TUMBT : Chapter 67

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: KrisLo89, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru , Zeraphiel25

“Guard!” The Third Prince gave a loud shout from inside the room.

After hearing the command of the Third Prince, Sun Ye hurriedly waited for orders at the door. Sun Ye was now the personal imperial bodyguard of the Third Prince, replacing Su Ruhan.

“Request for Poison Master Mo Ru to enter my Courtyard of Exuding Harmony.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

In the blink of an eye, Sun Ye went on walking on the small streets of the witchcraft garrison post. Poison Master Mo Ru was drifting all day long amongst the people, from place to place, by rivers and lakes. It was not easy to find him.

Mu Xueshi was poisoned by the venomous insects. He curled up on the ground like a shrimp. The pointed ends of a pair of black boots were right before his eyes. Out of instinct, Mu Xueshi held on to the Third Prince’s ankle with his hands, with a pleading look on his face.

The Third Prince’s face was calm and composed, but in his heart, he was slightly worried. Mu Xueshi kept doing this while waiting for Poison Master Mo Ru to come and rescue him, but he did not know that his life was in danger.

After years of experience in studying the venomous insects, the Third Prince squatted down and placed his fingers on a spot on to Mu Xueshi’s neck. He continuously monitored his pulse rate.

The poison had not penetrated yet. If he would take an antidote first, it could really reduce his pain. Now, what the Third Prince was worried about was Mu Xueshi’s situation after this. He had killed so many thousand-year-old venomous insects, which would inevitably lead to a disaster. Usually, when the time would come that the venomous golden silkworms would grow stronger and if the venomous golden silkworms wanted to eat human flesh to strengthen their bodies, they would surely prey on the person who harmed their colony first.

Only by relying on the skillful Poison Master Mo Ru’s many years of experience and research on poison to handle Mu Xueshi, could they avoid the disaster that Mu Xueshi would face in the future. Would Poison Master Mo Ru be convinced to agree to lessen the effect and remove the blood of the venomous insects that afflicted Mu Xueshi’s body? That was the key.

The Third Prince finally wavered after looking at Mu Xueshi, who was wailing loudly on the ground. He carried Mu Xueshi in his embrace and swiftly moved toward Lingzi Lake.

The mist lingered above the lake. The Third Prince began to gently remove Mu Xueshi’s clothes and carried him into the lake. With his body submerged in th warm lake water, the pain on Mu Xueshi’s body was immediately reduced by a lot. During that moment, he slightly regained his consciousness. Mu Xueshi slowly looked toward that incomparably handsome and bright face before him. There was a peculiar melancholy that arose in his heart.

I shouldn’t have deceived him. I actually used this method to get the antidote for Su Ying. Mu Xueshi and Su Ying had only met once, but Mu Xueshi felt that he was just a child, that he should be taken care of, and nothing more. Compared to the Third Prince’s feeling, Su Ying was really not worth mentioning.

Then why did he agree to the Second Prince’s request? Did he believe that the Third Prince had no feelings based on the Second Prince’s words? Or did he hold onto the Second Prince’s promise that he would grant Mu Xueshi’s wishes?

No, that was not it!

Even though Mu Xueshi understood in his heart that that place was not the place where he used to live, the people here were not as simple as the ones that he used to come into contact with, and he also could not believe that the Third Prince did not have any feelings for him. Although he was usually quite slow, but from very trivial matters, it could be surmised that the Third Prince was affectionate toward him.

Moreover, the world was big. Even if the Second Prince really had the power, he feared that finding such an unremarkable silver coin in half a month was also empty talk. He just did not want to hurt the innocent, and he did not want to make the Third Prince angry. This was all because the Third Prince had said that he did not want to see him looking at others apart from himself.

The Third Prince groped the front part of Mu Xueshi’s body. The passion and desire in the Third Prince’s eyes has burned away his rationality. To expel the poison from his body and treat his wounds, not only did they need to be naked in front of each other, but he also needed to come into contact with Mu Xueshi’s body. The Third Prince had taken off Mu Xueshi’s mask — facing this unrivalled beauty before himself, how could he not be aroused?

Mu Xueshi also felt that his body was hot, and it felt that the Third Prince had stirred up his flaming desire. He was very puzzled that he did not feel rejection toward the Third Prince’s touch. If the person in front of him was somebody else, he would definitely be disgusted. Was it because he was his only friend?

While MuXueshi was still thinking, the Third Prince had already reached out for the lower part of his body. The taste of the first forbidden fruit [1] intoxicated Mu Xueshi. In effect of the Third Prince’s hand going up and down and his own gentle moan, Mu Xueshi was terrified as to why he was able to make such a pleasant sound. A great sense of shame attacked him and Mu Xueshi’s cheeks could not help but blushing.

([1] To have illicit sexual relations)

The Third Prince’s face was full of reason and did not have a shred of peculiarity. Seeing him letting go like this, Mu Xueshi also slowly participated. Perhaps, this was a necessary means of treating his wounds, because his wounds’ condition would improve if he could have a sense of comfort.



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  1. Asano

    Just finished reading this story urgh its soooo goood….omg…and the third prince is just a major tsundere lol.. wonder when both of em will truly fall in love!! And thank u for translatinf the story!

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  2. Carlina Corvalan Insfran

    It skipped chapters or what is happening? This is the first time I read that MX made a deal with Second Prince … please enlighten me 😓😓


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