TUMBT : Chapter 68

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: KrisLo89, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru , Zeraphiel25

The Third Prince concentrated on working on treating Mu Xueshi’s wounds, at the same time he restrained himself from moving his hand up and down. It was unknown when the Third Prince stuffed a pill into Mu Xueshi’s mouth but hat pill has been developed by the Third Prince for many years, which he originally wanted to use as a panacea for his own body. This would reduce the malicious qi in Mu Xueshi’s body.

This pill, after taking it, could make one’s body resistant to most insect venoms and it could basically cure the Third Prince’s insects’ venom. Moreover, the pill was refined by the Third Prince himself, eventually, the venomous insects would then be unable to harm the Third Prince. This also meant that the Third Prince had to punish Mu Xueshi again. This technique was a type of method that could weaken the effect of the poison.

Although Mu Xueshi was in a state of sexual arousal, there was still some reason, knowing that he held in his mouth the fate of one person. He hid the pill under his tongue, in fear that he would eat the pill in his mouth and took the opportunity to hide the pill in his sleeve while the Third Prince was facing about.

The Third Prince, with his keen sense of smell, sensed the location of the pill at once, and rigth then he realized that Mu Xueshi currently had some other scheme. However, he did not stop his hands’ movements and still worked on Mu Xueshi’s wounds. He exhausted his stamina and power to get rid of the venom in Mu Xueshi’s body.

Since Mu Xueshi wanted to play with him, then he might as well let it play out until the end and take a look at what he was after.

The Third Prince had lost his initial interest and mood, and his hand that was on Mu Xueshi’s lower body was pulled away, instantly making Mu Xueshi unbearably anxious and fretful.

The poison in Mu Xueshi’s body had almost been expelled by the Third Prince, and at this moment, the Third Prince passed out in the Five-Colored Trailing Grass of Lingzi Lake, with a noble and indolent beauty.

Mu Xueshi had no time to appreciate the Third Prince’s beauty. Instead, he wanted to take advantage of the time when the Third Prince did not have the strength to hand over the pill in his sleeve to Guan Rong, who was waiting at the lakeshore. As a result, when Mu Xueshi reached into his sleeve, he discovered that the pill was gone.

Guan Rong, who was holding on the already-unconscious Su Ying in his arms, had stuffed the pill into Su Ying’s mouth. Then, he hung the token on Mu Xueshi and swiftly left. When Mu Xueshi inclined his head to one side, Guan Rong’s figure disappeared into the underbrush on the shore, leaving behind traces of his retreat.

Even in the Courtyard of Exuding Harmony, the Third Prince also could not easily put his hands on Su Ying. If he could, he would not resort to poisoning him right from the very beginning. The Second Prince saw this coming and worked hard on getting the antidote.

The Third Prince suddenly opened his eyes and said to Mu Xueshi, who was currently heaving a big sigh of relief: “Has your goal been achieved?”

The expression on Mu Xueshi’s face suddenly changed. Step by step, he retreated toward the lakeshore. The flames of desire in his body had been overpowered by his immense fear.

The Third Prince sneered, seeing that Mu Xueshi’s eyes had restored to their original strangeness and indifference. Indeed, he did not take any precautions against Mu Xueshi. He always thought that after Mu Xueshi had amnesia, he was as naive as a child, that Mu Xueshi was only a little slow-witted and nothing more. His state of mind was the same as he used to be. No matter how the mind would change, the blood in the body would not change.

The Third Prince feigned a broken-hearted and despaired expression and said to Mu Xueshi with a feeble voice: “I am trying to save you from exhausting your stamina, but you actually gave that pill to other people. You know that the poison in your body was only partially expelled. Without the pill, you and Su Ying would be in a sorry state. How can you make me feel sad…”

Mu Xueshi read out the taunting tone in the Third Prince’s mouth. Now, listening to the Third Prince speak in this kind of tone, Mu Xueshi unknowingly shed tears.

“You will save me…” Mu Xueshi muttered.

The Third Prince snorted and pinched Mu Xueshi’s chin, the he said: “You’re so foolish and adorable. After Su Ying takes half of the medicine’s dose, I can’t guarantee that I won’t torment him in another way… and yet, you’re doing this. You’re risking your own life, is it worth it?”

“It’s not worth… I regret it…” Mu Xueshi’s weep was choked with sobs. He wiped his tears with his fair-skinned arm, and remorse was written all over his face.

He never thought that he would be so sad, nor did he expect that the consequences would be so serious. At first, he thought that deceiving the Third Prince through the antidote was just a joke — that it was like a prank at home. After his parents would find out about it, they would only give him a few slaps on his butt, and that the Third Prince doting on him would not change because of such a trifle.

What the Third Prince had said was right. He was really foolish. This would merely relieve Su Ying of the fire that was burning his eyebrows [1] and he had lost his only friend. He never thought that he would lose a person who was more important than his own life. Unfortunately, the Third Prince would not believe him anymore.

([1]「燃眉之急」an idiom which means “a desperate situation.”)

Suddenly, the look on the Third Prince’s face changed. From its initially carefree and leisurely look, it became strange, as if he suddenly suffered from an attack. His hand that was holding Mu Xueshi’s chin also suddenly let go, and then he took a big step back, as if he was deliberately avoiding Mu Xueshi.



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  1. Thank you for the update and your hard work 😀. One step forward and a hundred steps back, Mu you are kindhearted but, you never learn. You can’t play the play master.


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