Jubo : Text 013. Uncle Zhang

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: angel35778 , chiangyushien

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

The onlooking crowd of kind-hearted people told Uncle Zhang how the whole thing happened and even added a little bit of color and emphasis to Aunt Zhang‘s behavior, which immediately made Uncle Zhang fly into a rage. Even if she was usually garrulous, it was actually too much speaking like that to a little girl. Uncle Zhang understood the whole evilness right before his eyes.

Wang Ziyu spent seven days working in their steamed stuffed buns shop; not to mention that she has been in touch with them every day. Before working in the steamed stuffed buns shop, Uncle Zhang already knew that this little girl was good. After working with them, she usually worked fast and very hard. He felt that too little money was given to her. If Aunt Zhang had not been opposed to it, he would have given her a raise in her wages.

“Zhang liangzhong, you’re still slow. Come and stop this lunatic Wang Cheng. He wants to obliterate everything in our steamed stuffed buns shop.”

Seeing her husband was the same as seeing her saviour, Aunt Zhang immediately became glad. She became confident that she would be able to punish Wang Cheng, the little devil, but her husband’s reaction made her startled.

Zhang Liangzhong went in front of the worried Wang Ziyu and to one’s surprise, he appeared to patting her on the shoulder to console her. He also said words that Aunt Zhang could not hear and this angered her to death.

Wang Cheng, who heard Uncle Zhang’s name, suddenly stopped breaking the shop. He looked back and sure enough, he saw Uncle Zhang, who was standing beside his sister. Uncle Zhang came to him with guilt in his expression.

“Wang Cheng, about this matter, Uncle Zhang will compensate you and your sister.”

“Compensation for what!? He smashed our shop so he’s the one who should compensate us, otherwise this matter isn’t over!” Aunt Zhang ran out from the corner when she saw that there was no more danger. When she heard what Uncle Zhang said, she immediately made an uproar with a fierce look on her face.

Uncle Zhang did not wait for Wang Cheng to reply. He turned his hand over and ruthlessly slapped Aunt Zhang’s face. The slapping sound was deafening so that the whispering sounds at the entrance instantly disappeared. The whole steamed stuffed buns shop also calmed down. It was probable that no one expected that Uncle Zhang, who was usually honest and seldom contradicted his wife, would have such a side.

“Shut up, you also know very well in your heart who’s right and who’s wrong. Even if Wang Cheng smashed everything, that’s what we owe them.”

Aunt Zhang seemed to be dumbfounded.

Uncle Zhang turned around and took a four-hundred-yuan bill from the cash box and gave it to Wang Cheng, “This is your sister’s wage. Take it first, on some other day Uncle Zhang will certainly visit you in your house and take your Aunt Zhang to apologize.”

This wage was actually too much and Wang Cheng also smashed their shop and broken many tables and chairs when he vented out his anger, so he originally wanted to refuse; but Uncle Zhang, without listening to his protests, stuffed the money into his trouser’s pocket. However, when Wang Cheng saw Aunt Zhang’s unwilling face, he did not want to refuse it. Letting this off lightly won’t do, it would be best to be able to make you die from anger, you old slut!

When the party concerned left, the crowd of onlookers at the entrance naturally dispersed.

She dug the pit to bury herself. Previously, everybody only dared to talk about Aunt Zhang behind her back, but after this, everyone was open and went aboveboard.

Wang Cheng took Wang Ziyu home. Papa Wang and the Mama Wang have not come back yet. He gave the four-hundred-yuan bill to his sister then he urged her again and again to not mention this matter to their parents for the time being. Otherwise, with Mama Wang’s temperament, he has no doubt that she would directly grab the kitchen knife and run toward Aunt Zhang with all her might.

Wang Ziyu waiting for a while before responding to him. She has not yet seen this fierce and heroic side of her second brother come out before. It was really… really awesome. Although, her eldest brother also protected her, he never did anything straightforward like this.

In the end, this matter was still found out by Mama Wang. When she was about to reach the house’s entrance, a neighbour aunty saw her and told her about this matter.

As soon as Mama Wang entered the house, she shouted so loud that the two siblings were frightened and thought there was an earthquake. When they ran out and saw Mama Wang’s expression, they knew that she was furious, which meant she must have known what had happened to Wang Ziyu. They tried every possible way that they could to persuade her to stay. However, when she was cooking, these two siblings could hear clearly the sounds of Mama Wang chopping on the chopping board with all her strength. Obviously, her anger had not dissipated yet.

“It’s too bad, your Uncle Zhang is really a pretty good person.” Papa Wang, who found this matter out at the dining table, could not help but sigh in regret. He felt that Zhang Liangzhong, marrying this kind of wife, was not a fine thing indeed. Luckily, Zhang Liangzhong was a capable man. If his family was too poor, it would certainly create a foul atmosphere.

“If I were Zhang Liangzhong, I would divorce her.”

When one would hear this, one would know that Mama Wang was still angry at the fact that her beautiful and capable daughter was profusely framed and her reputation was damaged. This was not a trivial matter for parents. Later on, if their daughter would have a boyfriend, other people would inquire about her in the village. What would they think if they heard about this matter? Would this not ruin her for a lifetime?

Papa Wang opened his mouth like he was going to say something, but he did not dare to speak.

“Do you think what I said was wrong?” Mama Wang noticed his expression. She raised her eyebrows.

“No, what you say is right.” Papa Wang did not dare to refute at all. If he would say more, Mama Wang might want to divorce him instead.

Looking at their father’s ‘timid’ appearance, the Wang siblings smiled. At long last, the atmosphere at the dining table returned to normal. A moment ago, everyone ate with a very depressed feeling. The rice was not even tasty when they chew it.

Wang Ziyu hurriedly tried pleasing Mama Wang by giving her food from time to time.

After Wang Ziyu stopped working at the steamed stuffed buns shop, she would wake up early everyday and helped Mama Wang clean the house and feed the chickens. After that, she would go to the market with Mama Wang to sell vegetables. Since they contracted a vegetable field, they would set aside some for them to eat, while the rest would usually be sold. However, since they would be moving in a few days, this would be the last time.



11 thoughts on “Jubo : Text 013. Uncle Zhang

  1. Blood

    Having a family like that is something that is priceless, I’m sorry for my precious ML who will have to face Mother Wang 😨. Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕

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  2. Mama bear confirmed. ML, please raise your charisma and sweet-talk up.

    And on the new project . . .
    YES! FINALLY!!! I was literally watching a silent show coz i can’t find no sub for several (more like more than half the total) episodes


  3. Alex

    I’m so excited for Love Is More Than a Word! The series was gorgeous and I really liked it, but it was more bromance than boys love. Here’s hoping the novel is a bit more risque, but either way the plot is fantastic.


  4. Wow!! I thought Aunt Zhang was a nice person when she first showed up. She’s seemed nice and sweet and even gave MC some tasty buns free of charge.
    Some money can sure change people.


  5. Wtf. Aunty Zhang’s character changed suddenly. Also, am I supposed to be happy that a man just casually slapped his wife. He should have just paid the mc his money and apologised for his wife. If he wanted to scold her he could have done so but hitting your partner is a no no. Imo there’s no reason for doing so.


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