TUMBT : Chapter 69

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: KrisLo89, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru , Zeraphiel25

Mu Xueshi turned pale with fear. In spite of everything, he persistently pressed on forward to see what actually happened. To his surprise, the Third Prince used his internal force to abruptly push Mu Xueshi away until he hit the edge of the lake’s wall.

“What’s the matter?”

Mu Xueshi asked with his lips trembling and staggered to the Third Prince’s side. He saw that the Third Prince’s complexion had the same color as his own arm, so he thought he must have been poisoned.

Mu Xueshi seemed to have suddenly thought of something. When he was only a few steps away from the Third Prince, he asked: “Did you suck the poison out of my body into your own body?”

Although the Third Prince was unwell, he was not yet at the point of dying. When he heard Mu Xueshi’s words, he struck the surface of the water with the palm of his hands. All of a sudden, a stream of water ascended aloft in the air on Lingzi Lake’s surface. It was shaped like a wall, blocking Mu Xueshi’s line of sight.

Mu Xueshi already did not care anymore. He broke through the wall of water. When he unexpectedly came through it, the Third Prince had already vanished without a trace, while he himself got drenched like a chicken by the splashing water. Mu Xueshi just vaguely remembered the Third Prince saying the words ‘wishful thinking,’ and then the water just crashed down, blocking his line of sight.

Mu Xueshi stood in the center of the lake, and his whole figure was like a lost soul, without redness in the face. All the pain in him was gone. When he first started to pretend, he hated the Second Prince — terribly loathed him. The Second Prince clearly stated that he would not feel any pain, but it turned out that he felt an extreme pain in his heart, not long ago.

However, the time when he detested the Second Prince the most was not when the pain was at its peak. It was when the Third Prince learned about it — that indifferent gaze. Mu Xueshi never had a real friend since he was a child. He never knew how it would feel like to get along with his friends. He just knew that he could not do without the Third Prince.

Although it was only half a month’s worth of interaction, Mu Xueshi had been deeply engrossed in this kind of life. He had slept in his own spring bed for more than ten years, but he never missed it, and yet, he already depended on a hard bed that he had been sleeping on for more than half a dozen days. He needed a companion, as if he had been deprived of oxygen for more than a decade, and suddenly he breathed fresh air.

Although the Third Prince would not talk much, he would not make trouble with Mu Xueshi and Mu Xueshi has never obtained those things that the Third Prince had given him before. Every year, when Mu Xueshi’s birthday arrived, not a soul had sent him small greeting cards — not even blessings. The Third Prince behaved indifferently, but if he was a little unwell, the Third Prince would immediately call for the Imperial Physician to see him…

At the very thought of these things, Mu Xueshi found it too painful to bear. His mind heated up as he quickly climbed ashore, ready to go find the Third Prince. Even if the Third Prince would punish him, he would gladly accept the punishment. If the Third Prince was seriously injured just now, Mu Xueshi would rather have him transfer those injuries back to himself.

After Mu Xueshi had climbed ashore, everything before his eyes suddenly became very dark, and his head heavily sank.

Su Ruhan looked down at the beautiful man in his embrace, whose face was lovely enough to cause cities and kingdoms to fall, and his lips raised a smile. Sure enough, that nose and that eyes somewhat had resemblances with “his” expectations. He thought that the Third Prince knew very well that he was there, or else the Third Prince would not set his mind at rest leaving this unrivaled beauty here. Su Ruhan thought about tearing a piece of satin on his sleeve to gently cover Mu Xueshi’s face.



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