BMHS : Chapter 16.1 – It’s warm. It’s a real person. It’s not a dream.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: windam2611, chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

As before, he woke up in the midst of a frightening dream. Meng Ting calmed himself for a moment, then his memory came back little by little. Thinking about the phone call he had with Yan Sui last night, that kind of joy instantly dispelled the unpleasantness brought about by the frightening dream. The sky was still a little darker than the former days, but Meng Ting still got up and went on his morning run.

Halfway through the course, it started to rain, however, Meng Ting still carried on, and continued finishing his scheduled morning run. With wet hair and clothes, he returned to the living room of the mansion.

The living room was bustling. Old Master Meng, Feng Zejiao, Li Yifei, Meng Qi and Meng Xiao were all in the room.

Meng Xiao’s hands were tied with gauze and bandages that hung around his neck. When he saw Meng Ting, he became furious.

Meng Xiao could be much more difficult to handle than those who came after Meng Ting in the past. After they were beaten, they would tend to be afraid of him. However, Meng Xiao was not only not afraid, but he was also holding a grudge against Meng Ting. Meng Ting and he were destined to be enemies.

“Apologize to Meng Ting.”

When Old Master Meng spoke, even though Meng Xiao was not willing to, he still had to do what he was told.

“I’m sorry. Yesterday, I wasn’t thinking clearly. Please forgive me.” With Meng Xiao’s back facing the crowd, his voice was filled with regret, but his look was different. It could be inferred that he was provoking Meng Ting.

With a click, Meng Ting suddenly took a photo of Meng Xiao. He took a few steps forward and looked at Old Master Meng, “Look, he’s got this expression when he looked at me. It’s ugly and hateful.”

These days, Meng Ting did not have much to do so he discovered the different functions in his phone. The camera function was the same as with the one from his past life. However, this was the first time he used it to take photos, even though it was the photo of the person who hated him. After Old Master Meng saw it, he immediately deleted it.

Meng Xiao was dumbfounded. Meng Qi’s lips could not help but twitch. He took the mobile phone from Meng Ting and went to Old Master Meng.

“Evil child!” Old Master Meng was very angry as he roared. Meng Xiao’s feet became weak and he directly knelt on the ground.

“Grandpa, I… I…” There were photos. He was at a loss what to say to justify himself. How could he think that Meng Ting would be so cunning?

“Grandpa,” said Meng Qi, who was standing beside Old Master Meng, then he slowly whispered, “I’m sorry to say this but he wasn’t a bit sincere about his apology. Since Fifth Brother’s attitude is so poor, I think it’s good to give the coffee shop under his name to Seventh Brother as an apology.”

This coffee shop was given to Meng Xiao after he pleased Li Yifei for many years. He spent a lot of effort in obtaining it and suddenly, it was given to Meng Ting. It seemed that Meng Ting was not only going to marry at once, but Old Master Meng’s heart was obviously on Meng Ting’s side, too.

A coffee shop was nothing to them. However, even if the mosquito’s legs were smaller, it was still meat. It was a significant property. The tender smile that Li Yifei maintained was too difficult to be sustained.

“I think Qi’er is good at paying attention.” Li Yifei was not happy but Feng Zejiao was definitely pleased. She gave the Meng Family a great in-law. It was time for her to get her reputation. Old Master Meng barely hesitated answering back.

“A’Wen, take charge of this and give the restaurant, along with the coffee shop upstairs to Meng Ting.”

“Yes.” Uncle Wen nodded. His work efficiency was naturally high. He certainly would not need two days to get the job done for Meng Ting.

Meng Xiao felt a pain in his heart. The restaurant made more money than the coffee shop. The source of the customer was sufficient and the management for both had formed a system so Meng Ting did not need to spend too much to think about it. There was a lot of money to be earned. Although it may not be enough for Li Yifei and Feng Zejiao to buy jewelries, but for the juniors, it was absolutely enough to spend.

Meng Qi undoubtedly would not be short of money; however, for Meng Xiao who was an illegitimate child, it would make him very short of money if he would not change his lifestyle and withdraw from this matter of joining the nouveau riche lifestyle.

With the restaurant downstairs and the coffee shop upstairs, how could Meng Xiao not cast his greedy eyes on him? Now, not only did the restaurant become Meng Ting’s, but the coffee shop that originally belonged to him also became Meng Ting’s. In an instant, he breathed heavily like a cow [1]. If his hands had not been broken, he would want to rush and go fight with Meng Ting again.

([1]「喘气如牛」huff and puff)

“You’re short-sighted. Ting’er has just returned. What’s wrong with you giving him a present as his elder brother?” Li Yifei did not want to let Meng Xiao continue to lose face. Her words were more effective to Meng Xiao than Old Master Meng’s words.

Meng Xiao lowered his head and did not dare to say anything.

As for the rest, there were Uncle Wen and Meng Qi who did the follow-up work last night; however, they could not make much of a difference. Because of this, Meng Xiao did not only suffer a physical injury, but his wealth also took a hit.

Even if this matter passed, both Meng Xiao and Meng Ting knew that their feud was still not over. As long as Meng Xiao was given the chance, he would surely attack Meng Ting when he was down and find opportunities to persecute him.

Meng Ting always had no idea about schemes and intrigues. He only knew that Meng Xiao still wanted to harm him, and he did not know what to do. He could not really kill anyone. Of course, deep in his heart, he preferred to beat Meng Xiao a few more times, until Meng Xiao would become afraid of him for good!

Old Master Meng and Feng Zejiao left one after another. Li Yifei also asked Meng Xiao to send her back to her house. Uncle Wen went to do the restaurant and cafe’s transfer of ownership procedures. Aside from a few servants who passed by, there were only Meng Ting and Meng Qi who were left in the hall.

“Oh, Little Seventh has become smarter.”

He took away Meng Ting’s phone and quickly pressed a few keys before returning it to Meng Ting. “That’s my number. In the future, if you have any problems, give me a call. No matter what, I’m also considered as your eldest brother.”

“Isn’t it just taking a photo? You don’t know how to use it?” Meng Ting took his phone and put it back in his pants’ pocket. This relieved him. He was really afraid that Meng Qi would not return his phone. This phone was given to him by Yan Sui.

Meng Qi was speechless. He could only say that he did not expect him to know how to use it.

“Achoo,” He had stayed in the living room with his wet hair and wet clothes for a long time. Meng Ting could not hold back his sneeze.

“Why did you run in this kind of weather?” Meng Qi looked at him with knitted eyebrows. He looked toward a maid in the living room. “Xiao Fang, get a towel.”

“No need. I’ll go back and take a bath.”

Meng Ting nodded to Meng Qi and turned back to his room on the second floor. Just when he was about to reach his room, he sneezed again, twice in a row.



22 thoughts on “BMHS : Chapter 16.1 – It’s warm. It’s a real person. It’s not a dream.

  1. Blood

    Who says my cherubin is not cunning, it’s just that he sees life in other terms, that’s why he’s so cute, I’m glad he has someone to support him in his family

    Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕

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  2. Pa Nana

    How cute and cunning, Meng Ting learned how to use his phone in a better way. And I agree, instead of dealing with other people schemes, it better to just beat them up till they are too scare to ever mess with you again.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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  3. eternalhysteria

    Thanks for the chapter! ^^
    Is it just me or does it feel like Ming Ting’s biggest obstacle isn’t going to be that moron Ming Xiao or Yan Sui’s stupid ex, but instead Li Yifei seems to be the one already scheming and plotting… Since she asked Ming Xiao to “send her back to her room” and we already know she isn’t happy that it wasn’t one of her own that Yan Sui agreed to…

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  4. Aaw, he caught a cold? Yan Sui’s gonna fly from wherever he is and nurse him back to health, don’t worry~~ (don’t mind the words idiots can’t catch colds, MT is obviously just slow, he’s not an idiot.) Thank you for the chapter!


  5. Blaze

    Look at that, the Big eater got his own restaurant !! No need to get hungry or wait for hubby’s food so much.


  6. I am worried for Meng Ting.. I am worried he might accidentally killed someone. Hoping for them to quickly get married and Yan Sui can help his mental and emotional problems and scars. At first I thought the nightmares is the suffocation of dying due to exhaustion. But it seems it had to do with Meng Ting’s past.


  7. Sekstifire

    Don’t really get why Li Yifei sees Meng Ting as someone on Feng Zejiao’s side. He’s her grandkid and hasn’t been in the main house for that long. Seems premature.


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