TUMBT : Chapter 71

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: synecdoche-acookie, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

The first thing that Mu Xueshi did when he woke up was to find the Third Prince. However, he looked around the house for a long time and found that it was not Third Prince’s bedchamber.

“Where is this?” Mu Xueshi’s heart grew cold and there was a faint uneasiness in his heart.

At first, there was not a soul in sight inside the room; but just after Mu Xueshi’s words stopped, there was a man who entered the room with unsteady steps. Unlike the Third Prince’s other servants, Su Ruhan wore simple plain clothes; however, it still did not diminish his awe-inspiring aura.

When Mu Xueshi made contact with Suruhan’s eyes, he suddenly realized who this person was. Mu Xueshi’s impression of him was too profound because Su Ruhan slaughtered more than a dozen servants in a row, without a hint of expression in his eyes. Now that there were only two of them in the room, Mu Xueshi was struck with terror.

“Did the Third Prince send you to kill me?” Mu Xueshi’s eyes that were usually quick-witted were now clouded in a layer of grief. At first, he thought he would just feel fear. He did not expect that his last hour has come. He even thought about a few trivial matters.

Su Ruhan shook his head. He took the Mist ointment out of his sleeve and handed it over to Mu Xueshi. Mu Xueshi’s arm had traces of large and small scratches, all of which were brought about by the pain. Nevertheless, Mu Xueshi’s first reaction when he took the bottle of Mist ointment was: “Is this crane’s red crown [1]?”

([1]「鹤顶红」A lethal poison used in Ancient China.)

Su Ruhan could not make any sense of Mu Xueshi’s words. He only knew that he was not in his right state of mind. From the time Su Ruhan entered the room, Mu Xueshi looked absolutely taciturn. Amongst the people who lived in this small courtyard, who did not know that Mu Xueshi was very lively and active. Now that he saw Mu Xueshi’s sad look, eventually he could not bear it in his heart.

At first, he did not intend to talk to Mu Xueshi, but now that he saw Mu Xueshi soliloquizing, he indifferently replied: “It’s a cure for Young Master Mu’s injuries.”

Upon hearing those words, the downcast expression on Mu Xueshi’s face quickly recovered to his normal demeanor. He hastily jumped out of the bed and excitedly asked Su Ruhan: “Did the Third Prince feel embarrassed, so he shook it off by letting you give it to me?”

Su Ruhan had a reticent look on his face, and that expression alone clarified Mu Xueshi’s version of the story.

Mu Xueshi was not quick-witted, but he still had a bit of self-knowledge. He should have known that the Third Prince would not continue being kind to himself, and if he was such, he would not have driven him out.

“What is this place?” Mu Xueshi could not help but ask.

Su Ruhan coldly responded: “Imperial Palace of Winter’s Verge.”

When Mu Xueshi heard the ‘Winter [2]’ word, he quickly reacted to this obscure word. Is it the cold palace? Mu Xueshi pondered over it, but he quickly denied the thought of it. How could it be the cold palace? He himself was not an imperial concubine, how could he think of such an odd idea. Mu Xueshi wryly smiled and shook his head.

([2]「寒」means cold, wintry or winter.)

Su Ruhan noticed Mu Xueshi’s reaction, and vaguely guessed that he was fearful of the Imperial Palace of Winter’s Verge. Amongst the people who lived in the small courtyard, who did not fear the Imperial Palace of Winter’s Verge? All the dead remains in the small courtyard were undoubtedly dragged to the back hill. The Imperial Palace of Winter’s Verge was constructed near the back hill where Yin energy was extremely heavy. Anyone who has a frail body would easily be plagued by evil spirits, to the extent that one might be able to see even an apparition of a lost soul. This kind of extreme fear and mental torture has caused many people to change their face when they would mention the Imperial Palace of Winter’s Verge.

Mu Xueshi has not felt the danger coming yet. He just stared at the bottle of Mist ointment, unwilling to give up, he asked: “Is it really not the Third Prince who entrusted you to give this to me? Whether or not he asked you to do so, let me know.”

Su Ruhan sneered and then, without a word, turned around and left.

My Xueshi thought that he got angry. Facing Su Ruhan’s back, he yelled: “I’m sorry, I didn’t doubt you. I just hoped that it was sent by the Third Prince…” After saying those words, he felt that the words were not appropriate, so he added a sentence, “You gave it to me. Big brother, thank you!”

Su Ruhan has long since disappeared, and Mu Xueshi could not help but lament. He was worthy of being the Third Prince’s personal imperial bodyguard. Even his temperament resembled a third of the Third Prince’s natural disposition. This Su Ruhan seemed to be a little more accommodating than the Third Prince but he was taciturn, that was all, and the Third Prince did have that kind of austere aura in him.



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