for the sake of currying favor with Li Yifei and the Old Master, he was not short of considering it thoroughly; but in the end, the one who had the good marriage and the one who they selected for it was not him!

If Meng Ting got into trouble, Old Master Meng would surely select another person from the Meng family in order to make the wedding follow through. By that time, who would be more suitable apart from him?

“Is it because of that face? If it’ll be ruined, I want to see what you’ll use to attract and seduce Yan Sui!” As of the moment, Meng Xiao was still under the lingering influence of drugs and alcohol. Of course, he was bold enough to say anything.

Not only did he dare to say it, but he dared to make a move on it, too. His fluttering hands were on the move to scratch Meng Ting’s face. Even if he did not make the first move, Meng Ting also did not plan to let him off.

After he heard Meng Xiao admitting that he wanted to scheme against him, all of the emotions on Meng Ting’s face entirely disappeared. That kind of indifference on his face was not much different with the one that Yan Sui usually has. He looked into Meng Xiao’s eyes, like a ruthless hunter, staring at his prey. He lifted his hand and caught Meng Xiao’s wrist. With all his might, he ruthlessly twisted it and directly broke his joints. One of his hands has been twisted, and as for the other hand, he also did not let it slip.

“Ah! Ah!” with a few consecutive miserable screams, Meng Xiao almost passed out from the pain.

On the other hand, while Meng Ting had his gaze fixed on Meng Xiao’s legs, he was about to break Meng Xiao’s legs as well.

“Stop, that’s enough. Meng Ting, that’s enough!” Shouted Meng Qi.



30 thoughts on “BMHS : Chapter 15.1 – I’ll see you later

  1. Blood

    ԅ( ¯ิ∀ ¯ิԅ)グヘヘヘ thinking that my little cherub was easy to intimidate, I guess now they’ll think twice before wanting to touch it.
    Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕

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  2. Damn let that be a lesson dont you ever touch Ming Ting’s bottom line and that’s all things involving Yan Sui. I must admit though I did Not expect him to snap his wrist like that color me surprised

    Thank yoooou for this particularly savage update 😘

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    1. CLaiRe

      That’s not weird at all, coz he is the invincible boss at his high school, that couldn’t be earned just by talking alone in that prison like high school..

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  3. jasmine scott

    You know, I actually wasn’t surprised by this. The reason being that Ming Ting is someone who has been though a lot of abuse. With that school he went to showing strength to defend himself, is the only way to survive. Also I actually hate everyone saying he is naive. When he isn’t, you see being interpersonal and being abused mentally like he was. Would make him highly antisocial. Basically the less you socialize. The less you will be able to understand and communicate to others. Also he stated that he was slow in saying what he wanted to say. Which is common with people who have social problems. I understand this more than most because I can think very fast but getting it out takes time. Ming Ting might also have a mental disability, which would also explain alot of things. Think about the character you are talking about, instead of making assumptions, about how naive and gently he is. When I fact he really isn’t.

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      1. Yeah, I wanted to say he is one too, slightly autistic. Like here, when he realised that Meng Xiao actually is a threat to life that he long for (life away from Meng family and into Yan Sui safe arms), he isn’t even hesitating with naivety of what is crime or not. He went brutal, broke Meng Xiao’s hands that tried to harm his face and not even fazed as he aimed for the legs that schemed against him so that later this person won’t become a threat. Like with Su Siyu, he is about to beat him when he thought Siyu trying to do bad things to Yan Sui as well the first marketing he did to Yan Sui, “I can fight for you”. Meng Ting grew up fighting for his foods, which makes me wonder how much abuse and bullying he experienced in the secluded high school before that they said the first year, he is always hurt and become a victim but suddenly something happened that everyone stopped and avoided him. At first I thought it is because it got to bad and maybe the Meng’s had a hand in it, but now it seems to not be the case. Meng Ting can become feral to those showing open hostility and become spoilt to those showing kindness. He is emotionally stunted, but definitely not naive and stupid. In last life, he went to university and the professor didn’t question his intellect so it is most likely like you said, the problem with his communication skills is due to his constricted enviromment and lack of communicative communication parnters. That is why I think Meng Ting is steadily becoming much articulate in speech since Yan Sui is now an active listener and also positive reactor to his speech.


  4. It’s always the quiet ones…
    Because he doesn’t make noises, doesn’t make troubles, doesn’t bother others, then he should be bullied?!?!?

    Hah!!! Karma’s a bit painful, eh, MX?

    Thank you for the chapter!

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  5. Nes

    Anyway, in only a matter of time, Yan Sui and Meng Ting to split up. – I’m not sure what is missing from this sentence but I noticed it was strange.

    Also our little MC keeps showing how much of a bamf and a savage he is, I love it!

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  6. maymetho

    I love how Meng Ting looks soft and docile when unprovoked but if provoked he activates his Badass Defense


  7. This Scum forgot Meng Ting was three years in a secluded high school. How could he have survived If he was some delicate flower for anyone to trample on?

    Thanks for the chapter!


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