BMHS : Chapter 15.2 – I’ll see you later

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: tend0u, Renkun27

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

Meng Qi looked at Meng Ting and swallowed hard. Where was the Meng Ting who was weak and well-behaved while in front of Yan Sui? This was a wolf in a little white rabbit’s skin. The average person would not be capable of breaking the arm of an adult man, nor would he be so decisive, so ruthless and so efficient.

In the end, how could he use these kinds of means? Not to mention fighting, it was used for killing people. It was easily done by him, too.

Compared to Meng Xiao’s tragic condition, the two punches Meng Ting gave Meng Qi yesterday could be counted as showing mercy to him.

Before, it was as if he could see through Meng Ting at a glance. At this moment, he was enigmatic in Meng Qi’s eyes.

Meng Qi’s eyes swerved on to the driver’s fast-changing expressions. With a chilly voice, he said, “Drive properly.”

“Yes,” the driver replied, not daring to look at Meng Ting through the rearview mirror. In the beginning, he was the one who went with Meng Zhong to pick up Meng Ting. Now, he was naturally shocked.

When the car stopped, Meng Ting was the first to get out of the car, returning alone to his room. Meng Qi did not dare to ask him to stay. He took Meng Xiao to the back house. Old Master Meng had already fallen asleep, but Feng Zejiao had not slept yet. Meng Xiao really looked miserable. Feng Zejiao sent people to look for a doctor, then she had a discussion with Meng Qi, confiscated Meng Xiao’s phone, and then kept people on guard by his room’s door. Everything else for discussion had to wait until the next day after Old Master Meng wakes up.

Without a doubt, the premise that could be decided was that Meng Ting was really fine; otherwise, this marriage would absolutely come to nothing.

This took place at the Zhongs’ residence. It did not take long for Zhong Ming to know about this. He hesitated for a moment but, in the end, he called Yan Sui. And, soon afterwards, Yan Sui called Meng Ting.

After Meng Ting returned to the house, he took a bath and laid in his bed to try to become sleepy. His heart was empty, but there was no obvious psychological burden. It was Meng Xiao who was not good to him. He never complied with such people in the past. This time was no exception.

He was not afraid of Meng Xiao, but he was somewhat afraid of the second branch of the Meng Family, who was backing Meng Xiao. They could not put up a fight with him in terms of victory or defeat.

Anyway, he got a call from Yan Sui. He was still very happy with it.

“Yan Sui,” he said while he was lying down. His voice a little lower. He caught a pillow and wrapped it in his arms, and put the hand holding the phone on it.

“Where are you?” Yan Sui asked right away. He must first determine Meng Ting’s safety.

“I’m in my room, lying on the bed.” Meng Ting answered truthfully.

After a few seconds of silence, Meng Ting start to open up. He had decided to treat Yan Sui with sincerity, and this matter should not be concealed.

“Yan Sui, I just had a fight again.”

“What happened?” Yan Sui knitted his brows and his voice was also getting colder. What trouble did Meng Ting encounter for him to get involved in a fight? Zhong Ming did not tell him anything.

Meng Ting took the chance to bring up their sudden change of route to fetch Meng Xiao. Then he repeated Meng Xiao and Meng Qi’s words.

“I don’t really understand it, but Meng Xiao was not good. He wanted to hurt me, so I beat him.”

Since childhood, Meng Ting had already suffered from too much malice. This has caused him to be much keener, or sensitive, to these feelings. Most of the time, he would choose to resolve a problem by means of violence. However, he gradually found out that violence sometimes would not resolve the problem, that it would also cause more trouble for himself, so he learned to put up with it.

In the past, it was just his food and personal safety that mattered to him. Now, this also included his marriage with Yan Sui. Meng Xiao did not only want to scratch his face, but he also tried to covet Yan Sui. Of course, he could not endure it anymore.

“That was just to make him feel hurt for a few days. I know. I shouldn’t kill a person.”

Killing people had to be paid with his own life. He only has one life. He wanted to live. He did not want to give it to others, nor to those whom he extremely detested.

Yan Sui was unusually silence. He felt from Meng Ting’s words that there was a very subtle meaning, and he said it in such a way that it showed that he had once been forced to kill and he suppressed it again.

There was a feeling in the bottom of Yan Sui’s heart of having no idea how to handle this agitated Meng Ting.

Yan Sui should reproach or advise Meng Ting for his actions but, in the end, he said nothing and asked nothing. Yan Sui treated him with the same attitude as with the scars on Meng Ting’s hands. What he wanted to know, he would find it out by himself. He did not want Meng Ting to reopen his scars just to let him know.

Meng Ting has never minded others in his two lifetimes. What he could only see clearly was himself. He knew that he, himself, was not normal. No matter how hard he tried to be normal, he knew it in himself that it was only an act for others to see; but inside, he was still not normal, and would always not be.

“Meng Ting…” Yan Sui finally opened his mouth again.

“Yep?” Meng Ting gently responded. There was a little bit of nervousness and helplessness from the tone of his voice. He was always so stupid. How long would it take to expose all of his serious problems in a row to Yan Sui? He was sure that he would be dismissed by Yan Sui.

“I’ll see you later.” Meng Ting was still young. If there were people who would look after him, he could always learn a few things again.

Meng Ting, who in his memory has never cried, but the moment that he received Yan Sui’s words, his eyes became red.

“Yan Sui… Thank you.”

Regardless of whether Yan Sui would be good to him in the future or not, just with these spoken words that Yan Sui had said to him, he would do everything he could to repay him.

After saying this, Yan Sui himself was relieved.

Meng Ting had intentionally hidden some details about his past. Although Yan Sui did not know about them yet, he could guess most of it. He was originally going to take the responsibility for his wife. However, now that the one who was labeled as his wife was Meng Ting, he was more willing to take the responsibility.

This sentence — such decision was merely what he wanted and nothing more.

“Go to sleep,” Yan Sui’s voice was low again, as if he was deliberately coaxing him to sleep, “Good night.”

Meng Ting also lowered his voice, “Good night.”

They waited for a while, but no one hang up on either side. Yan Sui could only open his mouth to speak again, “You hang up first.”

“Okay,” Meng Ting was reluctant, but then removed the phone from his ear and pressed the hang up key.

Originally, he generally felt that he would not be able to sleep tonight; but after receiving a call from Yan Sui, his heart once again settled down, his eyelids gradually became heavy and soon, Meng Ting fell asleep.

Before he fell asleep, he was still thinking. He actually had people who watched over him. It was good. It was as good as marrying Yan Sui.



21 thoughts on “BMHS : Chapter 15.2 – I’ll see you later

    1. Pa Nana

      I bet he was force to do so!!! There no way the slow but adorable Meng Ting can have such malice against another person to such a point that he would kill somebody, the other person must had forced him! Anyway thanks for the chapter.

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    2. I interpreted he nearly killed someone. Maybe during that 3 years in high school life in this lifetime. Remember when all his classmates says the one trying to trip him before is stupid? I think something had happened before that made him snap and nearly killed someone. And from that he learned, maybe from a teacher or officer handling the case, that had that person died, Meng Ting too will had to pay with it with his life. So maybe after that Meng Ting started to pay attention to never killed but must disable their joints so they will not bothered him for sometimes? Like he said to Yan Sui that Meng Xiao won’t bother him for months during his recuperation. That must be why his classmates is wary of Meng Ting and he becomes invisible in the class cause no one dared to talk or pick on him except for the new idiot before.. I think?

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  1. Blood

    It’s good to realize that my cherubin is not easy to intimidate, and I’m glad that YS has given him his support, my little one needs to know that someone wants him
    Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕

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  2. victoriajoh

    If he really kill somene, I’m going to asume it was an evil person and it was on self defence, given how his life was in childhood I don’t doubt that it was to protect his life that he killed a person. Poor darling what a horrible chilhood he mut have had (T-T)

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  3. Aria Sky

    I think that Meng Ting is an highly intelligent person, just with a really low EQ…like people with Asperger’s syndrome but less grave.
    That’s why he may not be like the other people.

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  4. Ewil

    Halo, I’m new. Already read till here before showing up lolzz, thank you for your hardworking, I enjoy MT&YS’s love story very very very much!!!


  5. juju

    Ah, MT definitely fell from heaven, or how’d such an innocent capable-of-self-defense guy reincarnate?? I remember reading somewhere that angels are actually warriors… YS has the genuine goods 👍

    Thank you for this lovely series~ \o/


  6. onefallenleaf

    It pained me to hear his thoughts 😥
    Every people always have different circumtantes, and just because he’s not good in some aspect….is not his fault
    I wonder if his condition leaned to autism tho

    I hope they can marry soon XD
    Thanks for the chapter


  7. Cmao

    I didn’t pay too much attention to congenital deficiency on the text until i realized…MT has mild autism.


  8. IamNobody

    So what exactly is wrong with Meng Ting’s thought process? Does he have mental defects? They keep saying he is stupid but I doubt a stupid person can become a researcher.


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