DB&ML : Chapter 3.1

Author: Dong Mi

Translator: chiangyushien, tend0u

Proofreader: KainGuru

Following Haiqing’s lead, he walked all the way through the scorching heat of the roads and sidewalks, as if these were going to scorch people. The street dogs have long been accustomed to this kind of terrifying heat. Haiqing recognized a few of them because they were the school dogs.

Pinjun was like a well-behaved big dog, who followed his master, while taking him out for a walk. He did not complain, nor did he show any signs of displeasure due to the exposure to the strong sunlight. His face looked like he was completely content.

“Be careful with your step.” Haiqing reminded him.

Pinjun bowed and saw a piece of brick that was placed in the corner of the shop entrance. Seeing how ruined it looked, one did not need to think any further to know that they were planning to throw it away. There were many people in the shop and the entrance was not wide. The brick was kicked all around. If he was not careful, he would easily trip.

Haiqing went to sit on a vacant seat after he ordered two bowls of brown sugar shaved ice with pudding and condensed milk. Pinjun’s seat was just right to view the entire wall of autographs. It looked spectacular and special.

“Did you come to eat shaved ice here when you were in senior high school?” Pinjun picked up the spoons that were on the table, one of which was placed on Haiqing’s hand with tissue paper. A moment ago, Haiqing just said that the dogs outside were school dogs. Pinjun thought there must be a senior high school nearby here, so he asked.

Haiqing vigorously nodded his head, “I’d come here after school and when I skipped class. I’d also just come here, but I haven’t come here for long time.”

“I’ve known this shaved ice shop for a long time. It’s just that no one has brought me here before.” Pinjun replied with a smile. Haiqing was not sure whether it was only his imagination or not, but he felt that the big boy in front of him seemed to act spoiled to him and miraculously, he also could not reject it at all.

The shop owner came over to them with the shaved ice. A bowl of white shaved ice appeared in front of each of them. The brown sugar on top gave a rich sweet smell. It made the summer heat completely dissipate. With pudding and various toppings, the dessert looked so colorful so that every girl who would see it would desperately take a picture of it.

“Their brown sugar shaved ice is very delicious.” Haiqing scooped a spoonful of it then put it in his mouth. Suddenly, he knitted his eyebrows but then released them after about three seconds. “I really like brown sugar with pudding and condensed milk,” Haiqing said while his spoon was suspended in the air. It was a familiar appearance. He really looked like a local who was entertaining a tourist.

Upon seeing this, Pinjun silently smiled. He obediently scooped a spoonful and stuffed it into his mouth; then just like Haiqing, his whole face was wrinkled. Haiqing almost thought that what he placed into his mouth was not shaved ice but a big sour plum. He could not help but loudly laugh at him.

“Why did you eat a big mouthful of shaved ice at one go!?”

Pinjun was not bothered by being laughed at. He calmly waited for the excitement to retreat. He heaved a loud sigh then let out a compliment.

Haiqing knew that the big boy in front of him has fallen in love with the taste of the shaved ice from this shop. Brown sugar shaved ice was the shop’s best seller. It was like having egg pie at a breakfast shop and the same with eating sautéed vegetable at a Chinese restaurant. Haiqing also fell in love with that shop along the way.

“I really like to eat condensed milk, too!” Pinjun said while mixing the shaved ice with condensed milk. The fruits that were hidden in the bottom of the bowl also appeared. “When I was little, I used to get the entire can and suck it directly and get scolded by my mother.” After that, he stuck his tongue out charmingly, without caring how he looked.

“You take the can of condensed milk as your milk bottle!”  This was Haiqing’s first time hearing this way of drinking!

“It’s so delicious!” Pinjun mistakenly thought that Haiqing would not agree with that way of eating. He could not help but to earnestly promote it, “If you don’t believe it, then try it next time. Really, the taste is totally different from pouring it on ice!”

“Really?” Haiqing raised his eyebrows and looked at him. It could be seen from his big eyes that his question was not out of doubt, rather, it was like he was persuaded to experience it himself. Pinjun vigorously nodded his head, trying to convey that he was sincere in promoting this way of eating so that Haiqing would believe him!

“If it’s not good, I’ll treat you shaved ice again for ten times!” Pinjun patted his chest to ensure it. He even took the shaved ice from that shop as a bet. This time, Haiqing really could not restrain himself from laughing. The spoon hit the side of the glass bowl, emitting a silvery sound, just like the tinkling sound from a wind chime that was hung on the door and blown by the wind. It was pleasant and sweet to the ears.

How could there be such a pure person? Haiqing realized that he really liked getting along with Pinjun. It was as if he did not have to pretend in front of him. All of his worries would be expelled with his cheerful smile. Yesterday’s mood at the pool was like a dream. Haiqing even thought that he was a person who loved to laugh.

Pinjun saw him laughing with joy. He could not comprehend which word triggered such a strong reaction like this. He could not help but be puzzled and scratch the back of his neck. In the end, Pinjun also laughed together with him. The laughter seemed to be contagious as the atmosphere in the shaved ice shop became livelier and more relaxed.

Pinjun saw that the shaved ice started to quickly melt. He hurriedly held his laughter and bowed his head to gobble it up. During that time, he looked at his watch and found that it was still early. It would be too boring if he went home now so he started talking.

“Where should we go after this?”

“Um…” Haiqing also subconsciously looked at his watch.

More than two o’clock in the afternoon, the sun shone on the ground to illuminate the asphalt road. According to the temperature changes over the past few days. It was better to find a shady place to prevent sunstroke and not to go out.

In this case, the options that could be selected became very limited.

There were many options that flashed through Haiqing’s mind, and when he crossed the fork, his father’s voice flashed in his mind. Before Haiqing went out this morning, his father probably saw that he had been gloomy for several days, so he stuffed him with a five-hundred-Yuan bill and told Haiqing, who was tired preparing for the exams, to go to the cinema to relax.

“Let’s go to the movies!”  Haiqing said.



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