TUMBT : Chapter 72

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: KrisLo89, Renkun27

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

After Su Ruhan left, Mu Xueshi stared at the bottle in a daze. Suddenly, Mu Xueshi realized that the Third Prince seemed to be in a bad situation before he passed out. He remembered that he had been in front of the Third Prince, then the Third Prince pushed himself away, and finally, the Third Prince disappeared…

At the thought of this, Mu Xueshi’s face suddenly changed. He placed the medicine bottle on the bed and rushed out. He felt that his legs were weak and had no energy at all. Moreover, Mu Xueshi was not familiar with the terrain and location of the Imperial Palace of Winter’s Verge. There was no one whom he could ask for directions. Mu Xueshi could only run out in one direction with great anxiety.

This direction led directly to the back hill. The back hill reeked of dead and rotten meat that invaded Mu Xueshi’s mouth and nose. Because of this, Mu Xueshi covered his nose and wanted to go around and out of the hill’s vicinity. All of a sudden, fog covered the hill as if it had appeared out of thin air and without warning. The fog was getting heavier and heavier, and Mu Xueshi felt that it was getting hard to breathe.

Mu Xueshi quickly returned to the original path, but the fog’s movement did not show any signs of slowing; instead, it became thicker and thicker. He had clearly felt that the fog was unusual. Not only was it getting denser and denser, but it was also getting heavier and heavier. In the end, to his surprise, it even reached the point where it was so dark so that he could not see his hands in front of him.

When Mu Xueshi was groping for the way, his knees suddenly hit a hard object, and half of his legs grew numb. He crouched over to rub his legs and bared his teeth, only to discover that what he had hit was a tombstone. Originally, Mu Xueshi was not a superstitious person. In addition, when he was studying, he often volunteered to sweep in the graveyard with other students, so he had no special fear of the tombstone. He wanted to lift his legs and move on but he suddenly felt that his feet were caught by something, and no matter what, he could not get his feet untangled.

Mu Xueshi felt that it was a creeping weed or something, because he could not get rid of it nor could he release himself from it, so he had to kneel down again. When he saw what was entangled in his own feet, his whole person frantically shouted, and a look of utter terror shrouded his beautiful face.

It was two broken arms, and there was blood dripping on the arms, as if they had just been cut off from the body. The two well-knuckled hands were still gripping Mu Xueshi’s ankles, and Mu Xueshi did not dare to pull the two hands because he felt that their grip on his feet was as hard as stone. A great sense of fear swept through Mu Xueshi, and he did not dare to move.

Although it was broad daylight, but because of the fog, it was no different from the darkness of the night. Mu Xueshi hoped that all of this was a dream, but the sharp pain on his feet caught up with him, so that Mu Xueshi had to wake up again and again.

Although it had been painful to be tormented by all of this, Mu Xueshi still had the thought of rescuing the Third Prince.

If the Third Prince was poisoned because of him, then he would go all they way and find the Second Prince. Even if he had to pay a big price, he must get the antidote back. With this in mind, Mu Xueshi suddenly took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and reached out for his ankles, trying to pull the arms off with all his might.

But after a long time of being unable to touch anything, Mu Xueshi opened his eyes with fear and trepidation and suddenly realized that the two arms on his feet had disappeared. The fog on the back hill had unknowingly dispersed. Mu Xueshi greatly gaped, revealing an inconceivable look.

At that same moment, a person with a pale face in a light blue robe was standing not far away. It was the Third Prince who had been detoxifying Mu Xueshi a few hours ago. For everything that had happened just now, he had been watching on the sidelines, including the time when Mu Xueshi was alone in the cold palace, running around like a little fool, and also when he turned pale from fright by the fog that was created by the golden silkworm and the two mysterious arms…



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      1. Ohhh now I don’t even know XD Zu Ruhan had me thinking he’d actually take away the MC, never to return. But like the Third Prince…he’s someone I don’t even know what’s he’s planning to do XD

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