TUMBT : Chapter 70

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: synecdoche-acookie, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Sun Ye’s group was able to find Poison Master Mo Ru in an inn. Poison Master Mo Ru looked quite leisurely and carefree as he was drinking and making merry inside his room. After Sun Ye had explained his purpose for coming to Poison Master Mo Ru, Poison Master Mo Ru looked as if he was going to an opera — not a bit of a ripple was on his face.

“Would Poison Master be willing to enter the imperial palace with me?” Sun Ye asked with utmost deference.

Poison Master Mo Ru slightly tilted his head to take a glimpse of Sun Ye and said: “I’m not willing.”

Sun Ye noticed that, based on the expression on Poison Master Mo Ru’s face, he did not seem to be one that he could persuade. He could not help but have misgivings in his mind. It turned out that the most difficult matter was not to find Poison Master Mo Ru; rather, it was to convince him to report back to the imperial palace.

Sun Ye had heard that Poison Master Mo Ru was fond of handsome men. As soon as he would see a handsome man, he would let down his guard, and follow that person closely from behind. If he were to tell him that entering the imperial palace was for the Third Prince, he wondered whether Poison Master Mo Ru would waver or not.

Poison Master Mo Ru had already seen Sun Ye’s cautious and embarrassed look. In his mind, he could not help but laugh.

His love for beautiful men was not a sham; however, it was not only the fine looks that was worth considering. Just like this Young Master Sun Ye, who was frowning as he was deep in his thoughts, his looks were not bad. Although it was such a pity that he had an upright disposition and was not at all pragmatic, which simply made Poison Master Mo Ru suddenly lose his interest in him.

Poison Master Mo Ru gave two belittling coughing sounds, hinting that if Sun Ye did not have any other requests, he should already leave. Sun Ye looked at the circumstances, and hastily bent at his waist to ask: “Wonder if Poison Master Mo Ru is willing to offer his assistance to the Third Prince?”

“Who is the Third Prince? Third Prince and Second Prince, Eldest Prince or any other scholarly men within the imperial palace, what’s the difference?” Poison Master Mo Ru played with the wine pot in his hands, with a scornful look on his face.

Sun Ye did not expect that Poison Master Mo Ru, who was so fond of handsome men, would actually be someone who did not know the doings or who the Third Prince was, nor was it his first time going to the imperial palace since he was cultivating the legendary poisonous insects, so it would be reasonable to say that he should have come across with the Third Prince before.

Sun Ye once again frowned, then hastily added: “The Third Prince is currently known by all as a handsome man whose first under heaven.”

Having said that, Poison Master Mo Ru suddenly stopped fiddling with the wine pot in his hand. He looked up and asked Sun Ye: “Is he more handsome than you?”

Sun Ye was astounded hearing these words. This was probably because he has been living within the premises of the imperial palace since he was a child, and he has also been working under the leadership of the Third Prince. There was no one who would take note of his looks at all. Being referred to as such by Poison Master Mo Ru, Sun Ye’s cheeks somewhat blushed unexpectedly.

“This someone who is beneath you is simply not worth mentioning in the same breath as with the Third Prince. The Third Prince has an emperor’s handsome body. His handsome looks are beyond compare…”

Still not yet finished talking, Sun Ye discovered that there was no shadow of that person anymore right before his eyes. He looked at the casement. He did not know when it was pushed open. Poison Master Mo Ru was actually at the point where he was eager to report back to the imperial palace. When Sun Ye walked to the window, he found that Poison Master Mo Ru’s shadow had already disappeared.

By the time that Sun Ye had caught up reporting back within the imperial palace, Poison Master Mo Ru had already treated most of the injuries of the Third Prince in his training room. Sun Ye had a tight heart. He did not expect that the Third Prince would end up getting injured; furthermore, when he went out first, it was Mu Xueshi who was seriously injured. How did it become the Third Prince this time? Could it be because Poison Master Mo Ru arrived late, he himself worked on treating Mu Xueshi’s wound?

Thinking of this, Sun Ye had a sense of sourness in his heart. First was because of his dereliction of duty, the Third Prince was seriously injured. The second was because the Third Prince had so much love for Mu Xueshi. He never saw the Third Prince smile at anyone, but in the past two weeks, the Third Prince’s facial expression was obviously softer…

Beads of sweat had already seeped out of Poison Master Mo Ru’s forehead, and his hands behind the Third Prince’s back also began to slightly tremble. He did not expect that there was actually such a ruthless person within the palace, who would use a lot of blood from the thousand-year-old legendary poisonous insects to mix with his own blood to make it into a highly toxic poison, and then internally pass it into the other’s body by the Third Prince’s effort to treat the wound.

If Poison Master Mo Ru came a step later, the Third Prince probably would have been on the verge of dying. Even though now that Poison Master Mo Ru had come, the Third Prince also would suffer pain from the bite of the poisonous insects for several days before he could recover. On the other hand, the person who persecuted the Third Prince would suffer physical injury. If he did not get treatment within seven to forty-nine days, then he would die a tragic death under the oppressing harm of the poisonous insects. He did not know who loathed the Third Prince to the point where they would sacrifice someone for sake of persecuting the Third Prince.



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